Contains all official StarWarsGalaxies updates from Release to Publish 14.1

Publish 0 (Initial series of Updates after SWG officially went live)Edit

Update Notes: 29 June 03Edit

  • Advanced planets are now available.

Bug Fixes

  • AI: Fixed instances of stuck AI
  • AI: fix for /aim exploit that kept AI from aggroing on the attacker
  • Cloning: fix cloning sometimes teleporting player to the facility's location instead of inside it
  • Crafting: fix for crafting failure and success messages
  • Crafting: Weapon Experimentation: should be functional as intended now
  • Creatures: Baby creatures will no longer give xp (for killing them, that is)
  • Faction: Fixed exploit where you can gain much too much faction points from missions.
  • Grief: added /eject, a command that can be used if you are locked on someone's balcony
  • Groups: fixed group xp bonus being too high
  • Groups: prevented groups of more than 20
  • Login: Fixed an issue where sometimes a player's name would not be correct in the character selection UI
  • Missions: fix for disappearing mission objectives
  • Missions: fix for players running out of available missions (you go to take a mission, and there are none available)
  • Missions: fixed missions sometimes appearing in water
  • Name Validation: improvements to catch more obscene names, and not prohibit valid names.
  • Special Edition Goggles: fixed a rare race/gender/customization combination that prevented goggles from working
  • Tutorial: fixed issue where players would sometimes not get starting equipment
  • UI: Fixed UI settings not saving sometimes.
  • Vendors: make refused vendor items not disappear
  • Visual: fixed some instances of floating creatures

Update Notes: 30 June 03

  • Improved client stability
  • Improved client performance

Update Notes: 1 July 03

  • Fix for sometimes not getting XP/Loot from creatures
  • Fixed vendor completed sales dissapearing and assertion when negotiating bugs
  • Upped group combat experience
  • Survey mission fixes
  • Berserk1 damage lowered
  • Fixed inability to abort some destroy missions
  • Many fixes to the Rebel Hideout and Jabba's Palace Quests
  • Shader fix for cantina wall trim missing from debug DirectX clients
  • Improved spawning locations for many NPCs (so fewer of them will be in walls)
  • If you were in a building when you died, and you left a corpse, and then that building was deleted, your corpse would be gone. We now put that corpse on the terrain of where the building was.
  • Fix for bluff-loop when creatures attempt to bluff someone away from their lair
  • Client now informs user if they don't meet the minimum specs (256 MB of ram) and exits
  • Fixed some xp distribution bugs
  • Improved client stability

Update Notes: 2 July 03

  • Mobs should be dying correctly and creature handlers should get xp.
  • NPCs should not be spawning inside walls/buildings.
  • Jabba's theme park problem resolved.
  • Fix for players that are stuck in the "login" state.
  • Should no longer be able to place personal harvesters atop one another.

VAT to be Charged for the European Union To comply with changes in the law in the European Union, Sony Online Entertainment game Subscribers who are residents of EU countries will be charged VAT equal to 17.5% of the subscription fees. These changes require that digital services be taxed at the point of consumption , i.e. in your country of residence. The countries currently covered by this policy are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

Special Note: If you experience a client crash, we recommend you click on the Options button on the Launchpad to submit your crash log to us so that we may attempt to debug your issue. In the future, you will be prompted automatically when you launch the client. This process is and will remain optional, but is highly recommended as it significantly helps us increase the game's stability.

Update Notes: 3 July 03

  • The Xp problem gating doctors and combat medics from advancing has been resolved.
  • Merchants should now accrue XP faster.
  • You should now be able to stand up when in the water
  • The range for /corpse has been increased.
  • Lots of fixes for the Imperial theme park.
  • Improved AI in dungeons.
  • Faction pets will now destroy themselves (and the pet control device) when they die
  • Faction pets now take 60 seconds to store
  • Faction pets can no longer be stored if they are in combat or if their master is in combat
  • We have made some fixes that should help the "disappearing house" problem.

Update Notes: 8 July 03

  • If a creature breaks your /maskscent you cannot remask your scent for 60 seconds.
  • We have some fixes to address trading not working occasionally, inability to access items in harvesters or vendors, and items vanishing after being looted from corpses. Once we have verified that these fixes are working correctly, we will be bringing back the normal death system.
  • Mobs in caves and other interiors should pathfind a lot better now.
  • We have done a series of client optimizations to improve client performance.
  • Critical events when sampling have been increased in frequency.
  • There are now more types of critical events in sampling.
  • There is now a 25 second delay between sample attempts.
  • The action pool cost of sampling has been increased.
  • Installations will now cease to work unless their maintenance is fully paid up.

Update Notes: 17 July 03

  • Fixed client crash related to the radial menu.
  • Fixed knockdown exploit that made some creature encounters trivial.
  • Vendors can no longer be traded between players.
  • Fixed issue with some mission objectives not spawning.

Update Notes: 22 July 03

  • Pets should now retain damage and wounds while in storage.
  • Fixed a client crash if you log into an interior which is then deleted on your client.
  • Fixed an issue where your character would log into an interior at the wrong spot.
  • Added character name to delete character confirmation dialog box to prevent deletion of the wrong character.
  • Continued client optimizations. (reducing stuttering in cities)
  • Fixed a problem with the camera zooming in to the neck when customizing the face.
  • Improved server stability.

Update Notes: 30 July 03

  • NOTE: We have disabled insurance costs. Thanks for your patience with us here.
  • Now limit user to having 3 open customer service tickets at one time, this should allow us to assist a great range of customers at a higher pace. Feel free to submit more tickets as your top issues get resolved.
  • Fixed movement rate of 'cat' type creatures like the Jax. Poor guy was running too slowly and being picked off like dogs.
  • Fixed bug where house terminals would not always show up.
  • Droid Modules now work again.
  • Endor, Yavin 4 and Dathomir are no build zones for everything except installations and camps. As designed, you will not be able to place houses on these planets. If you have a house, we recommend you pack it up and move before the Empire becomes aware of it.
  • Fixed bug where characters would warp to coordinate 0,0.
  • Resolved Changed /painicShot such that it can?t be executed over and over with little cost.
  • Relaxed limits on creating characters during heavy server load

Update Notes: 1 August 03

  • Fixed a problem where the player's inventory was not displaying volume correctly.
  • Added a system message when a mission waypoint moves and an explanation why it moves
  • Fixed a problem which would cause people who had logged out to appear linkdead and still in the game for hours
  • Fixed a bug where you could kill someone else's vendor
  • Improved server stability
  • Improved server performance
  • Worn equipped items will no longer shows all their contents as being equipped
  • Fixed a problem where an inventory window would always come up tiny.
  • Fixed a problem where you would trade with another player, then that other player would immediately delete their character, and you would lose the items you had traded for.

Update Notes: 2 August 03

  • Fixed a problem where crafting components (especially DNA for bioengineers) could get duplicated by walking across server boundaries
  • Fixed a significant problem which could cause one gameserver to get extremely slow - had to do with a player who is followed by a pet into their house when their house is on a server boundary. Happened rarely, but when it did happen, the server would be slow until it was bounced (frequently hours). We believe this is fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where, when doing missions for the Rebel or Hutt Themepark, you'd be told your mission reward was placed in your inventory - but you were told this on missions where the only reward was faction and credits, misleading you into thinking you were supposed to get an object. This message has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where some static spawns respawned much too quickly (making for people camping there and killing the thing in question over and over).

Update Notes: 5 August 03

  • We have reduced the number of tickets customers can submit from 3 to 1. When a CSR takes a ticket to assist a customer, all of that customers concerns are resolved, not just the one on the ticket. If you have another issue come up when you have an outstanding ticket, add that information to your existing ticket. The CSR will help solve all outstanding issues when they talk to you.
  • Fixed the missing elevator button/guild management terminal/house management terminals. Really this time!
  • Fixed an exploit where a harvester could be turned off or on by someone who wasn't its owner.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could sometimes attack a lair and not be attacked in return.

Update Notes: 6 August 03

  • Fixed an item that couldn't be targeted once it was dropped in a house

Publish 1 (Nightsisters Cave)Edit

Publish 1 Notes: 13 August 03Edit


  • Armorsmit
    • Fixed a problem with the armorweave armor segment which prevented experimentation on it's special effectiveness.
    • Armor should be properly hueable now.
    • Fixed armor segments so that their special protection effectiveness properly corresponds to the armor set.
    • Crafters can now experiment on the special protection effectiveness attribute on armor segments
    • Special protection effectiveness is now falls under resistance experimentation. Integrity is affected by the durability experimentation.
    • Fixed a problem where skills were not granting enough assembly and experimentation. These skill mods now add up to 100 for the master.
    • Fixed bad resource references on the advanced chemical dispersion and advanced padded armor components. They should now be craftable.
    • Fixed bug that added component armor values to the final object twice.
    • Fixed a problem with mind encumbrance using the wrong experimentation attribute in armor schematics.
  • Weaponsmith
    • A weapon stock is no longer required on the DH17 carbines.
    • The minimum HAM penalty range on option weapon components has been reduced to zero. Therefore it is technically possible to experiment away all of the penalties.
    • The positive effects of optional weapon components have been increased slightly.
    • Fixed durability experimentation on weapon components so that it affects their integrity properly.
    • Fixed a problem where skills were not granting enough assembly and experimentation. These skill mods now add up to 100 for the master.
    • Fixed a bug in the beam rifle which made it appear to be an acid beam rifle.
    • Added attribute examination to munition components as well as weapon and armor component enhancements.
    • Corrected bad resource references in several advanced components: Dispersal Mechanism, Vibro Blade Unit, and Chemical Dispersal Mechanism.
  • Bio-Engineer
    • Fixed a bug in XP calcs when sampling from creature deeds
    • Added range check at end of sample time to prevent exploit
    • Can no longer sample from the rancor in the cage at Jabba's palace (funny though)
    • Reduced xp rewards when sampling from deeds
    • Allowed Bio-Engineer to sample from their own pets
    • Removed ability to sample from baby creatures.
  • Combat Medic
    • Reworked the way area healing and area damage over time medicines function. They should be much more reliable now and they shouldn't use a charge for each target affected.
    • Fixed a problem with area stimpacks requiring Medicine Use. They should require Combat Medicine Use. This fix only affects newly crafted stimpacks, so old ones will still require Medicine Use.
    • Fixed a problem where the Combat Medic's effectiveness skill mod was not properly increasing the power of medicines that do damage over time..
  • Creature Handler
    • Non-creature handlers will not gain creaturehandler xp now.
    • You must have at least a 15% chance of taming a creature to get the taming menu option
    • Reduced regen stats of baby creatures and pets.
    • Baby creatures will not attempt to follow each other
    • Pet control devices cannot be transferred to someone who is at their max-count for number of stored pets
    • Creature handlers will be able to transfer pets to non-creatureHandlers. The non-creature handlers will not be able to train the pet new commands, but they will be able to store them, call them, and issue any commands that the pet already knows. Note, only certain types of creatures, all fairly low level, can be controlled by a non-creature handler.
    • Pets can now attack creature lairs.
    • Fixed scaling bug with tamable creatures which resulted in too-small or too-large baby variants.
    • Pets will never be "death-blowed", but instead will suffer a reduction in max Health, Action and Mind in cases where they would have been death-blowed.
    • Creature handlers will not be able to 'call' pets that they would have no chance of taming
    • Fixed an issue with pets wandering around aimlessly in the midst of combat
    • Fixed an issue with pets bolting to the location they were called during/after combat
    • Removed the requirement for a creature handler to be within 30 meters of his pet in order to gain xp.
    • Added a system message explaining why transfering a pet fails
  • Smuggler
    • Increased the damage and the action cost of the /lastditch smuggler attack.
    • Weapon slicing no longer has a chance of slowing a weapon down. It now properly speeds the weapon up.
  • Droid Engineer
    • You can now get a more detailed Examine window on droid components.
    • Changed the armor integrity attribute to armor toughness
    • Added mechanism quality to the Examine window for droid deeds.
    • Removed personality chip ingredient slots from droids that don't talk
    • Added the surgical droid to the list of droids that do talk.
    • It is no longer possible to apply damage over time effects to droids.
    • Droid medic modules should now have a variable effect on medical wound healing, depending on what quality medical modules were built into the droid.
    • Droids allow a person to drag an item on top of their pet droid to store an item in it. (assuming that the droid has a storage module, of course).
    • Droid pets will die when incapacitated
    • Fixed a problem that prevented surgical droids from being used to heal wounds.
  • Scout
    • Bigger camps now grant xp slightly faster than smaller camps.
    • The rate at which camps accumulate XP to award when they are disbanded has been increased.
    • You can now place camps in no-build regions (but you still cannot in city regions)
    • Camps now auto-heal faster as their level increases (i.e. a high tech base heals faster than a two person kit).
    • Baby creatures now yield 1/4th the resources and xp of an adult when harvested.
    • The mind pool damage done by the sharp bone spur has been decreased.
    • The ranged and melee defense debuff traps have been strengthened slightly.
    • Fixed the description of FX on a couple traps.
    • Attempts at scent masking against creatures should be more successful.
    • Scent masking should be much less likely to break against large groups of creatures now.
    • There is a chance that a creature that detects you while you are scent masked will attack you.
    • Improved mask scent's ability to make a creature ignore the player
    • Camps will now properly give XP.
  • Medic
    • Reduced the number of resource attributes that are factored into medicine crafting. This should make it easier to keep track of what is needed.
    • Removed durability experimentation from medicines since medicines do not decay.
    • Experimentation on the duration of damage over time and Enhancement medicines is now done through experimental effectiveness.
    • Fixed a problem with enhancement medpack B's which prevented them from granting crafting experience.
    • Added healing kill credit for medics that perform healing on same group combatants
    • Added the /diagnose command to novice medic skill. This command gives you feedback on what wounds a targeted player has.
    • Added auto-wound select to tendWound if no wound is specified.
    • Fixed a problem that enabled revive packs to fire on a /healWound command.
  • Merchant
    • Fixed an exploit where you could steal things from vendors
    • Fixed the max sale price on vendors being the same as the bazaar.
    • You now have to select "init vendor" from the vendor options after you place your vendor to activate it.
  • Entertainers, Dancers, and Musicians
    • Added checks and failsafes to prevent getting stuck "performing" when not actually performing.
    • Added check when player joins group to make sure they are playing the same song as the group.
    • Added messages for /bandflourishes
    • New flourishes for poplock dance: Flourishes 5, 6, 7, 8
    • New flourishes for rythmic dance: Flourishes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
    • Fixed bug with /changebandmusic and band members that are not performing
    • Made /bandflourish on/off setting persist
    • Added status check for /bandFlourish on/off
  • Artisan
    • Exploit fix for surverying, now if you sell back your survey skills and try to use a survey tool, it will ask you to reset your survey settings. If you abort this, the lowest setting will be used.
    • The survey UI will scroll to the last used resource in each survey tool
    • Survey Fix "here" icon rotation when inside.
    • Various visual & usability improvements to the survey UI.
    • Fireworks: Made all fireworks not loop after the first display of particles.

