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The ranger is a master of the wilderness. Whether stalking dangerous creatures through the forests of Endor or harvesting rare materials from a Krayt on Tatooine with a hunting party, the ranger thrives. Crafting specialized camo kits and complex camp kits, rangers are a valuable asset to any team. The ranger is also completely comfortable alone, equipped with a wide repertoire of traps and an unmatched knowledge of every creature in the galaxy. It is a class for the bold and courageous, the curious and adventurous; Ranger is a lifestyle, not a profession.

Master Ranger
Wayfaring IV: Exploration Mastery Frontiering IV: Habitat Engineering Tracking IV: Man Hunting Advanced Trapping IV: Trapping Mastery
Wayfaring III: Stealth Techniques Frontiering III: Wilderness Survival Mastery Tracking III: Improved Direction Sense Advanced Trapping III: Ingenious Design
Wayfaring II: Rough Terrain Mastery Frontiering II: Advanced Camp Engineering Tracking II: Path Reading Advanced Trapping II: Imaginative Design
Wayfaring I: Basic Concealment Frontiering I: Advanced Foraging Techniques Tracking I: Direction Sense Advanced Trapping I: Danger Recognition
Novice Ranger

Profession Overview[]

Ranger is an advanced version of scout, and as such, uses many of the same skills and items that the scout does (upgraded of course).

This profession requires 61 skill points to master.

XP requirements to Master:

  • 150,000 Survival XP (granted for crafting Ranger/Scout items and using Camps).
  • 355,000 Scouting XP (granted for harvesting creature resources, successful use of Mask Scent).
  • 170,000 Trapping XP (granted for successfully using a trap on a creature during combat).

Base Skills Overview[]

The Ranger profession comprises different skill sets based on the original scout skills.

Wayfaring (Exploration)[]

The Wayfaring branch further improves Terrain Negotiation and Burst Run Efficiency, as well as granting the Conceal ability. Rangers can craft planet Camo Kits usable by other players as well.

Advanced Trapping[]

Rangers further their abilities to use traps on MOBs they attack. Traps carry a wide variety of effects, from stunning a MOB, to decreasing its movement speed.

Tracking (Hunting)[]

In the Tracking tree, Rangers gain the ability to track creatures and humanoids. Harvesting skills are also improved.

Frontiering (Survival)[]

Frontiering involves using elite crafted campsites to heal while outside a city. More advanced campsites allow players to heal faster. Wounds can be healed in a campsite, but Battle Fatigue cannot.

Related Skill Mods[]


  • Area Track
  • Conceal
  • Rescue


  • High Quality Camp Kit
  • Field Base Kit
  • High Tech Field Base Kit