Rori is one of three moons of Naboo. It was officially colonized long ago by King Narmle, who dreamt of making Rori into as great a world as Naboo. However, he disappeared later in his life, likely due to his failure to realize that dream. Since then, Rori has been seen as "property" of Naboo and constantly trades with its parent planet. It is not densely populated and is one of the more difficult beginning planets. Rori not very different from the main planet in climate, it is slightly more swampy and densely forestted than Naboo and much less populated. It is much more mysterious as well, with many areas of exploration available. Narmle is its largest city and capital.

Some notable attractions include the Rori Gungan's Swamp Town and the Garyn Raider's Bunker.

NPC Cities Edit

There are two major cities on Rori: Narmle and Restuss.

Architecture Edit

Rori architecture is the same as that of Naboo and is called Naboo Architecture. It is buildable on Naboo, Rori and Dantooine.

Landscape and Weather Edit

Rori is an even more lush planet than Naboo. In forested areas, it trees are very densely packed, and large swamps and marshes cover the entire planet. It is covered by oppresive grey-blue skies. Rori is also more mountainous than its parent planet.

Rain is typically more common on Rori than it is on Naboo, due to the thick cloud layer.

Planetary Data Edit

Rori is part of the Naboo System.


Planetary map of Rori

Cities Edit

Rori's capital city, named after King Narmle.

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