Economy Edit

  • Bazaar and bank
    • Make instant sales money transfers go player to player rather than through the bazaar (receiving the payment should be more reliable)
    • Update automated bazaar mail messages to contain more data
    • Add resource type name to auction name for resource containers
    • Enforced a timeout of 30 seconds for bank transfer window
    • Forced bank transfer window to close on other bank transactions
  • Crafting
    • Many fixes to crafting experimentation were made. It should be working much better now.
    • Fixed an exploit where you could duplicate components
    • You now only get UXP on components that someone else made.
    • Made crafting/manf hoppers visible to players.
    • Creature lairs now have a "Search Lair" option. This option may only be used once per lair.
    • Searching a creature lair may now yield egg resources or animal samples. The eggs can be used for food crafting
    • Animal samples may be used in animal particle effects generator craftable by an artisan with Engineering I.
    • Fixed powerups to work properly when manufactured from a schematic. This means that they should function correctly when built in factories.
    • Added messages for when manf stations run out of ingredients.
    • Fixed manf schems & factory crates to display the attributes of their manufactured item
    • Don't let users try to activate a harvester without setting a resource first
    • Fixed "can't retrieve resources the first time" bug
    • Various visual & usability improvements
    • Fix default button on harvesters page
    • Fixed an issue that prevented certain powerups (stocks) from being attached to items they should have been allowed to attach to.
    • Send mail to player when their manf station runs out of power.
  • Fishing
    • You can now examine fishing poles to determine their quality.
    • Made fishing more fun & interactive in stages "nibble" & "bite"
    • Added the "star rating" fish density & vegetation meters
  • Housing and structures
    • Fix bug that was preventing characters from getting ejected from ramp edges
    • Players now get punted from a house when their access fee permission times out.
    • Structures under construction could get into a state where they weren't able to finish their construction - structures now detect this state, and fix themselves.
    • The default image on player structure signs has been updated from the bank/credits symbol
    • Adding banner like signs for over the door style addresses
    • There were some turret AI updates
    • Made public crafting stations immovable to regular folks

Combat Edit

  • General Combat
    • Changed berserk to be a 75 point damage increase instead of double base damage
    • Decreased berserk costs slightly
    • Fixed double berserk spam
    • fixed berserk sometimes stopping combat loop
    • Modified unarmed special move damage modifiers to improve their combat abilities
    • Increased unarmed damage progression slightly
    • Increased melee1h damage for special moves
    • Fixed wildshot2 not working
    • Fixed melee2hlunge2 not having an animation
    • Fixed multitargetpistolshot not working
    • Fixed suppressionfire 1/2 not changing posture properly
    • Fixed acid rifle certification
    • Added xp bonus for non-damaging moves
    • Fixed fastblast combat spam
    • Increased power of bountyhunter/commando moves
    • Fix for xp exploit: Killing baby pets won't grant xp.
    • Bring /con messages in line with new colors
    • Fix fragmentation grenade blast self hit/miss
    • A fix went in for an exploit involving damage over time.
  • Battlefields
    • Added error messaging to battlefield reinforcements so that you know when it fails due to lack of faction points.
    • You can no longer build battlefield structures outside of the battlefield perimeter even if it is in range of a constructor.
    • Added explosion effects to all destructible battlefield objects.
    • Fix problem with group ham bars all turning violet (or orange, now)
  • Death and cloning
    • Fixed issue with player spawning in wrong room of outpost cloning facility
    • Respawn fx added.
  • Grouping
    • Improvements to help deal with the bug where group members get removed from group chat at the wrong times
    • Fixed bugs with group difficulty calculations. This should also correct problems with the XP awards in groups.
    • Fix crazy group icon showing up in all the wrong places
    • Fixed group chat going away if anyone leaves the group
  • PvP
    • Control of static factional dungeons now affects the status of control of the Galaxy in the Galactic Civil War. - The number of player-built factional HQs on the map now affects control of the Galaxy as well. - The side that is winning in the Galactic Civil War conflict gets a 15% bonus to all earned XP. - The side that is losing in the Galactic Civil War gets a 30% discount on the cost of all faction perks. - Reduced the cost of factional perks to compensate for the slower gain rate for faction points.
    • Fixed duels preventing secure trade.
    • Faction point caps are now variable for your aligned faction. The amount of faction you can have is equal to the cost to reach your current rank times 10.1. This means at the rank of Colonel, which costs 6000 faction to achieve, you can have up to 66,000 faction points stored up.
    • Made it so that you will get a faction enemy flag for attacking someone who is factioned, even if the attacker was a personal enemy.

Creatures and AI Edit

  • Pathfinding bug fixes and improvements, especially in interiors.
  • Stuck AI's will warp past the thing they are stuck on to get to a target
  • Lairs:
    • Reduced frequency that creatures near their lair will 'bluff'
    • The first couple creatures spawned by a creature lair will never be Baby creatures.
    • Increased spawn rate on boss mob lairs, added new boss mob lairs, moved large creature newbie spawns to world/default spawners, expanded newbie spawn regions.
    • Lair defenders will not defend their lair until it has actually been damaged
  • Updated some creatures' level for balance.
  • Pets will be able to follow their masters into buildings/caves
  • Non-aggressive npcs will defend their lairs
  • Upped level on lantern birds to be inline with rest of Endor.
  • Servers
    • Login: Fixed case where some characters could get into a state where they were unable to login - happened in approximately 1 in 100,000 logins.
    • Many, many, many server crash fixes, login process fixes, slowdowns, and database problems have been corrected.

The World Edit

  • New locations
    • There are rumors of a new Nightsister Spider Cave on Dathomir.
    • Rori has seen notable new activity among Garyn Raiders. They may have built a new bunker.
    • As you know, Lok is a dangerous place. We've even heard rumors of a town terrorized by Kimogilas...
    • The Empire is not pleased to hear that pirate activity has increased on Naboo, including the construction of a new bunker.
    • Corellia has also seen more criminal activity, the Chunker Gang has built a new bunker there.
    • There's a new Giant Decay Mite Cave on Talus.
    • And a Giant Fynock Cave on Talus.
    • And a Pygmy Torton Cave on Rori.
    • And a Bark Mite Cave on Rori.
    • The Rebels have packed up their base on Tatooine. Rumor has it that they may have relocated to Rori to avoid Imperial detection...
    • Modran Borvo's Champion has been rumored to be on Naboo.
    • Word is that there's a newly founded Rorgungan Swamp Town with some fellow named Captain Hassk, on Rori.
    • Beware of Lord Nyax on Corellia!
    • New battle spawn areas: these are not battlefields in the formal sense, but rather spawn areas that are battles between two sides.
      • Rebels vs. Imperials battle on Corellia.
      • Drall vs. Corsec battle on Corellia.
      • Hunters vs. Creatures battle on Rori.
      • Corsec vs. the Flail battle on Talus.
  • Content
    • Fort Tusken - Set up Fort Tusken to spawn in waves. - Added a fort tusken champion
    • Herald NPCs for static dungeons created and placed. These NPCs are located in various towns and other locations and give out information related to the static dungeons.
    • Converted six Imperial or Rebel dungeons into factional dungeons that can be controlled/defended by either faction. These PvE dungeons can change sides based on who is winning the battle there.
    • There are battles that now contain AT-ATs.
    • Non-aggro giant creatures added to newbie spawn areas.
    • Gambling: - Added slot machines and roulette to hotels and some cantinas. - Adding gambling commands: /joinGame, /leaveGame, & /bet
    • Moved location of Tusken Village so that it's not so easy to ace it over and over
    • Adjusted ancient krayt spawn rate
    • The sarlacc is now more interesting. All newbies should run there right away to see it. Or not.
    • Added range checking to travel ticket purchases. You must now stay near the terminal in order to complete a purchase.
    • Tusken Raiders: increased the level of Tusken raider special attacks across the board
    • Fixed rebel specops soldiers appearing as Imperial Officers
    • Fixed Talon Karrde (who used to be a wealthy, over-40's Zabrak woman)
  • Quests and missions
    • Delivery Missions: Added many more delivery mission locations in cities so that NPCs wouldn't all stand around in the same place
    • Missions: low end missions now pay less, high end missions pay more.
    • Missions: if a location is off-planet, display both the planet and region name
    • Group mission rewards have had their range extended from 64m to 200m. this means that to receive part of a mission reward, group members must be within 200m of the player that took the mission at time of completion.
    • Missions: New mission terminals added for Artisan (crafting, and surveying missions), Entertainer (musician and dancer gig missions) and Explorer (hunting missions, and recon) mission types.
    • Various mission difficulty fixes.
    • Integrated a group mission payout fix.
    • Fixed group mission money split.
    • Destroy mission min difficulty and payoff balancing pass.
    • Updates put in place for all static quests, theme park quests, and random quests
    • Fixed a potential problem with making an escort a thug (if you have low thug faction he attacks you and you can't escort him back) on the Emperor's first quest
    • Emperor now sends you to see Vader
    • Added a new special grenade called the "Zicx Bug Bomb" - rewarded to players who complete a quest which begins by speaking to a disgraced weapons designer hiding somewhere on Rori...
  • Tutorial
    • Fixed a problem where sometimes a player would be unable to join a regular bank after leaving the tutorial.
    • Made the pirate in the newbie tutorial con green to new players.
    • Fixed random spam in tutorial bug
    • Fixed problems with code strings in automatic waypoints
  • Loot
    • Added armor segment and segment enhancement loot drops
    • Added the ability for loot items to have randomized stats. The chance and extent of randomized stats is based on the creature's level.
    • Added the ability for the loot system to drop functional crafting components.
    • Added special loot items for a number of creature types. These items can only be found on specific creatures. Many of these items are components which can be used in the crafting process. Start looking. :)
    • Added exceptional and legendary item/component drops. These items are very rare and are found only on high level creatures.
    • Added the ability for weapons and armor to drop with skill mods.
    • Static (placed) locked crates and dropped locked crates will now have loot in them again.
    • When looting a resource container, the default action is now pickup instead of split.

The Client Edit

  • UI
    • Hid born date and played time on the character sheet, since they didn't display anything.
    • /find: added bazaar, mission, & bank terminals to /find and planetary map
    • Strings: Fixed lots of spelling mistakes, added many new descriptions
    • Improved container error messages (so you have a better idea why you cannot drop something, or put it into a container)
    • fix range checks to objects in containers (bug was causing the UI to use the very topmost container, which for interior objects was the building itself)
    • fix for more ui settings not saving
    • Character Sheet: fix for data display on character sheet
    • Containers: fixed a bug that allows players to remove doubly-nested objects from containers they don't own
    • Examine: weapon attribs now show damage type, armor piercing level, damage over times, & powerups
    • Examine: reformat weapon special move attack costs in attributes
    • Examine: display crafting tool effectiveness in attributes
    • Inventory: fix inventory sort order not saving
    • Inventory: don't highlight things as equipped when they are in an equipped bag
    • Mail: fix sort order for mail browser on the date column
    • Overhead Map: render waypoints on overhead map
    • Planetmap: allow closer zooming of the planet map
    • Radar: change radar blips to render top to bottom: player, target, group leader, group members, can attack you, players, creatures, others
    • Radar: make control-mousewheel work with radar window
    • Skill Page: skill mods, commands, and certifications now sorted
    • Skill Page: show skill titles in skill information
    • Split: make sure splitting can't occur on objects we can't manipulate
    • Split: add resource name to resource splitter
    • Trades: fewer actions will cancel trades
    • Travel: fix partial occlusion of galacticmap/planetmap button, also restack planets so Rori is selectable
    • XP Monitor: make exp monitor choose a more appropriate skill to display when the currently selected skill is learned
    • Waypoints: fixed bugs with waypoint naming
    • Waypoints: fix waypoints being deactivated when traveling
    • Enable button bar mail icon
    • New HUD element available for labeling waypoints and showing distance to them. You can now also turn off the flashing arrows pointing towards waypoints if you'd rather use the new UI widget.
  • Audio
    • Added sounds for steam and sparks
    • Attached sounds to 3po protocol droid
    • R2D2 now has correct sounds attached
    • Pitch shift removed from random stormtrooper conversation sounds
    • Fixed all sound crackling, popping, warbling resulting from sound buffer starvation.
  • Client and visuals
    • Client: More framerate improvements
    • Fixed a crash in the intro.
    • Fixed numerous other client crashes.
    • Client Performance: sped up collision by breaking up geometry into pieces
    • Fixes for floating buildings.
    • Fixed the problem with running while holding a rifle, where the run would appear jerky.
    • Fixed Rori fog
    • Changed cluster selection screen to sort by performance & population, then recommend up to 5 servers
    • A bunch of work on water visuals.
    • Add warning dialog boxes for old drivers
    • Update terrain sliders to match new max defaults

Update Notes: 14 August 03Edit

  • Fixed a bug where vendors and the items in the vendors' inventory count against your overall house limit.
  • Fixed a bug where inventory would misreport values when at max capacity.
  • Fixed a bug where you could overload your inventory using equipped backpacks and nested containers.
  • All factory crates now have a volume of 1.
  • House limits are now 75 per lot (instead of 25 per lot), with a max capacity of 250.
  • Fixed Creature Difficulty display on the pet control device.
  • Allows a Creature Handler to call a creature if the creature's *current* level is low enough.
  • Added correct error messages explaining why a particular creature cannot be called.
  • Fixed a problem where a backpack wouldn't show up in inventory if it was equipped along with a particular dress, robe, or cloak.
  • Increased difficulty of low level creatures
  • Fixed a problem where a server could hang for extended periods.

