Entertainers help others recover from battle by performing for them, either through music or dance.

Master Entertainer
Image Design IV: Complex Hair Styling Musicianship IV: Jazz Dancing IV: Formal Entertainment Healing IV: Headliner
Image Design III: Improved Hair Styling Musicianship III: Folk Dancing III: Footloose Entertainment Healing III: Center Stage
Image Design II: Basic Hair Styling Musicianship II: Easy Dancing II: Rhythmic Entertainment Healing II: Professional Act
Image Design I: Facial Hair & Trim Musicianship I: Rock Dancing I: Basic Entertainment Healing I: Amateur Act
Novice Entertainer

Profession OverviewEdit

Entertainer is one of the six basic professions and one of the three basic non-combat professions. The entertainer can progress through two performance skill trees: Musicianship, which uses uses instruments and music to heal people, or Dancing, which uses various dance styles to heal people. The entertainer can also perform modest cosmetic changes to other players for experience in the Image Design skill column. The Entertainment Healing column is increased by having wounded people watch performances.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP requirements for Master Entertainer:

  • 620 Apprenticeship
  • 66000 Dancing
  • 66000 Musician
  • 41000 Entertainer Healing
  • 41000 Image Designer

Base Skills OverviewEdit

Image DesignEdit

Image designing is fairly limited for the entertainer, restricted mostly to hairstyles, lekku styles, and horn styles. The entertainer can perform these changes on others with their permission, or on themselves (which yields half the experience).


Musicians perform several different songs on various instruments to heal battle fatigue and mind wounds. Flourishing with the instruments uses a substantial amount of action points over time.


Dancers perform a number of different dances to heal battle fatigue and mind wounds. Flourishing while dancing uses a substantial amount of action points of time.

Entertainment HealingEdit

Just performing is not enough to progress in healing skills. People who are fatigued from battle must actually watch performances in order for this column to advance and increase healing capabilities.

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Entertainer CommandsEdit

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