Master Brawler
Unarmed IV: Teras-Kasi Fundamentals One-Handed IV: Dance of Blades Two-Handed IV: Fatal Finesse Polearms IV: Overwhelming Assault
Unarmed III: Blinding Attack One-Handed III: Blunt Edge Strikes Two-Handed III: Sweeps Polearms III: Power Strikes
Unarmed II: Stunning Attack One-Handed II: Lethal Strikes Two-Handed II: Strength & Precision Polearms II: Form & Balance
Unarmed I: Street Fighting One-Handed I: Sword Techniques Two-Handed I: Weighted Stances Polearms I: Long Hafted Weaponry
Novice Brawler

Profession OverviewEdit

The Brawler is a combat profession that focuses on melee combat.

  • Experience Required to Master:
    • 91,000 Unarmed XP
    • 91,000 One-Handed XP
    • 91,000 Two-Handed XP
    • 91,000 Polearm XP
    • 35,000 Combat XP
  • Skill Points Required to Master: 77


There are no prerequisites for this profession.

Armor RecommendationEdit

Like all melee professions, it is recommended to use armor that offers protection against Kinetic attacks.

Known trainersEdit

Commands gainedEdit

Command Name Command Skill that grants
Berserk 1 /berserk1 Novice Brawler
Berserk 2 /berserk2 Master Brawler
Center of Being ?? Novice Brawler
Force of Will /forceOfWill ??
Intimidate 1 ?? Novice Brawler
Intimidate 2 ?? Master Brawler
Meditate /meditate ??
One-Hand Body Hit 1 /melee1hBodyHit1 One-Handed II: Lethal Strikes
One-Hand Dizzy 1 /melee1hDizzyHit1 One-Handed III: Blunt Edge Strikes
One-Hand Hit 1 /melee1hHit1 One-Handed I: Sword Techniques
One-Hand Lunge 1 /melee1hLunge1 Novice Brawler
One-Hand Lunge 2 /melee1hLunge2 Master Brawler
One-Hand Spin Attack 1 /melee1hSpinAttack1 One-Handed IV: Dance of Blades
Polearm Hit1 /polearmHit1 Polearms I: Long Hafted Weaponry
Polearm Leg Hit 1 /polearmLegHit1 Polearms II: Form & Balance
Polearm Lunge 1 /polearmLunge1 Novice Brawler
Polearm Lunge 2 /polearmLunge2 Master Brawler
Polearm Spin Attack 1 /polearmSpinAttack1 Polearms IV: Overwhelming Assault
Polearm Stun 1 /polearmStun1 Polearms III: Power Strikes
Power Boost /powerBoost ??
Taunt ?? Novice Brawler
Two-Hand Head Hit 1 /melee2hHeadHit1 Two-Handed II: Strength & Precision
Two-Hand Hit 1 /melee2hHit1 Two-Handed I: Weighted Stances
Two-Hand Lunge 1 /melee2hLunge1 Novice Brawler
Two-Hand Lunge 2 /melee2hLunge2 Master Brawler
Two-Handed Spin Attack 1 /melee2hSpinAttack1 Two-Handed IV: Fatal Finesse
Two-Handed Sweep 1 /melee2hSweep1 Two-Handed III: Sweeps
Unarmed Blind 1 /unarmedBlind1 Unarmed III: Blinding Attack
Unarmed Hit|Unarmed Hit 1 /unarmedHit1 Unarmed I: Street Fighting
Unarmed Lunge 1 /unarmedLunge1 Novice Brawler
Unarmed Lunge 2 /unarmedLunge2 Master Brawler
Unarmed Spin Attack I /unarmedSpinAttack1 Unarmed IV: Teras-Kasi Fundamentals
Unarmed Stun 1 /unarmedStun1 Unarmed II: Stunning Attack
Warcry 1 ?? Novice Brawler
Warcry 2 ?? Master Brawler

Skill Mods GainedEdit

  • ???


  • ??
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