Update Notes: 15 August 03

  • Reset resource pools for both Lowca and Radiant clusters.
  • Fixed a problem where AI would stop at city boundaries.
  • Reduced the chance of weapon decay from overcharge shot.
  • Reduced the chance of weapon decay on weapons with powerups.
  • Fixed an additional robe/backpack combination where the backpack would not appear in your inventory.
  • Fixed a problem where the Rantok Sword couldn't be picked up after the G-5PO mission.
  • Added additional information to the loading screen.
  • Added ability to specify the vertex and pixel shader version in the SwgClient setup program.
  • Fixed a problem where the interest icon (The Big Yellow I) for NPCs would remain after death.
  • Improved Interest indicator (The Big Yellow I is now the Rotating Blue I) over NPC heads.
  • Harvesters must now be empty and off in order to redeed them.
  • Corrected position of names on the overhead map.
  • Added missing piece of personal chemical harvester.
  • Reduced the frequency of puke effect after consuming spice.
  • Fixed roulette betting bug where players would pay total amount, but display would only show cash.
  • Upped roulette table capacity to 10 players from 5.
  • Upped roulette max bet to 10000 credits from 1000.
  • Fixed a problem where you could bet over the maximum prescribed amount.
  • Added the ability to voluntarily remove powerups from weapons.
  • Powerup crafting: experimenting on a powerup will now be reflected real-time in the item attributes window.
  • Powerup crafting: powerup names may now be changed and will reflect the crafted name if altered.
  • Powerup crafting: experimentation on a powerup now increases the initial attribute values instead of re-rolling them.
  • Powerup crafting: powerup schematics should now receive the appropriate attributes of the final experimented prototype.
  • Powerup manufacturing: per above, crafted powerups will now be identical to the final attributes of the prototype in the experimentation window.

Update Notes: 16 August 03

  • Fixed a problem where your vendor would not be initialized correctly. All players owning a vendor should have access at this point.
  • Fixed an issue where Stormtrooper targets would not spawn for Rebel factional missions.
  • Improved a problem where AI would stop at a city boundary.
  • Fixed a problem where destroy missions would not show up on mission boards for lower level players.
  • Improved overall flow of bug bomb quest.

Update Notes: 19 August 03

  • Fixed an exploit where you could enter a PvE battlefield when injured in order to get a full heal when you exited it.
  • Gurrecks and Giant Sand Beetles now have light armor, instead of medium armor.
  • The Toxic Marek Battle Lord and the Gnarled Rancor no longer have special area effect attacks.
  • Second attempted fix for vendors that were not working when the region they were in changed names - they would appear to be initialized, but would be non-functional.
  • T-21 was nerfed in a previous patch, it has been unnerfed.
  • You can no longer snipershot a pet.
  • Resources on Starsider and Intrepid have been reset

Update Notes: 20 August 03

  • Changed harvesters such that when you re-deed a harvester both maintenance and power will carry over.
  • Fixed a PVP DOT exploit. Damage Over Time (DOT) attacks now result in a Temporary Enemy Flag. (TEF)
  • Fixed a problem where a factory would become non-functional when completing manufacture of the last item in a schematic run.
  • T-21 Rifle update: Reduced armor piercing class from heavy to light.
  • T-21 Rifle update: Increased fire rate.
  • T-21 Rifle update: Reduced the overall damage per second.
  • T-21 Rifle update: Increased chance to hit.
  • After the Monthly Update, some Mon Cal and Trandoshan females lost their customization data. We've fixed it so this can't happen again. Additionally, if you haven't been to an Image Designer, you should revert to your pre-update status.
  • Fixed a problem where the Sarlacc would lose its special attack.
  • Solved a problem where creatures occasionally wouldn't attack you if you were standing in a lair.
  • Made it more difficult to delete a character, thus reducing the frequency of accidental deletes.

Update Notes: 21 August 03

  • Fixed a bug that prevented medium and large flora harvesters from being crafted. Crafting these will now work.
  • Fixed a problem where you could get into the a PA Hall basement or attic and be unable to use the elevator to get out.
  • Updated Image Designers to give them the ability to modify all available customization options for Mon Cals and Trandoshans.
  • /eject will now work from inside structures - if you get trapped for whatever reason in a building, you can /eject yourself from it to get out.
  • Everything placed by a player inside a player structure will be non-collidable (to prevent players from trying to trap each other in their houses).

Update Notes: 22 August 03

  • Fixed bazaar terminal issues in (the previously named) Lianorm Swamp area. These should be functional again.
  • Crafting missions would grant schematics that would sometimes not get deleted if you abort the mission. Eventually this can clutter up the datapad with undestroyable and useless schematics. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue (recently created) where doors on player structures wouldn't open when you approached them, even if you had access to the structure.
  • T-21 changed (again)
    • Armor piercing raised to Heavy
    • Max Damage raised to 200..375
    • Min Damage raised to 80..115
    • Attack Speed raised to 65..105
    • Zero Range Mod lowered to -70
    • MaxRange Mod Raised to 10
  • We now attempt to detect cases where a character has lost a skill accidentally (through a bug that we haven't been able to track down yet). When we detect that this happens, we will now automagically restore the skill.
  • Fixed an issue with stat migration - on login, we detect if you have a stat migrated out of the correct species range (ie, the value is too high and we need to lower it, or the value is too low, and we need to raise it) we automatically fix the problem. Players who run into this issue will receive an in-game email informing them of it.

Update Notes: 26 August 03

  • Changed factories temporarily such that they no longer require a fee to re-deed.
  • Reverted the stats rule changes made Friday.
  • Increased the rate of loot drops.
  • Corrected a problem on the server that would result in invalid resources occasionally being generated.
  • Fixed /eject, such that it only works with player structures.
  • Changed medic XP such that you no longer get XP for healing pets.
  • Fixed a problem where players could apply a bleeding shot to AT-STs.
  • Fixed a problem where a gameserver would run very slow on startup.
  • Fixed a crash in the database server.
  • Fixed a problem where you could dupe crafting components.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could gain unlimited creature handler XP.

Update Notes: 29 August 03

  • Fixed a problem with Bounty Hunters where bad data could crash the client. If you have encountered this crash on your current mission, you should abort it and take a new one. This has proven to be a more difficult problem than most to track down. We are grateful to the customers who volunteered the time of their character to help us track it down.
  • Changed the command /setcurrentskilltitle so you couldn't set a title you didn't actually possess.

Publish 2 (Weapons & Pets)Edit

Publish 2 Notes: 4 September 03Edit

General Edit

  • Fixed some errors with groups and looting notification. Players in groups were not getting loot all the time. Now they should always get proper loot.
  • Fix for elevator bug that would cause players to be trapped on the bottom or top floor of a building.
  • New character deletion dialog to prevent accidental deletion. You must now also type "delete" character name to it to work.
  • Added separate level of detail sliders for various systems (particle, character, and static object) This was done to allow for more flexibility for players to decide what they wanted to see in high detail and low detail.
  • Fix to prevent exploiting creature lairs by standing inside them. Players were successfully completing missions by getting inside the lair and destroying it without the creatures aggroing on them. It should no longer happen.
  • Fix to prevent accidental harvester deletions. There is now a system message reminding you to remove any contents in the hopper, and/or to power down the harvester when trying to redeed it.
  • Fix equipped icon highlight. The color of the shade used to indicate an item is equipped has been altered to make it easier to see.
  • Allow for power and maintenance to carryover if structure is re-deeded. Power and maintenance values will remain in the harvester upon re-placement.
  • Factories re-deed costs have been re-instated. We had disabled them while we fixed the factory issues.
  • Profanity filter updates. Added more words to our filter.
  • Adjusted gambling game names. The new names are, "Lugjack machine", and "Jubilee Wheel".
  • Adding "no reclaim" status to some buildings such as factional installations. You cannot re-deed these structures now.
  • Power update. Potential energy attribute > 500 yields up to two times more power output. Power of that quality can last up to two times longer.
  • Radioactive sampling causes ill effects. It will now make you take damage when trying to manually sample radioactive materials.
  • Fixed issue where skills could be inadvertently surrendered. Some players had problems with their skills being removed. This has been fixed.
  • Added "/addPower" command to allow you to deposit power without using the radial menu.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to set a skill title that they did not earn. Players were using a / command to set their title to whatever they wanted. This is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where fireworks would launch too quickly, in the fireworks show package. We added a delay to them which solves this problem.
  • Auction items and vendor locations should clean up properly when a player vendor is removed.
  • Fixed some issues with splitting resources when it should not be allowed. There were several exploits with splitting resources over and over again using your vendor. This is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where players where unable to retrieve items from vendors and the bazaar. We had an issue with the region name that these vendors were in that disallowed items to be retrieved from them.
  • Fixed issue where players would leave public chat rooms when joining or leaving a group.
  • Fixed issue where the group window would not update properly when a group was disbanded.
  • Fixed issue where crafting stations with items in the input hopper would cause item limits in houses to not report correctly. Players were using an exploit to increase their house item capacity by tricking the system.
  • Fixed issue where resources would combine when placed on NPC vendors. This made it difficult to sell resources in set quantities.
  • Fixed an infinite inventory bug. Players used nested containers to trick the system.
  • Fixed an exploit with /rescue. Rangers could force other players into PVP without their consent.
  • Fixed a problem with Bounty Hunters where bad data could crash the client. If you have encountered this crash on your current mission, you should abort it and take a new one. This has proven to be a more difficult problem than most to track down. We are grateful to the customers who volunteered the time of their character to help us track it down.
  • Increased the minimum distance for destroy missions in small cities. We extended the minimum distance that a destroy mission will spawn now so that players will have to leave town in order to get them to spawn. The problem was that the spawn distance was too low, and the lairs were spawning as soon as the players took the missions. This allowed players to sit in town while others in their group could be outside of town, see the lair spawn and destroy it right away. This could be repeated over and over again for easy FP gain.
  • Fixed an issue where pets could sometimes be called when the player was in combat. This made pet owners more powerful than we want them to be.
  • Fixed some issues with guild chat channels. The chat server wasn't connecting to the client reliably. This should be resolved.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the removal of manufacturing schematics from factories. The "remove schematic" button now works properly.
  • Fixed issue where attributes would not regenerate properly. This would look like permanent stat loss, issue should be fixed now.

Crafting Profession Changes Edit

  • Updated crafting requirements for the lightning rifle. It no longer requires a specific type of resource to make.
  • Removed the decayRate attribute from many schematics. Community feedback was overwhelming that we remove decay from clothing.
  • Fixed the C12 grenade schematic. The C12 grenade schematic will no longer show up as a C22 schematic
  • Raised the resource cost of the C22 grenade by 8 metal so that it costs more than the C12 grenade. Increased the experience to compensate.
  • Slightly increased the crafting effectiveness ranges on Padded and Composite armor segments. This will greatly improve the usefulness of armor.
  • Added the ability for weaponsmiths to craft the reinforcement core and advanced reinforcement core components. (See next entry)
  • Added the reinforcement core as a required component to gaderiffi baton, stun baton, two-handed axe, and power hammer. The addition of the component will enable the armorsmith to impart component bonuses on these items (making them more in line with other weapons).
  • Reduced the encumbrance penalty on armor layers and segments. The encumbrance costs of wearing armor were a bit too high.
  • Increased the maximum range of the special protection on armor layers. To add more variance.
  • Vendors will now properly accept clothing handed to them if you have the merchant skill Hiring IV. You will now see your vendors wearing the clothes you give them.
  • Added a "customize clothing" option on vendors that describes how to do this if you have Hiring IV. This feature teaches you how to dress your vendors.
  • Fixed the draft schematic for the harvesting mechanism architecture component. You can now craft this item.
  • Fixed tailor customization: The master box now grants an additional 55 colors.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented several loot armor components from not providing their special protections. They should work properly now.
  • Tweaked component loot values on armor segments and enhancements to correspond with changes made to draft schematics.
  • Fixed a problem with some loot weapon component enhancements increasing attack delay instead of decreasing it.
  • Changed shield generator experimentation so that the attribute categories match that of armor and armor components. It should be much more clear now.
  • Added merchant ability to update player shop signs. A new option on the terminal to choose which type of sign you want.
  • Fixed issue where factory created food would not have the correct quantity. You should get the correct quantity now, really.

