The Empire is one of the greatest military forces that the galaxy had seen in ages, trying to crush the Rebellion with pure fire power and strength.

The Empire was one of the most iconic factions found in Star Wars Galaxies, Players can join The Empire after proving him/herself worthy. Once recruited by an Imperial Recruiter the Player can then hunt down Rebel NPCs and attack actively overt enemy Players engaging in Player Vs Player Combat (PvP). The Player can participate in a Imperial Themepark doing missions for various ranking officers and then later for more powerful figures. Aswell as doing the Themepark there is also Imperial Faction Terminals that can be found in most cities. For the Player there is also bonuses to reap with aligning themselves with such a powerful force.

Imperial NPCs

Imperials hold many locations in this galactic tug of war. While it's most common to find an Imperial presence in cities, some patrols can be found in the wilds.

Imperial Personal Support

These NPCs can help a player to achieve victory in hard struggles after being bought with faction points from an Imperial Recruiter.

Faction Armours

With sufficient amount of faction points a Player can buy many things from an Imperial Recruiter, one of them being Faction Armour. These armours come in schematic form.

Full set

Imperial uniform

Faction Weapons

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