Blind : 

A target suffering Blind will have it's accuracy decreased.   

Dizzy :

A target that is Dizzy can not BurstRun. Also if the target makes a voluntary posture change, there is a change it will fall over. Dizzy only works on Players and NPCs. It has no effect on creature MOBs.  

Intimitate :

A target suffering from Intimitation will do reduced damage. It is also easier to stick a status effect on a Stunned target and may lose secondary defenses (Block/Dodge/CounterAttack).  

Knockdown :

A target suffering from a KD is flat on it's back. Any attacks to a KD target gets a damage bonus.  

Stun :

A target that is Stunned loses one combat round. Also their defenses are lowered. A Stunned target also does less damage.

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