Combat / Weapon changes Edit

  • Increased unarmed damage.
  • Lowered average level of bounty mission mark.
  • T21 rifle updated. The damage values have been modified and armor piercing set to heavy.
  • Decreased two handed melee move costs.
  • Decreased polearm move costs.
  • Decreased unarmed move costs.
  • Slightly reduced the HAM costs on the gaderiffi baton, stun baton, two-handed axe, and power hammer to compensate for the extra HAM cost given by using the reinforcement core.
  • New skill names, descriptions, and improved titles for the Pistoleer. The improved refers to more appropriate names.
  • New skill names for Brawler and Marksman skills. Skill descriptions have been updated slightly as well.
  • Fixed issues with state defense modifiers. They didn't work, now they do.
  • Brought pistolMeleeDefense2 (pistolwhip 2) cost in line with pistolwhip 1 Pistolwhip2 now costs more to use.
  • Removed knockdown from disarming shot. The knockdown was never meant to be attached to that command. It was a bug.
  • Decreased knockdown delay to 5 seconds. Knockdown adds a 5 second delay to your queue.
  • Fixed surprise shot. It didn't work, now it does.
  • Change surprise shot so it doesn't remove cover. Surprise shot was only usable in cover, but it removed cover when you used it. Now it does not remove cover.
  • Increased vibroknuckler range to 5 meters.
  • Increased movement accuracy penalties/defensive bonuses. The "Run and Gun" technique has a bigger penalty, but gives greater ranged defense.
  • Fixed combat spam with grenades. Was not working, now it is.
  • Added 30 second posture change/knockdown timer.
  • Decreased cost of all knockdown moves. When we added the 30 second timer, the costs and damage needed adjustment.
  • Increased damage of all knockdown moves.
  • Fixed inability to attack some bounty hunter targets. Their attack flag was not persisting.
  • Added 5 charges to BH probots.
  • Added 10 charges to BH seekers.
  • Fixed combat spam for knockdown.
  • Added combat spam for the bug bomb. it did not exist before.
  • Any player may use the bug bomb grenade.
  • Flame Thrower Changes:
    • Rebalanced special moves.
    • Improved damage and range values.
    • Fixed bad range modifier for midrange .
    • Removed specific resource requirement from draft schematic .
    • Added rotating flamethrower beam.
    • Fixed particles.
  • Acid Rifle
    • Rebalanced special moves .
    • Improved damage and range values.
    • Fixed bad range modifier for midrange .
    • Removed specific resource requirement from draft schematic.
    • Added rotating acid beam.
    • Fixed particles.
  • Lightning Rifle (Bounty Hunter)
    • Rebalanced special moves.
    • Improved damage and range values.
    • Fixed bad range modifier for midrange .
    • Removed specific resource requirement from draft schematic.
  • Grenades
    • Increased damage for all grenades (including light fragmentation).
    • Removed specific resources requirements from draft schematics.
  • Particle Beam
    • Improved damage significantly.
    • Added ideal range modifiers.
    • Removed specific resources requirements from draft schematics.
  • Lightning Cannon
    • Improved damage significantly.
    • Added ideal range modifiers.
    • Removed specific resources requirements from draft schematics.
  • Acid Beam
    • Improved damage significantly.
    • Added ideal range modifiers.
    • Removed specific resources requirements from draft schematics.
    • Fixed particles.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Improved damage significantly.
    • Added ideal range modifiers.
    • Removed specific resources requirements from draft schematics.
  • Ideal ranges are arrayed in this order:
    • acid rifle - 16m ideal.
    • lightning beam ideal is 32m.
    • particle beam 48m.
    • rocket launcher 64m.
  • Changed all "delay" moves to use a 30 second timer
  • Fixed issue where some dots would not always be completely removed when they should be. - it sucks to be permanently on fire. :)

Weaponsmith Changes Edit

  • Removed targeting computer slot from the tangle pistol schematic.
  • Changed resource requirements for medium warheads (grenades).
  • Armor piercing values have been modified on some of the left-hand fire weapons.
  • Changed the resource attribute weights on warhead components to use Decay Resist and Quality (experimentation should work properly with these now).
  • Fixed issue where damage experimentation ranges on the warhead stabilizer component were negative.
  • Changed experimentation on munitions components to use weapon experimentation. This will allow weaponsmiths to fully experiment on grenade components.

Creature Handler / Pet changes Edit

  • Pets regenerate HAM damage in the datapad, even when stored from the radial menu.
  • Pets current wound/damage will be save even when the pet is auto-stored.
  • Pet control devices will not be deleted unless the user selects the DESTROY option.
  • PCD's will say "this pet is dead" if the owner tries to use the PCD after a non-CH pet has been killed.
  • Store button is on the radial menu again.
  • Pets will no longer randomly decide to run back to the place from which they were called.
  • Destroying a PCD says "You have released your pet to the wild", unless it wasn't that kind of pet.
  • Non-CH's are limited to 2 non-aggro stored pets max (can still only call 1 CH pet, max). Players who currently have pets above their allowed limit will be able to keep the pets, but if their pets die, get transferred, etc, they will not be able to fill those "illegal" slots again. if they want a new pet, they will have to clear enough slots so they will legitimately have an available slot for the new pet.
  • CH's can store two creatures, in addition to their "+Stored Pets" skillmod
  • Aggro and non-aggro pets are not counted separately against the stored-pets limit.
  • Non-CH's cannot call aggro pets. Non-CH players who currently have aggro pets will not be able to use them. Unless they know the transfer command, they will be unable to do anything with those pets. if they do know the transfer command, they can transfer the pet to someone who is eligible. (see below)
  • PCD's cannot be transferred unless the pet knows the "transfer" command (this doesn't mean the pet has to be out, the pcd can still be transferred via the secure trade window)
  • Pet stats reduced due to vitality follow this formula:
    • 75 to 100 = no stat reduction
    • 50 to 75 = 25% stat reduction
    • 25 to 50 = 50% stat reduction
    • 1 - 25 = 75% stat reduction
  • Pet stats will never be reduced more than 75% due to vitality loss.
  • Pets will never permanently die due to stat reduction.
  • Droid pets will suffer vitality loss the same as CH pets do (instead of permanent death).
  • Creatures commanded to attack a target will actually attack it, instead of just running at it and stopping (happened with targets farther away that 50 meters)
  • Pets will not switch targets in combat unless commanded to attack something else.
  • Pets will switch targets in combat when commanded to attack something else.
  • Pets commanded to "follow" or "stay" in combat will stop fighting, and either follow, or stay, until commanded to attack something.
  • Pets will not stop guarding when commanded to follow or stay in combat (i.e. they will resume guarding after combat).
  • Training XP will be based on the creature's adult level rather than the current (baby) level.
  • Taming XP will be based on the creatures adult level rather than the current (baby) level.
  • /tellpet will work the same as "/say " or "/shout ", but without the spam.
  • Creatures won't "relearn" a name that they already know when being taught commands.
  • Pets will leave groups properly. If given the "group" command while already grouped, the pet will disband.
  • Added the "You cannot store for x seconds" message.
  • Changed the "release" command to the "store" command.
  • Pets will properly "store" when their master boards a shuttle.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed CHs to call more pets than they should have been able to.
  • If you logout while dead or incap'd, any un-stored faction pets will be flagged 'dead'.
  • Added system message for releasing a pet.
  • Fixed error that sometimes occurred during pet transfer.
  • Added system messages for failure to call, failure to transfer, and failure to store pets.
  • Fixed bug that would not allow pet stims to heal mind damage when action and health were fully healed.
  • Fixed column and wedge formations being reversed on the train menu.
  • Fixed issues with various creature names displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where death/cloning would flag faction pets as 'dead' even if they were not.
  • Fixed issue where players would get xp for using maskscent against a pet.
  • Disabled DNA sampling from pets.

Entertainer changes Edit

  • Added new /denyService command for Entertainers. /denyService will add/remove the targeted player from a Denial of Service list. All players on this list will not be healed by the entertainers performance even if they are watching or listening to the performer. The list only lasts for the current play session.
  • New entertainer skill name strings.
  • Female MonCal image design should now work correctly.
  • Fixed issue where /changeBandMusic would not work correctly when the band was made up of members of various skill levels.

Medic changes Edit

  • New medic skill names and descriptions.
  • Combat medic dot attacks now place a TEF on the combat medic.
  • Reworked the auto medicine select logic to more smartly handle normal and ranged stimpacks.

Scout / Ranger changes Edit

  • The cost to craft camps has been increased. This was done to bring these craftables more in line with other craftable items that grant XP. (Since crafting camps and traps now grants Wilderness survival XP). Also, with the new changes to grouped Scouts being able to work together in organic resource harvesting, there is an influx of more resources into the world, and these higher resource requirements are meant to balance this.
  • Each scout in a group with loot permissions for a corpse may harvest from the corpse. Harvested group kills yield 60% their normal resources and xp, but may be harvested by each scout in the group.
  • Fishing now grants Wilderness Survival experience for catching fish. The size of the catch affects how much xp is earned. Catching loot or trash does not grant any xp.
  • Camp xp accumulation rates have been increased.
  • Scouts now get survival xp for crafting camps and traps (instead of general crafting xp).
  • The base equation for mask scent has changed. It now checks on a mask scent skill mod.
  • You are now much more likely to successfully mask scent against a creature.
  • The delay to mask your scent again now reduces as your mask scent skill mod increases.
  • You are much more likely to successfully mask scent if you are prone, slightly less likely if you are up and running.
  • XP rewards for mask scent have been lowered, given that success rates have increased.
  • Increased the cost of some Ranger skills because they were too low and not consistent with the advancement rates of other professions
  • New Ranger command: /conceal This command gives the Ranger the ability to apply high quality camouflage to himself and others. The camouflage conceals the Ranger from creatures and NPCs.
  • The Ranger's ability to see the special attacks of creatures via examine has been fixed.
  • The Ranger's Field Bioscience skill tree has been renamed Tracking.
  • New Ranger Ability: /areatrack, this command lets Rangers examine local clues to determine the identity of nearby creatures.
  • You can now /feigndeath while running and walking.
  • The damage penalty for taking a hit while using /feigndeath has been reduced by a significant amount.

Smuggler changes Edit

  • You can now /feigndeath while running and walking.
  • The damage penalty for taking a hit while using /feigndeath has been reduced by a significant amount.
  • Slicing IV has been fixed so that it has the appropriate bonus.

Update Notes: 5 September 03

  • Fix to allow pets that are stored on a droid and that have not learned the transfer command to be reclaimed. NOTE: Pets will not be able to be transferred back onto the droid.
  • Changed the harvester maintenance interface to be more intuitive.
  • Fixed lairs so that if they spawn close to a player building they will be removed from the world faster. This should prevent the problem where lairs would sometimes block the entrances to player buildings for long periods of time.

Update Notes: 7 September 03

  • Fixed issue with factories that caused powerups (as well as other items) to not have the correct attributes
  • Fixed issue with destroy missions that caused the objective to be destroyed as it spawned; however, they may block entrances to buildings again
  • Made low level, non-aggressive pets created by bio-engineers to be "tame-able" and all low level, non-aggressive pets to be "trade-able" by anyone
  • Fixed a case where redeeding your structure would fail, causing you to lose the structure and the deed
  • Fixed issue with image designers that allowed some combinations that were not intended
  • Fixed issue causing signs to not be displayed properly
  • Added an email warning that is sent to you when your structure's condition drops below 50%
  • Streamlined Customer Service UI categories for more efficient ticket handling

Update Notes: 9 September 03

  • Some containers (crafting stations and vendors especially) could get into a state where they would not calculate their inventory space correctly. This would make your inventory act like it was full, though the UI would say that you still have some room available. In some instances, this could also cause objects in your inventory to disappear until you thinned down how much you were carrying, at which point they would reappear. This should be fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with factory crates not showing the stats of the contained items.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could add charges to stimpacks.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could raise your secondary stats high enough such that using special moves actually caused you to gain points, rather than lose them.
  • Fixed a /tellpet exploit that let you quick store pets.

Update Notes: 12 September 03

  • Increased HP of creature lairs. Destroying lairs without attacking the creatures protecting it should be more difficult now.
  • Fixed issue that caused items to sometimes disappear from your inventory after purchasing them from a vendor and traveling.
  • Fixed issue that prevented combining data disks if your inventory was full.
  • Fixed issue with factory crates that allowed item duping.
  • Fixed an issue where creature handlers could call multiple pets from a single pet control device.

Update Notes: 16 September 03

  • Increased damage when attacking a lair that will not spawn any more defenders
  • Fixed issue with macros which could unintentionally cause server lag
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to attack another player from inside a private structure

Update Notes: 17 September 03

  • Fixed issue causing manufactured items to grant crafting xp when removing them from a crate
  • Fixed issue that would allow players to harvest resources without permission
  • Restored creature resource harvesting to previous levels
  • Ranger areatrack changes
  • no longer lists you when you look for players.
  • has a much shorter delay in returning results.
  • displays non unique NPC names correctly.
  • displays the 50 closest results in crowded areas.
  • no longer displays items with an invalid distance of -1m
  • ignores pets and vendors.

