New items that can be rented for a fee and used to develop player events
640px-Event perk
and enrich role playing. Players must visit an Event Promoter in a Hotel in order to receive these items. PEP's are rentals only, and thus have a limited life span. When their rental period is up, they will disappear. All Player Event Perks have a rental period of eight hours, with the exception of the Lottery Droid.

Players may only have five PEP's at one time—including those in inventory and those generated. In order to generate most player event perks, you cannot be in a static city or close to a structure or another player event perk. A few exceptions: the lottery droid can be placed in a player city if you have zoning rights, and a Jukebox must be placed inside a structure for which you have permission.

Event Promoter LocationsEdit

Locations that have been confirmed. Please add more when you find them! Not all hotels have an event promoter.

  • Rori:
    • Narmle, (Even though Nym is inside the side room with the Event Promoter, you can still converse with the Promoter through the wall)

PEP CategoriesEdit

There are four categories of player event perks. Each has specific uses for player events and/or roleplaying. Items can be placed at any location where a camp could be placed, as well as in a player city if the player has zoning rights.

  • Decorations -- Decorations are simply single items ranging from flags to reproductions of vehicles to gazebos.
  • Venues -- Venues are full set designs and include performance stages, wedding pavilions, and even realistic military exhibitions.
  • Games and Supplies -- These include stand alone gaming devices as well as supplies to help you run your own games or events.
  • Personnel -- Rebel and Imperial personnel will not be available, but you can hire actors to give a line when anyone converses with them, as well as honor guards from CorSec, Fed Dub, or RSF.
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