Galaxy Harvester ( ) is a next generation resource tracking web application for SWG.


Early in 2010, the old resource tracking website for SWGEmu ( starting having technical problems, and became unavailable for an extended period of time. During this time, Galaxy Harvester was developed to fill the need for a place to share resource information between players.


Galaxy Harvester has taken the core idea of resource tracking and not only put it within a modern Web 2.0 style framework, but also extended it with a number of features such as:

  • Survey Tool List - Used for quickly verifying available/unavailable resources for a specific tool and planet.
  • Waypoint Maps - A graphical mapping tool where waypoints to resource concentrations can be posted and shared with other players.
  • Schematics Tools - Advanced tools for finding the best resources available for use with schematics and schematics that use specific kinds of resources.
  • Alerts - Used to notify you if resources are added to the site with certain stat values you define.
  • Favorites - A way to tag resources as favorites and group them into a personalized list.
  • Resource Type Data - Lets you drill down to any resource group or type and see what Creatures drop that resource type, schematics that use it, min/max stats, and the best spawns of it.
  • Stats - Rankings highlighting the top contributors to the site.


Galaxy Harvester publishes xml and csv formats of current resources daily for consumption by 3rd party tools. Links to the files can be found on the home page while logged in.


Galaxy Harvester is developed by ioscode with most of the graphic design contributed by Apex . Suggestons for future application features can be submitted here: Suggestions

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