Imperial recruiter is a type of Galactic Empire NPC. Imperial recruiters can be found throughout the galaxy, nearby Imperial Mission Terminals, and inside imperial player Faction Bases.

Imperial recruiter options
  • Join the Galactic Empire faction
  • Resign from the Galactic Empire (and the Galactic Civil War) and become a civilian
  • Change service status to Special Forces, Combatant, or On Leave (some high ranked NPC Imperial officers also have this ability)
  • Apply faction points to experience
  • Gain faction rank if eligible
  • Get an update on the planetary control war effort for the current planet
  • Purchase imperial faction items and city invasion rewards
Imperial recruiters
Planet City Waypoint Notes
Corellia Bela Vistal /wp 6718 -5809
Dantooine Dantooine Imperial Outpost /wp -4198 -2412
Lok Lok Imperial Outpost /wp -1843 -3069
Naboo Dee'ja Peak /wp 5307 -1584 Near shuttleport
Naboo Theed /wp -4927 4231 South of starport entrance
Rori Restuss /wp 5916 5551 In the Imperial base
Talus Talus Imperial Outpost /wp -2192 2269
Tatooine Bestine /wp -1275 -3594 Outside starport
Tatooine Bestine /wp -1138 -3897 On a hill
Tatooine Mos Eisley /wp 3499 -4752 Inside the structure attached to the Medical Center
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