Update Notes: 18 September 03

  • Added confirmation dialog to prevent surrendering skills by mistake.
  • Fixed some skill data on characters who had inappropriately lost some skills.

Update Notes: 19 September 03

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause items to dupe
  • Changed the surrender skill UI to be less cumbersome
  • Changed colors of the bodysuit so that players do not appear to be naked

Update Notes: 25 September 03

  • Fixed some cases where a Bounty Hunter's target would lose its TEF status.
  • You can now click the mouse or hit any key to bypass the logo screens.

Update Notes: 2 October 03

  • Fixed an issue where players could become invisible.
  • Fixed a problem where items in bags that are sold on vendors would sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes after redeeding a structure the deed would not be displayed in the inventory.

Update Notes: 3 October 03

  • Improved server stability

Publish 3 (The Warren)Edit

Publish 3 Notes: 8 October 03Edit

Major Features Edit

  • An Imperial Research Facility on Dantooine headed by the premier cyborg specialist Colonel Teraud has been revealed. Rumors of unrest surround 'The Warren' (as it is called), after an Imperial Inquisitor sent to investigate the Colonel's progress has failed to report back any findings.
  • Bartender Rumors added for Monthly Fiction current events.
  • Cries of Alderaan - Act 2
  • Imperial probes have picked up chatter on Lok indicating that Nym's crime operation is expanding. Nym's chief lieutenants are said to be actively recruiting adventurers in the area...

AI and World Edit

  • Fixed a bug that would cause mission objectives and creature lairs to respawn infinitely.
  • Vader and Palpatine (and imperial officers) now default to Imperial Mood so they don't scratch, yawn, etc.
  • Missions on advanced planets will now scale correctly based on character level.
  • Added chance to draw mission above your level on starting planets.
  • Updated creature spawning on Dathomir and Endor.
  • Made Cowardly Gurrecks smaller.
  • Added random quest giving NPCs to Talus and Corellia.
  • Changed generic outpost to science and trade outpost on Dathomir.
  • Fixed retrieve quest for Nien Nunb (part of the Rebel Theme Park). You can now converse with the Trader who is supposed to give you a hyperdrive repair part.
  • Fixed missing mission objective on rebel faction destroy missions
  • Capped the max number of components that can be found off a single creature in loot at 10.
  • Fixed many quest bugs for static quests and theme parks
  • Fixed string error in last Rebel theme park mission
  • Added MEDIUM and STRONG disease attacks to some difficult creatures
  • Wookiees are now allowed to wear rings
  • Wookiee roar reuse timer was reduced
  • Wookiee roar now gives a short mind buff in addition to its normal effect

Combat Edit

  • Changed all delay moves to be on a 30 second timer
  • Added some failsafe clearing of dot states to help prevent the states sticking after the dot is removed.
  • Made AT-ST & AT-AT vulnerable to DT_blast
  • Modified turret armor ratings vs DT_energy
  • Modified turret weapon damage types (block=blast & tower=kinetic)
  • Special attacks which knockdown NPCs will cause the NPC to fall down for a couple of seconds before trying to stand back up. If the NPC is dizzy, he may fall down again when attempting to stand.
  • Decreased unarmed move costs
  • Fixed bugs with state defense modifiers
  • Brought pistolmeleedefense2 (pistolwhip 2) cost in line with pistolwhip 1
  • Fixed surprise shot and change surprise shot so it doesn't remove cover
  • Increased vibroknuckler range to 5 meters
  • Increased movement accuracy penalties/defensive bonuses
  • Fixed a problem that prevented several loot armor components from not providing their special protections.
  • Reduced the encumbrance of the padded armor segment.
  • Tweaked component loot values on armor segments and enhancements to correspond with changes made to draft schematics.
  • Fixed a problem with some loot weapon component enhancements increasing attack delay instead of decreasing it.
  • Modified process for granting general combat xp (should always be at least 10% of total combat damage)
  • Upped combat xp grant range to 80m
  • Decreased pistolwhip 1/2 damage
  • Increased move costs for lowblow
  • Fixed panic shot cone size, delaying user, and not effecting multiple people
  • Increased damage of overcharge shot 2
  • Fixed bug with intimidate so that it should be successful more often

Crafting Edit

  • When manufacturing an item that takes components, you do not have to extract the components from the crate to put in the input hopper. You can just put the crate in, and the manufacturing station will get the components as needed.
  • Made double clicking work on factory crates in crafting
  • Fixed containers (crafting stations and vendors especially) to calculate their inventory space correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with factory crates not showing the stats of the contained items.
  • Fix crafting lock-up if you try to use 2 crafting tools at once.
  • Added "empty harvester" button to discard ALL resources
  • Added more info when you examine a manufacturing factory.
  • Fixed crafting manufacture schematic UI limit to go up to 1000
  • Fix for missing components after crafting
  • Added new schematic for droid customization kit
  • Send message to player if he loses a component during crafting due to his inventory being full.
  • Prevent deletion of manufacture stations if the hoppers or schematic slot is not empty.
  • Reduced the HAM costs on advanced sword core and vibro blade components.
  • Altered the artisan-granted harvester and generator schematics to grant general crafting XP instead of specialized architect XP.
  • Added 'premium' column to vendor listing
  • Fixed a typo in the ranged stimpack E schematic which caused it to cost 13 duration mechanisms instead of 3.
  • Items with low hitpoints are now unrepairable.
  • The difficulty to repair an item now increases as the item becomes more damaged.
  • Skilled crafters gain bonuses for the repair of items within their field.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed crafters to skip past critical failures
  • Fixed issue that would cause manufactured components to be lost during crafting if you exit the assembly stage with more than one component in a slot.

Pets Edit

  • You have to go outside to call a pet if you are in a city. (Outside of town you must be in a camp, near your declared-residence, or in a building).
  • Pets will no longer eat food when they aren't wounded.
  • Pets are no longer considered by /boostmorale.
  • Pets will wait to complain about health, action or mind wounds until they have lost at least 20% of those attributes to wounds.

Professions Edit

  • Armorsmith - Slightly increased the crafting effectiveness ranges on Padded and Composite armor segments.
  • Armorsmith - Fixed a problem with the advanced Ubese segment which prevented it from working in Ubese schematics.
  • Armorsmiths should now be able to fully colorize their armor without having to be tailors. The Armor Customization skill mod determines how many colors the armorsmith can pick from (note, some items may not have all colors available for selection. The available colors depends on the palettes used for that item).
  • Armorsmith - Armor components that give special protections now add on top of the armor's general effectiveness. This applies only if the armor wasn't previously vulnerable to that damage type.
  • Armorsmith - Experimentation on general effectiveness now adds to special protections given by components. This does not apply if the armor was previously vulnerable to that damage type.
  • Armorsmith - Fixed a problem where adding special protections to armor did not remove any underlying vulnerabilities
  • Bio-engineer - DNA Sampling: Made creatures that are being sampled from not attackable while sampling occurs
  • Bio-engineer - DNA Sampling: Made dna sampling more relative to creature level (high skill/low level = high success; low skill/high level = high failure)
  • Bio-engineer - DNA Sampling: Made aggro & spook chances more consistent with skill level and * times sampled
  • Bio-engineer - DNA Sampling: Changed dna sampling animation
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Updated tissue descriptions to include information about bonuses given.
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Removed Charigra & Personaphene tissues
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Removed experimental durability from tissue experimental attributes as it had no effect.
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Added the new Mask Scent skill to the Scent Camouflage & Scent Neutralization tissues.
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Made all tissues and pet medicines craftable in Food & Chemical Factories
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Made multiple tissue enhanced components used in different slots of a clothing schematic stack better. (Components with no enhancements will no longer wipe the final enhancements.)
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Fixed all tissues skill modifiers to work correctly. (Existing tissue and clothing made with those tissues that report a modification also work, with the exception of the removed skill modifiers.)
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Removed Medicine Use from new crafted tissues. (Existing tissues and clothing crafted with those tissues will still report the Medicine Use modifier but they will not be counted for determining the level of medicine to be used.)
  • Bio-engineer - Tissue Engineering: Updated tissue descriptions to include information about bonuses given.
  • Bounty Hunter - Added 5 charges to probots
  • Bounty Hunter - Added 10 charges to seekers
  • Bounty Hunter - Lowered average level of bounty mission mark.
  • Creature Handler - Fixed exploit that allowed players to tame baby creatures while dead
  • Creature Handler - Fixed exploit that allowed players to call multiple pets
  • Creature Handler - Fixed pet to heal correctly in datapad when stored from the radial menu
  • Creature Handler - Fixed issue with pet control devices which prevented the 'CALL' option menu from showing up for several seconds
  • Dancer - Increased the effect of dance mind buffs. A master can now increase a stat up to double of its base value. Maximum durations have been increased to 2 hours.
  • Droid Engineer - Fix for a few droids and droid schematics were not granting XP for their being crafted.
  • Droid Engineer - Now a pet droid won't ever have any armor unless it was crafted onto it.
  • ImageDesigner - Display a selection index number on the slider page to help users communicate and remember changes
  • ImageDesigner - Add a palette UI for color changes
  • ImageDesigner - Added human male freckles customization
  • Merchant - Added merchant ability to update player shop signs
  • Merchant - Fixed bug where vendors took up too much space in your inventory
  • Merchant - Added ability to deactivate a vendor
  • Merchant - Added better dialogs for errant conditions when retrieving items
  • Merchant - Added better error messages for missing vendor items and vendor reimbursals
  • Musician - Always have play option on placed instruments (ommni box, nalargon), but give a failure message if they have another instrument equipped
  • Musician - Increased the effect of musician mind buffs. A master can now increase a stat up to double of its base value. Maximum durations have been increased to 2 hours.
  • Ranger: The flora component of camo kits has been removed.
  • Ranger: Camo kits now yield more uses and have a wider experimentation range.
  • Ranger: Camo kits now work properly when crafted in a factory.
  • Ranger: The duration for conceal has been fixed, it was half what it should have been.
  • Rangers are now notified when a creature begins to stalk them.
  • Scout: Mask Scent / Conceal is now properly removed when you initiate combat.
  • Scout: When examining creatures, the "Aggressive" trait will now be correct.
  • Scout: A novice scout can now examine a creature to determine if it is a "Stalker."
  • Scout/Ranger: Non-aggro creatures will not attack you when mask scent or conceal breaks.
  • Scout/Ranger: Aggro creatures will only attack you when mask scent or conceal breaks if you are within 40 meters.
  • Scout/Ranger: Fixed a problem with creatures breaking mask scent/ conceal when scouts and rangers left their interest radius.
  • Tailor - Fixed tailor customization: The master box now grants an additional 55 colors.
  • Teras Kasi - /meditation: fixed /powerBoost
  • Weaponsmith - Added the ability for weaponsmiths to craft the reinforcement core and advanced reinforcement core components.
  • Weaponsmith - Added the reinforcement core as a required component to gaderiffi baton, stun baton, two-handed axe, and power hammer. The addition of the component will enable the armorsmith to impart component bonuses on these items (making them more in line with other weapons). Slightly reduced the HAM costs on the gaderiffi baton, stun baton, two-handed axe, and power hammer to compensate for the extra HAM cost given by using the reinforcement core.

PVP and GCW Edit

  • Fixed bad start locations for several battlefields.
  • Fixed several problems with battlefield behavior
  • You can no longer pick up HQ Terminals
  • Added HQ kickbacks for missions taken from HQ terminals (missions taken from HQ terminals grant credits equals to 5% of reward toward HQ maintenance and factional missions taken from HQ terminals grant +5% faction point reward bonus)
  • No longer allow neutral players to help neutral non-players with enemy flags of any sort
  • Now allow donation of mines to minefields by same faction personnel regardless of owner.
  • Added armor, increased hp and up range to 70 meters to faction perk turrets
  • Upped default hp for covert detectors
  • Streamlined doctor faction perks (+25% effect)
  • Added musician & dancer faction perks (+10% effect to heal wound/shock & +25% mind buff value)
  • Allow doctor, musician, dancer faction perks to work wherever they can factionally register
  • Adding factional hqs to planetary map for player registration capable hqs
  • When purchasing battlefield reinforcements, players are only held to the faction declared minimums if they are actually declared.
  • Various Imperial/Rebel factional dungeon bug fixes
  • Disallowing terminals inside of factional HQs from registering with the planetary map
  • Integrating minefields for tower turrets
  • /delegateFactionPoints command added. The conversion ratio is based on the delegating players rank
  • Added additional HQ specific data to the structure status window
  • Updated the Faction Recruiter conversation to warn players who are resigning from a faction that they will lose their factional items

UI Edit

  • Character Sheet - now display value and max value for each attribute in the text field (buffs update the attribute value as well as the max attribute value)
  • Guild member lists allow more than 50 entries.
  • Made /dragIncapacitatedPlayer visible in action list
  • Fixed auction table columns resetting sizes every close/reopen
  • Added travel lines between destinations on galaxy map
  • Can no longer split resources on Vendor, Bazaar or Trade Window screen.
  • Bio-Engineered Tissues now have their own sort category on the Commodities Market.
  • Fixed chat rooms getting deleted when group is disbanded
  • Added group and advertise chat bubbles
  • Fixed more palette colors throughout, brighter text on darker buttons
  • Fixed radial menu, more contrast between bright and dark colors
  • Made 'instant sale' the default action when selling items on the bazaar
  • Community Screen - Badges should now display properly
  • Community Screen - Fixed help tips
  • Community Screen - Added a "Spoken Language" option to coincide with the /language command.
  • Holocron - added a "Report A Bug" button to help players avoid creating inappropriate CSTickets
  • Holocron - Added an explanation of armor protection
  • Made auction windows auto-refresh for available
  • Now saves the auto-afk time, response message, and whether auto-afk is enabled.
  • FriendList: Added comment field per friend.
  • FriendList: Added group field per friend.
  • FriendList: Added confirmation option when removing friends.
  • FriendList: Added option whether to notify when a friend comes online/offline. This is specified per friend. Disabling this option on a name in the friend list also disables the name from showing when using /friend. This option is for keeping someone in your friend list who you want to keep in touch with, but don't necessarily want to know every time they come online/offline. The UI will always display all friends online/offline status regardless of whether you want the notifications.
  • FriendList: Added option to hide offline friends from the UI and /friend.
  • FriendList: In the FriendList UI, the online status now shows in the color specified in Options->ChatColor->OnlineStatus.
  • FriendList: Updated /friend to show group sorted friends. Offline friends are hidden by /friend if the option is specified in the FriendList UI.
  • FriendList: Added /friendcomment (friend name) (comment)
  • FriendList: Added /friendgroup (friend name) (group name)
  • Fixed some situations where chat text colors would change in the middle of a sentence.

