Bounty Hunters chase the worst foes in the galaxy. You will learn to use whatever dirty tricks you must to bring your prey down.

When someone needs an enemy taken care of, they hire Bounty Hunters to do their dirty work. Tracking down and eliminating people are what Bounty Hunters do best. As a Bounty Hunter, you must learn the tricks of ambush and assault so your prey does not escape.

Master Bounty Hunter
Investigation IV Bounty Carbine Specialisation IV Bounty Pistol Specialisation IV Light Lightning Cannon Specialisation IV
Investigation III Bounty Carbine Specialisation III Bounty Pistol Specialisation III Light Lightning Cannon Specialisation III
Investigation II Bounty Carbine Specialisation II Bounty Pistol Specialisation II Light Lightning Cannon Specialisation II
Investigation I Bounty Carbine Specialisation I Bounty Pistol Specialisation I Light Lightning Cannon Specialisation I
Novice Bounty Hunter
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