A Marksman relies on the use of ranged weapons in combat. He/She feels comfortable with a wide variety of blaster weapons and can become a specialist with Rifles, Pistols and Carbines.

Marksman leads to the specialized combat professions Rifleman, Pistoleer, and Carbineer, and the elite professions Commando, Combat Medic, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, and Squad Leader.

Master Marksman
Rifles IV: Sniping Pistols IV: Heavy Sidearms Carbines IV: Called Shots Ranged Support IV: Suppression
Rifles III: Improved Aim Pistols III: Medium Sidearms Carbines III: Improved Control Ranged Support III: Warning Shots
Rifles II: Concealed Firing Pistols II: Light Sidearms Carbines II: Full Auto Firing Ranged Support II: Manoeuvres
Rifles I: Long Range Combat Pistols I: Short Range Combat Carbines I: Medium Ranged Combat Ranged Support I: Aim & Threaten
Novice Marksman

Profession OverviewEdit

Marksman is one of the six Basic Professions and one of the three basic combat professions. The marksman skill trees improve the player's abilities with short-range (Pistols), medium-range (Carbines), and long-range (Rifles) blaster weapons. The ranged support tree takes general combat experience and improves the overall combat effectiveness of the marksman.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP requirements for Master:

Base Skills OverviewEdit


Rifles are long-range weapons that operate most effectively at ranges between 60 and 65 meters. Their weapon speed is typically slower than that of pistols and carbines, and abilities often have higher special costs, but make up for these with higher burst damage. The rifle skill tree gives bonuses that increase the marksman's abilities to target the Mind Pool. This tree leads to the Rifleman profession.


Pistols are short-range weapons that are most effective at the range of around 35 meters. Pistols have a high speed and low special costs, but also have lower damage than rifles and carbines. This tree leads to the Pistoleer and Smuggler professions.


Carbines are medium range weapons most effective at ranges of 45 to 50 meters. These weapons generally have average speed, special costs, and damage, providing a middle ground between rifles and pistols. This tree leads to the Carbineer profession.

Ranged Support (General Combat)Edit

The Ranged Support tree gives the player access to unique skill modifiers and abilities that enable one to defend against attacks better, perform unique abilities, and improve overall skills. Support professions such as the Combat Medic and Squad Leader are required to have this tree filled.

Related Skill ModsEdit


General MarksmanEdit




Ranged Weapon SupportEdit

Weapons & Certifications*Edit




*CDEF weapons not listed, because all characters have certification with them.

**Bowcasters are only usable by Wookies.

Marksman CommandsEdit

This list contains some commands that will only be available upon reaching more distinct marksman professions like /underhandShot for Bounty Hunter.































































































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