Other Bug Fixes Edit

  • Grouping system rewritten to perform in context of local players
  • Group notifications now always on and go to group chat
  • /group command temporarily disabled
  • Autolooting disabled
  • Make adding a Skill Enhancer to an equipped socketed item update your skill bonuses correctly.
  • Fix attribute mods that lower a max attribute value to 0 causing the attribute value to be the max.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become permanently incapacitated in some cases where they had been buffed and were then cloned with many wounds.
  • Added additional attribute checking on login to fix any attributes that are lower or higher than they should be.
  • Fixed problem with selling items from inside a factory crate
  • Force the player to standing before performing a ranged healing action.
  • Fixed the 2 most annoying cases of 'trade canceled'
  • Fixed problem trading datapad objects
  • Fixed bug with /changeBandMusic
  • Fixed some template problems that were causing a few armor segment and weapon component enhancements to not function properly.
  • Set fishing pole volume to 1
  • Random vocalizations for stormtroopers removed.
  • Increased the maximum range of the special protection on armor layers.
  • Reduced the encumbrance penalty on advanced armor segments.
  • Setting a building to private will now eject any npc not on the entry list.
  • Incapacitated players can no longer search a lair.
  • Fish on different planets should now have varying colors
  • Players will now be notified when they have reached an experience cap for a specific experience type
  • The problem with food stacks sometimes becoming inedible has been fixed. This should work retroactively with previously broken food stacks.
  • External Options Menu: Added option to re-enable setting the mouse cursor every frame
  • External Options Menu: Added option to disable character LOD manager
  • External Options Menu: Added option to skip the intro
  • External Options Menu: Added option to disable the asynchronous loader
  • External Options Menu: Improved graphics performance by splitting vertex/pixel shader support and fixed function pipeline support into their own code paths
  • Increased the integrity of player houses so that it takes longer for maintenance decay to destroy one.
  • Male characters can now go shirtless.
  • Added the group command /splitCreditsToGroup.
  • Loot items now have better chance of having increased attributes.
  • Loot items with one or more increased attributes are now highlighted green to make this more obvious.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to kill difficult creatures very easily by using their house.
  • Fixed a problem that allowed some enhancement medicines to stack when they shouldn't
  • Fixed an issue that allowed poison and disease to be applied to incapacitated or dead players
  • Increased integrity of houses so that they take longer to decay

Update Notes: 11 October 03

  • Improved Server Stability
  • Graul Maulers are tamable again
  • Removed the additional 75% reduction on PvP damage
  • Bio-Engineer: Fix to make /sampledna not aggro 100% of the time.

Update Notes: 14 October 03

  • Improved client stability
  • Fixed a problem where the power consumption rate was displaying incorrectly.
  • Cries of Alderaan 2: Fixed a bug where players wouldn't get the key for the Imperial Relay Station.
  • Nym's Stronghold: Updated dialog script for the pirate engineer (said Kole, should have said Jinkins).
  • Fixed a problem with loot components that was causing them to all be stackable. Loot components should only be stackable if they are all looted from the same creature.
  • Fixed a problem where missions that were taken while in groups weren't difficult enough.
  • Fixed several droids that were not craftable.
  • Fixed a problem with several droids which could not be called.

Update Notes: 16 October 03

  • Improved Client Stability
  • The Warren: Changed reactor core in the Warren to automatically take the core rods, rather than waiting for them to be inserted.
  • The Warren: Fix for people getting trapped inside the Warren
  • The Warren: The goodbye letter now respawns more frequently on the corpse. It should no longer be necessary to camp the corpse.
  • Fixed a problem where players could become incapacitated for a very long time.
  • Fixed a problem with backpack navigation where if you used the UI up arrow when viewing the contents of an equipped backpack it would display incorrect inventory information.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from rejoining guild chat

Update Notes: 22 October 03

  • Fixed Warren issue: permission on Reactor Core Container to reset after each use (so that you don't have to wait for a server restart to insert the reactor core rods).
  • Fixed Warren issue: clicking on the Reactor Core will drop the core rods into the reactor core container (rather than selecting OPEN and then putting the core rods in manually).
  • Logging into the Warren will add the player to the permission list rather than ejecting the player
  • Fixed Drall Camp in final Imperial Mission of Act 2 so that all opponents spawn correctly.
  • Fixed problem causing some machines to not detect DirectX properly
  • Fixed issues with squadleader that would cause commands to not work correctly and xp to cap lower than it should

Update Notes: 23 October 03

  • Fixed exploit with factory crates to prevent theft of items

Update Notes: 30 October 03Edit

  • Changed Squad Leader XP to be based on total combat related XP earned by group not just Combat XP
  • Make buildings only disallow access due to enemy flags for temporary aligned enemy flags
  • Temporary enemy flags now only last 5 minutes.
  • Cases where players were not receiving credits for items they sold on bazaar terminals or vendors have been corrected.
  • People with temporary enemy flags may no longer enter player placed structures other than factional bases.

Update Notes: 1 November 03

  • Fix building permissions based on enemy flags applying to non-player structures.
  • Don't consider enemy flags toward bounty targets to be aligned.

Publish 4 (Mounts and Cities)Edit

Publish 4 Notes: 13 November 03Edit

  • Announcement We have discovered an issue where the collector's edition goggles can be traded or sold. This will be fixed on live within a couple days. Those who have these goggles and did not purchase a collectors edition copy of the game will have them removed automatically.

Death and Decay

  • NO decay for incapacitation
  • 1% decay upon Cloning (not death) if you are insured
  • 5% decay upon Cloning (not death) with no insurance

Mounts Edit

  • Mounts have been added! Players can now ride Bols, Brackasets, Kaadu, Carrion Spats, Dewbacks, and Falumpasets. To get a mount, mounts must be your pet AND trained as a mount. Players can either buy them as trained mounts or players with pets can take their pets to a Creature Handler (with the correct skill) to be trained as a mount. Bio Engineers can create mountable pets but can't automatically train them unless they have Creature Handler skills.

Player Cities Edit

  • Player Cities are now live! This extensive system allows you to become the Mayor of your own city. Included with the player city system are many new structure types including city halls, cantinas, and cloning facilities. Read the in-game Holocron pages on Player Cities for information on how to start and run a city.
  • The Politician profession is now live! In order to build a city you have to be a politician. Politicians gain skills that let them build bigger and more impressive cities. You can find politician skill trainers in all the major planetary capital cities.
  • The Politician forum can help answer any questions you have about being a politician or running a player city. Make sure you check that forum for hints and advice from your fellow political elite.
  • In order to allow construction of cities on rougher terrain, the placement restrictions on most player buildings have been relaxed. You should be able to place houses and new player city structures over shallow ravines or on the side of small hills. Installations like harvesters still have the same placement restrictions.
  • Merchants can now place "Merchant Tents." The tents come in three colors and are crafted by Architects working with Tailors. These small structures allow for a storefront that looks different from a player house.

Balance Edit

  • Armor components that give special protections now add on top of the armor's general effectiveness. This applies only if the armor wasn't previously vulnerable to that damage type. Adding special protections to armor will reduce underlying vulnerabilities.
  • Increased the power of quickHeal and reduced its mind cost.
  • Increased the power of cure poison and cure disease dots to make them more competitive with the strength of high level dots. (Doctors need them to use the /cureDisease command).
  • Players cannot tame baby creatures while dead or incapacitated.
  • Fixed a bug in AI which resulted in NPCs sometimes deathblowing players just for fun.
  • Fixed a problem with area diseases where the skillModRequired and the duration attribute ranges were switched.
  • Crafting camo kits no longer requires flora components.
  • Fixed collision length of snakes to prevent them "melee-kiting".
  • Fixed a problem with several healing commands using the default roundtimes and not the roundtime modified by skill mods.
  • Changed the queue delay on quickHeal so that it is modified by the Injury Treatment Speed skill mod.
  • Reworked the dot mechanics so that dots no longer incapacitate the target. If a given dot pulse would reduce the target to less than one, the pool is instead taken down to 1. Because of this change, the dot grace period for being incapacitated has been removed.
  • Decreased frequency of NPC targetted shots vs. mind, focus and willpower.
  • Added a projectile feed mechanism enhancement loot item comparable to the Krayt tissue enhancement for blaster power handlers. Start looking. :)
  • Added mediumDisease and strongDisease attacks so creatures assigned those special attacks will be able to inflict hideous disease upon the players.
  • Added poison and disease attacks to many creatures.
  • Removed mapping of some slots to hit locations. If you have an item equipped in the eyes, mouth, back, or belt slots, it will not count as a potential hit location during combat.
  • Guard and soldier-type NPCs will no longer attack pets, unless they are supposed to (e.g. the pet is attacking one of their allies).
  • Attacking townfolk will no longer give the pvp TEF.
  • Fixed pets friendlist, so pets can be ordered to befriend another player and will respond to commands from that player (you can /tellpet to someone else's pet though, even if you are the pet's friend).
  • Multiple attribute mods wont contradict each other.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled medics to get experience by removing dots from pets.
  • Added kill contribution to the application of medical dots.
  • Loot components from unrelated creatures no longer stack. Only same-creature loot components will stack.
  • Increased the decay resist attribute ranges on reactive gas types.
  • Social creatures will no longer respond to attacks on their friends which they see, but which their friends do not respond to. For an example of the bug: If you throw a trap and it fails to effect the target, the target will not attack you but all of its friends WILL. For another example: If you /taunt a creature and it is out of range of the taunt, it will not attack you but all of its friends will. With this change the social friends should only respond to the attack if it really does push the defender (their friend) into combat-mode.
  • Removed "double movement speed" for creatures in Frenzy mode: this will reduce many instances of creature warping.
  • Fixed another problem where players could call pets multiple times

Combat Edit

  • NPCs and creatures will not immediately resume standing when knocked down. If dizzy, they may fall down again when they do try to stand.
  • Added combat spam when you take wounds or shock wounds.
  • Removed the blaster power handler requirement from the FWG pistol. Requiring two different power supplies was enabling these weapons to benefit from two separate power supply attribute crafting bonuses.
  • Lairs will delete immediately upon being destroyed.
  • Boss monsters will be more aggressive.
  • 2 Handed Sword visuals improved.
  • Fixed the collision-length of the faamba skeleton, which should help very short-ranged weapons being "out of range" when in melee with the fambaa.
  • Rifleman Skill Changes: Rifleman improvements: Increased rifle accuracy, rifle Aim, melee defense, ranged defense, blocking modifiers and ranged defense modifiers.
  • Pistol Skill Changes: Pistol improvements made to dodge modifiers and melee defense modifiers.
  • Pistol Skill Changes: Def vs.Stun, Blind, Dizzy, Knockdown, and Posture Change were all upped.
  • Carbine Skill Changes: Carbine improvements made to accuracy modifiers and counterattack modifiers.
  • Unarmed Skill Changes: Unarmed combat has new passive defense modifiers, increased damage at the novice and master boxes, increased defensive modifiers and accuracy modifiers.
  • OneHandMelee Skill Changes: One Hand Melee Weapons has increased accuracy modifiers, increased dodge modifiers, increased dizzy defense modifiers, increased melee defense modifiers and increased the ranged defense modifiers.
  • TwoHandMelee Skill Changes: Two Handed Melee Weapons have increased counterattack modifers and increased stun defense modifiers.
  • Increased stun defense modifiers

Content Edit

  • Added Darklighter niece, NPC for Huff Darklighter quest.
  • Senator Naberrie's first mission has been changed to "escort".
  • Adjusted the height of several "movie" NPC's like Leia, Han Solo etc.
  • Fixed Republic Blaster Certification
  • RIS armor quest is now live

Crafting Edit

  • Experimentation on general effectiveness now adds to special protections given by components. This does not apply if the armor was previously vulnerable to that damage type.
  • Advanced Resilience Compounds should be craftable.
  • Fixed experimentation on enhancement medicines so that skillModRequired is reduced, not increased.
  • Increased the experience given for crafting advanced biological effect controllers so that it falls in line with other medicine craftables.
  • Trader's Flightsuits can now be crafted with sockets.
  • Crafting can now make use of nested containers.
  • Fixed experimentation formula to use the correct range when determining how much an item attribute changes. The formula was supposed to be based on the resource max range, but was using the entire attribute range. A crit success experimenting with an attribute can push the attrib over the resource max value, but never over the item max attrib value.
  • Fixed a problem with the crafting experimentation ranges on the projectile feed mechanisms being reduced in half.
  • Made it so you can't delete a factory crate that's being used in a crafting session.
  • Prevent old crates from being split.
  • Architects, working with Tailors, can now craft Tents, that Merchants with Efficiency IV: Structures, can place and use as specialized store fronts.
  • Experimentation ranges for the harvester 'extraction rate' property is now set up correctly.
  • here are two new components: Heavy Harvesting Mechanism and Turbo Fluidic Drilling Pump Unit, now used in heavy harvesters.
  • Harvester extraction components (like the Ore Mining Unit and Fluidic Drilling Pump Unit) now display how many points they contribute to a harvester's extraction rate. This is so these items can be more easily sold as individual pieces.
  • Removed the 'experimental durability' property from structure components, because it didn't actually do anything.
  • The 'experimental efficiency' property of structure components no longer just relies on the Unit Toughness of your crafting resources. Make sure you check what contributes to a good efficiency for harvesters.
  • Changed the Modern armoire furniture schematic to differ from the Elegant one.
  • Set the potted tree to come in factory crates of 10 when mass produced in a factory.

GCW Edit

  • Made faction recruiters warn players who are resigning from a faction that they will lose all their faction perks.
  • Battlefield start locations will have improved placement.
  • Clothes issued to naked Rebels

GUI Edit

  • Fixed the enhancement medicine radial menu so that target self actually targets self.
  • Changed the display for insufficient skill in consumable use so that it more clearly indicates what is required.
  • Added support for refreshable battlefield status UI.
  • Fixed radial menu range of looting.
  • Added new command, "/notepad", allows modifications to a text file that gets saved as "notes.txt" in the user's base profile directory.
  • Added clientside mail saving with the /mailSave command.

Housing Edit

  • The drop down list of players that can be added to a player structure permissions lists now includes players near the building.
  • Added the ability to see base maintenance rates on structure deeds.

Loot Edit

  • Loot items with one or more increased attributes are now highlighted green to make this more obvious.

Missions and Spawning Edit

  • Mission difficulties on advanced planets have been raised and scaling restrictions were removed. Mission difficulty shows the level of your region and not your mission, this is a known issue.
  • Fixed a problem where Dathomir mission regions were using the wrong difficulty setting.
  • Removed AT-ST from a high level rebel faction destroy mission.
  • Corellian Razorcat Cub lairs should now spawn normally.
  • Frontiersmen lairs should now spawn normally.
  • Added Low level versions of the Kaadu, Dewback, Bol, Brackaset and Falumpaset for player mounts
  • Gulginaws should now spawn normally.

Pets Edit


Professions Edit

  • Armorsmiths
    • Armorsmiths should now be able to fully colorize their armor without having to be tailors. The Armor Customization skill mod determines how many colors the armorsmith can pick from (note, some items may not have all colors available for selection. The available colors depends on the palettes used for that item).
  • BioEngineer
    • Bioengineers component stacking Tailor Component stacking. Effects from SEPERATE slots will now stack correctly. A MAXIMUM of 6 effects can exist per final crafted item.
  • Brawler
    • /centerOfBeing went in with this patch, it is a melee discipline that will greatly enhance the tanking power of player characters.
  • Creature Handler/Pets
    • Improved standing trick 1 for some cats.
    • Fixed pet GUARD command so pets will guard players when commanded to creatures will no longer attack each other to defend themselves from a pet of the same social group.
    • Pets: TRICK1 and TRICK2 will not automatically heal all of a pets mind wounds and damage. Per use, TRICK1 will heal up to 20% of the creature's mind, focus and willpower wounds and damage while TRICK2 will heal up to 40% of the creatures mind, focus and willpower wounds and damage.
    • Pets: Embolden: This is now a 60 second buff for 15% of the creatures Health Action and Mind which cannot be repeated more often than once per 5 minutes (per pet). fixed bug that allowed you to call pets anywhere after logging out in a camp (er, after logging back in again).
    • Pets can no longer fight while swimming.
  • Combat Medics
    • Added the healMind command for Combat Medics. This enables the Combat Medic to restore mind pool damage at the cost of mind wounds to himself.
    • Changed the attribute weightings on combat medical components to fix a problem where it was not possible to get resources to fill all of the requirements. These items now use decay resist and quality for determining experimentation.
    • Changed the area of effect selection logic on combat medic attacks to exclude dead and incapacitated targets.
    • Moved the schematics for combat medical components to the combat medic skill tree.
    • Combat medical components now use combat medic experimentation and assembly for crafting purposes.
    • Added an additional 10 Combat Medic Effectiveness to the Ranged Healing Distance branch so that total effectiveness equals 100.
  • Droid Engineer
    • Destroyed droids and incapacitated pets will auto-store if not quickly revived.
  • Medics
    • Increased the power of firstAid. It now reduces bleeding at a rate of 3 times the medic's injury treatment.
    • Changed the effect of wound treatment skill mods on curing poison and disease. It now acts as a % increase to the base medicine value. This puts it in line with how these mods work with other healing actions.
    • /healState and /healEnhance no longer require an argument. It will automatically select a medicine if nothing is specified. This enables these commands to be used in the toolbar.
  • Smuggler
    • The maximum effectiveness of sliced armor can no longer exceed 90%.
    • Increased payout for bounty hunter missions.
    • Increasd experience for investigation missions.
  • Tailors
    • The following Tailor schematics now give Tailor xp instead of GCXP: High Quality Boots, Large Headwrap, Sunguard, Warm Hat, Wookiee Battle Padding, Wookiee Traveler's Helm.
    • The following tailor schematics now properly craft objects with socket slots: High Quality Boots, Doctor's Dress, Light Bustier, Traders Flight Suit.
  • Weaponsmith
    • Added the ability to craft metal staves to novice weaponsmith.
    • Added the DLT20 rifle to novice weaponsmith.

Travel Edit

  • When purchasing travel tickets, If a player is too far away from the destination location, the ticket is refunded.

Vendors Edit

  • Vendor ad barking and planetary map registration now persist, so you won't have to reset them after a server restart. Note that you'll need to reenable ad barking one time for this to start working on your vendor.
  • Vendor maintenance is now enabled. Vendors now cost about 15 cr/hr to maintain. Maintenance of droid and terminal vendors has been fixed.
  • All vendor types now have proper rotation controls prior to initialization. Initializing the vendor will remove the rotation options.
  • Will now allow vendor/auction multiselect for both retrieve & withdraw functionality.
  • Added 'Pets / Pet Supplies' and 'Medical Supplies' categories to vendor planetary map listing and area barking.
  • Increased sale timer from 7 days to 30 days for player vendor sales.


  • Fixed Warren scientist faction so droids will properly agro.
  • Creatures in the Warren have improved Pathing.

Wearables Edit

  • You can now wear a backpack with Grand Healers Robe, Grand Ball Gown, and the Luxurious Gown. Why you would want to desecrate such fine dresswear with a backpack is beyond us, but you can if you feel like it.
  • Long gloves are now correctly categorized as handwear.

World Details Edit

  • Any creature that looks like an elephant (Bantha, Gronda, Snorble, etc) will run faster than they used to.
  • Guard and militia types will defend the poor defenseless townfolk.
  • Dewback's shaking their head will make a sound.


  • Fixed a problem where players could not gain or lose Gondula faction.

Update Notes: 14 November 03

  • Improved server stability and performance
  • Mounts: fixed a bug where using a player city terminal could cause an erroneous message indicating that you cannot dismount at this time.

Update Notes: 15 November 03

  • Fixed not being able to open a crafting station's input hopper.
  • We have fixed a problem that caused harvesters with an extraction rate greater than 7, to have increased maintenance each time they were redeeded. If your harvester has increased maintenance, redeed and replace it to reset the maintenance back to normal.
  • Made droids private crafting stations again.

Update Notes: 20 November 03

  • Improved client stability
  • Player Cities: You can no longer set taxes on outposts. Any current outposts with taxes will have their taxes reset to 0.
  • Player Cities: Cities now require 10 citizens to be valid. All other city rank population requirements have been raised by 5. Existing new cities will need 10 citizens instead of 5 to be valid.
  • PVP: Neutral players can no longer drag incapacitated players that have a TEF.
  • PVP: Dragging a player with a TEF will result in the TEF being passed along to the player doing the dragging.
  • Fixed a problem where the client would sometimes not connect to the customer service server and thus allow them to submit tickets.
  • Fixed a problem where the customer service server was denying bug submission in some cases.
  • Made the localization more meaningful when submitting a customer service ticket.
  • Removed the high efficiency harvester maintenance penalty as it imbalanced heavy harvesters and punishing experimentation. This change will immediately affect all deeded and placed harvesters, you do not need to redeed your harvester.
  • Examining deeds now properly displays hourly maintenance instead of mislabeled half-hourly maintenance.
  • Added no-build radius around Lok imperial outpost
  • Bio-Engineer: Removed Tissue mods from applying to armor.
  • Player Associations: Group leader can no longer be kicked from the PA by other members.
  • Player Associations: Fix guild updates not working properly on clusters with large numbers of Player Associations.
  • Musicians: Fixed a problem where you would sometimes get stuck in the outro state and unable to play music.
  • Teras Kasi: Fixed center of being command. Defense mods now work.
  • Fixed an issue with credit drops from NPCs that were too small.
  • Rubberbanding: Fixed a bug that could trigger movement validation errors on movement when a player was slowing down in some circumstances.
  • You can now properly pick up and move ballot boxes and data terminals in houses.
  • Hanging Clients: Fixed a bug that could cause a client to hang when loading the world.
  • Unity rings should no longer decay or need insurance

Update Notes: 25 November 03

  • Added options to the house management terminal to delete all items in the house or to move items in the house to you.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some cities to not advance when the city update occurred. If your city should have advanced but didn't, please contact a CSR. They will be able to check the log data to verify your city's level and advance it if needed.
  • Fixed an issue with mayors getting 100 points of xp less than they should have on city updates.
  • The server will dismount a rider if the mount and rider are in an invalid state.
  • Lok: fixed a server issue where invisible objects were being spawned. The accumulation of these invisible objects in a single area would prevent players from being able to load into the scene.

Update Notes: 4 December 03

  • Improved server stability.
  • Reduced frequency of players becoming ghosted while riding a mount.
  • Reduced player warping, particularly around player cities.
  • Improved client stability.
  • Fixed a vendor money dupe.

Update Notes: 5 December 03

  • Restocking a vendor will place the item for resale for 30 days.
  • Items will no longer disappear from the vendor after being for sale for 14 days.

Publish 5 (Vehicles)Edit

Publish 5 Notes: 16 December 03Edit


Vehicles are now available to players. The first three vehicles will be the Speeder Bike (RoTJ), Swoop Bike (AoTC) and the X34 Landspeeder (ANH). Advanced Vehicle Guide

Player CitiesEdit

The number of Player Cities has currently been doubled, making the caps to 20 for all planets that are currently 10 and 50 for all planets that are currently at 25. The new limits are as follows (The first number is the total cap. The second is how many can be rank 3 or above. The third is how many can grow to rank 4 or above.):

  • Corellia: 20, 15, 10
  • Dantooine: 50, 30, 20
  • Lok: 50, 30, 20
  • Naboo: 20, 15, 10
  • Rori: 50, 30, 20
  • Talus: 50, 30, 20
  • Tatooine: 20, 15, 10


  • The Nightsister cave has been added to the game world.
  • Added various heralds throughout the world to lead players to dungeons.
  • There will now be a chance for boss type creatures to spawn from mission targets.


  • Creature Balance: All creatures in the game have been balanced under one unifying scheme.
  • Creature Handler: The creature handler profession has been re-organized. Among the many changes are: The "control level" skillmod has been removed. You can call any pet up to the limit of your additional pets skillmod, but no more levels at one time than your "tame level" skillmod. The tame level skillmod also determines the maximum level pet you can call or tame. The Tame Level skillmod has been redistributed throughout the tree, so only master creature handlers can call the highest level pets. The Transfer command has moved to the Master Creature Handler skillbox. The "train as mount" ability has moved to Management IV. See below for further details.
  • Creature Trade-In Program: With the Creature Handler changes that are going into effect, players with pets from levels 10-15 will no long be usable, there will be a pet trade-in program. In many cases, you will have a reduced version of the pet. In some cases, your pet will be a different creature.


  • Added waypoints to places of interests (POI's). For example missions, bunkers, caves, and exploration areas.
  • Add a "Points of Interest" tab. This tab holds a list of waypoints to interesting places on the current planet.


  • Jedi now get a TEF for equipping a saber when in combat.
  • They also get a TEF when entering combat with a saber equipped.

Live EventsEdit

  • Be on the lookout for some Wookiee Life Day gifts from the SWG Event's Team...
  • Player Hosted Events: Be sure to check out the latest Player Hosted Events on your Galaxy Live Events

Full patch listing

SWG Client Version: 65956.67838


  • Improved client stability
  • Improved server stability


  • New exploration badges have been added throughout the galaxy.
  • Badges will be awarded for achieving Master Titles (and you keep the badge even if you revoke the skill).

Bio EngineerEdit

  • New Cloning System implemented (Creature level is now fully dependent on final creature stats. Stats are fully dependent on level of DNA samples used. Gnort DNA will create Gnort-like creatures, Rancor DNA-will create Rancor-like creatures, etc.).


  • Added heal self and heal other animations to kneeling posture.
  • Disallowed use of /wookieeRoar if the resulting pool drain would cause the user to become incapacitated.
  • Make Attribute mods due to food, spice, etc, not incapacitate players.


  • The Terratta food schematic will now download to your crafting tool.


  • Made it so if two players are fighting and both /peace, combat will end (previously the player who /peaced first had to do it again for combat to end).
  • Added to-hit bonus for melee vs. ranged weapon attacks. This is a replacement for the damage multipliers and a sub-feature for the damage mitigation addition. If you use a ranged weapon against a melee combatant, you are easier to hit.
  • Damage-over-time (DoT) effects (bleeding, poison, etc.) will no longer cause pets to randomly aggro on nearby PvP enemies.
  • Players now get a TEF when using DoTs (poisons, disease, etc).
  • Performance buffs now modify the players base attribute not their current max attribute.
  • Added melee/ranged damage mitigation 1-3 abilities. These abilities are spread through the elite professions and will limit the damage ranges that can be done to you. If an NPC/Creature attacker does 1-100 points of damage, is using a melee weapon, and you have damage mitigation 3, the actual damage range that can be done to you is actually 1-40. There are 3 damage mitigation abilities for ranged, and 3 for melee. They do not stack.
  • Fixed a problem where not every target was getting the appropriate messaging from an area of effect combat medic DoT attack.
  • Neutral players can no longer drag incapacitated players that have a TEF. Dragging a TEF'd player can result in the TEF being passed along to the player doing the dragging.
  • Added the standard PvP checks for dragging an incapacitated player. This means that you can only drag a player in the same cases that you could heal him.
  • Added full body standing ranged combat animations for Ewoks
  • Corrected standing ranged combat weapons for Hutts.
  • Creatures and NPCs will no longer be able to poison or disease vehicles and droids.
  • DECLARED players will be set to COVERT when they logout, and set back to DECLARED 60 seconds after the next time they login. (Preventing attacks during Login/Logoff)
  • DECLARED players will be changed to COVERT when traveling until 60 seconds after arriving at their destination.
  • Added standing ranged combat animations for Jawas and Selonians.
  • Added line of sight checks to all healing commands. Because of this, it is no longer possible to perform healing actions on targets outside of a building if you are inside it (or vice versa).
  • Fix for 1pt general combat xp when specific combat xp types are capped
  • AI will now "see" a player that stands up from Incapacitation and may attack (including Feign Incapacitation).
  • Fixed a bug with training mobs that flee from private structures, which caused them to move very slowly afterwards.
  • Fixed an annoying bug which would result in characters being stuck in combat mode for long periods of time after being targeted by an npc.
  • Cut the follow distance in half for a follower and a leader when they are in combat with each other.
  • Added rifle butt animations

Combat MedicEdit

  • Combat medic skill mods can no longer increase the range of medicines beyond 64m.
  • The maximum experimental range for ranged healing and DoT medicines has been capped at 48m.
  • Droids and vehicles are no longer affected by combat medic area of effect poison and disease attacks.


  • Added /g command for groupsay.
  • Fixed the insufficient funds error message for bank tips.
  • Fixed a menu issue related to "shutdown" of a player HQ in a countdown sequence.
  • Fixed several bugs with /tip that would cause funds to hang.
  • /tip update to hopefully improve response time for cases where payments would lag


  • Fixed not being able to use ingredients in an equipped backpack (or other container) in crafting.
  • Changed the chemical dispersion mechanisms (both normal and advanced) so that their damages may be modified.
  • Fixed mission draft schematics showing up in the "genetics" tab. They now correctly show up under the "mission" tab.
  • Fixed crit fails when crafting installations preventing you from trying to assemble the ingredients again.
  • The ingredients should not be destroyed, and you should be able to click on the assemble button again to try and assemble them.
  • Secure trades are canceled when any crafting command is done.
  • Fixed bug where old component data would still be used on the crafting try after a critical failure.
  • Added checks to make sure you can't extract an item from a factory crate you don't own.
  • Fixed bug where dividing stacks of factory crates could bug your inventory to where it would say "full" at 59/60 or lower.

Creature HandlerEdit

  • The creature handler skill tree has been re-organized: The "control level" skillmod has been removed. You can call any pet up to the limit of your additional pets skillmod, but no more levels at one time than your "tame level" skillmod. The tame level skillmod also determines the maximum level pet you can call or tame. The Tame Level skillmod has been redistributed throughout the tree, so only master creature handlers can call the highest level pets.
  • The Transfer command has moved to the Master Creature Handler skillbox. The "train as mount" ability has moved to Management IV.
  • Creature Handlers will only receive 1 xp for using a pet to kill something less than half the level of the pet.
  • Using baby high-level creatures to kill low-level creatures will result in less xp being granted than previously. For purposes of determining xp only, the creature's level will be considered to be no less than half of the creature's adult level. e.g. A baby gurreck was previously considered to be a level 5 creature even though an adult gurreck is level 50. Now a baby gurrek will be considered to be level 25 minimum, which will eventually increase as the pet grows until it has reached its adult level.
  • XP awarded to Creature Handlers when their pet kills something will be divided by the current number of active pets.
  • All currently tamable creatures remain at the same chance of spawning.
  • Some new tamable creatures were added with the same chance of spawning as current ones.
  • Some rare to very-rare to impossibly-rare baby types will spawn which did not previously spawn.
  • Sometimes (rarely) lairs will spawn more than the current max of 2 babies.

Creature Trade-In ProgramEdit

  • With the Creature Handler changes that are going into effect, players with pets from levels 10-15 will no long be usable, there will be a pet trade-in program. Player get attached to their pets, players will be able to visit Creature Handler NPC's and get a device to drag to the datapad. The device will transform their pets, carrying over it's name and commands to the new pet. The new pet will be of the same type, but of the correct level. Your favorite pet will stay your favorite pet :)


  • Added waypoints to places of interests (POI's). For example missions, bunkers, caves, and exploration areas.
  • Add a "Points of Interest" tab. This tab holds a list of waypoints to interesting places on the current planet.


  • Added protocol droid combat animations
  • Fixed bug where probot reassembles after being destroyed


  • For those who seek perilous adventure, journey to Dathomir. The Nightsister Cave will challenge large PA's and player groups - - perfect for Raiding!


  • Added Lifeday robe and orb meshes and textures for event.


  • You now gain Singing Mountain clan faction for killing the Spider Nightsister clan. A bug which made the "boss" NPC of the Spider Nightsister cave not spawn has been corrected.


  • Turret minimum range has been removed.
  • Added validation to HQ initialization that should remove tracking of invalid defenses.
  • In the event that invalid defense issues persist, the structure owner & admins are able to electively remove defenses from the primary HQ terminal via the "Defense Status" option in the "Structure Management" menu list.
  • Fixed an issue with small and medium tower turrets that would cause them to become invalid objects
  • Overt Players: /delegateFactionPoints: if used with a target but no parameters will now provide an interface


  • BugFix: XP monitor resets the displayed skills after travel, log in and out.
  • CharacterSheet: UI correctly updates when stomach values change.
  • Fixed Alt-Enter switching between windowed and fullscreen code.


  • Jedi now get a TEF for equipping a saber when in combat.
  • They also get a TEF when entering combat with a saber equipped.


  • Fixed keymappings not displaying correctly for non-English keyboard layouts.
  • Added non-English characters to chat.


  • Locked loot crates now indicate whether they are sliceable or not when examined.


  • Added /emptyMail command to delete all of your avatar's email.


  • Changed targets for faction destroy missions to be banners.
  • Increased occurrence of NPC targets on some planets from mission terminals.
  • Removed AT-ST from rebel faction mission targets.
  • Fixed a mission payout notification issue related to grouping.


  • Increased the distance of the player light when mounted


  • Added eyes closed idle to dead NPCs.
  • Added Drall and Hutt standing ranged combat animations, fixes bug in standing ranged animations on Non-humanoid NPCs.


  • Fixed appearance for left bone armor bracer.
  • Fixed appearance for Grand Healers robe.
  • Fixed appearance for Mon Calamari dress 15.
  • The health encumbrance on armor components is now properly displayed in the examine window. Before, this value was not shown despite it still being factored into the finished product.
  • Fix occasional flickering lighting issue.
  • Improved color of composite armor.


  • Pet following improved.
  • You can no longer command a pet that is outside when you are inside a building.
  • Factional pets will Only attack Declared-Overt targets (players or npcs)
  • Players will be allowed to transfer a pet-control-device even if it doesn't know the transfer command, if the pet is too-high level for them to call
  • Some creature types will spawn baby (tamable) creatures less often than others.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to call more pets than they should have been able to call in some situations.
  • Pets will autostore in 4 minutes if not revived medically, will absolutely not recap' naturally (from regenerating) for at least 2 minutes.
  • Pets will not recapacitate immediately.
  • When a pet is incap'd by NPCs or creatures, the AI will attack the pet's master, next.
  • Pets will always be considered to be grouped with their masters (by AI, that is), even when they aren't
  • Players can no longer complete a taming attempt while dead or incap'd
  • Unstored pets will not remain in the world after their owner has logged out for longer than 2 minutes, and current health info. etc. will properly be saved
  • Pets "Hungry!" and "Play!" spam will only be visible to the pet's master
  • Non-creature handlers cannot call pets of a higher level than 10, down from 15.
  • To see which commands your pet knows, select LIST COMMANDS from the pet control device.
  • Pets will not suffer from vitality loss more often that once per 5 minutes

Player AssociationsEdit

  • By default, guildhall signs now show as "'s Guildhall"
  • Fix guild leader changes and disbanding for too few members not occurring in some cases.
  • Make weekly guild updates remove purged characters.
  • Don't allow people to kick the leader out of a guild. The leader can still be removed either by removing themselves or by being voted out first.

Player CitiesEdit

  • Note: We know that raising the Player City cap is very important to the community. We want to raise the player city caps as quickly and as much as possible, but we need to do this in stages so to prevent interference with Server Stability.
  • The number of Player Cities has currently been doubled, making the caps to 20 for all planets that are currently 10 and 50 for all planets that are currently at 25.
  • The new limits are as follows (The first number is the total cap. The second is how many can be rank 3 or above. The third is how many can grow to rank 4 or above.):
    • Corellia: 20, 15, 10
    • Dantooine: 50, 30, 20
    • Lok: 50, 30, 20
    • Naboo: 20, 15, 10
    • Rori: 50, 30, 20
    • Talus: 50, 30, 20
    • Tatooine: 20, 15, 10
  • You can no longer use structure related slash commands in civic buildings. This means you can no longer make civic buildings private. Any currently private civic buildings will be made public.
  • You can now pick up and move ballot boxes and data terminals in houses.
  • Fixed problem with player city travel terminals not bringing up their UI.
  • The Architect craftable "Ballot Box Terminal" now works properly again.
  • The citizen report list now indicates if a citizen is a militia member.
  • Fix ejection from the player city hall.
  • You can no longer register a city of rank less than 3 on the planetary map. Any city of less than rank 3 currently on the map will be removed from the planetary map. Any city that falls below rank 3 will be removed from the planetary map (This was done to keep maps from getting over cluttered and unusable).
  • Since we are increasing the city caps, we need to control on the amount of additional structures the world has to support. There is a civic structure cap of 1+(6*city rank). I.e. 7 at rank 1, 13 at rank 2, etc. Civic structures include cloning facilities, shuttleports, the city hall, and gardens - - Structures owned by the city.
  • If your city decreases in size so that the number of civic structures exceeds the cap, you will be charged 75,000 credits per week per structure over the cap as a part of your city hall maintenance. This penalty will be applied each week starting the week after the cap is broken. The penalty will not be applied if you do not exceed the cap when the next city update happens or if your city rank increases (raising the cap).
  • Information on this penalty will be sent to the mayor in email and will also be displayed on the city maintenance report.
  • /citywarn has been removed from the game.

Player HousesEdit

  • Fix interiors not appearing.
  • Player buildings (houses & city structures) now have much more forgiving placement tolerances. You should be able to build on the side of hills and over small gutters you weren't able to build on before. Also, the first time a structure is built it will no longer snap to the lowest possible point on the terrain (this sometimes caused doors to be buried).


  • Many Huff Darklighter Quest fixes (Krayt Quest)
  • Rumor has it that the infamous pirate Nym has begun rewarding adventurers with weapons from his private stockpile. A special 'slug-thrower' carbine is available to those who succeed in Nym's new quest series!


  • Added "Sniper Support Skill" for Rifleman. Riflemen shooting creatures and NPCs at greater than 50m have a much better chance of drawing a single social creature from a crowd (versus the entire group of angry mobiles immediately charging at the rifleman).


  • You can no longer gain scout xp by using scentMask vs. creatures in an interior (when you are outside, or in a different part of the interior).

Scouts / RangersEdit

  • Mask scent and conceal no longer break in combat. This was widely considered by most users of the command as being a little too annoying (the designer included. ;)


  • Slicing options will no longer show up erroneously on non-armor clothing.
  • Fixed an issue with HQ security terminals where an incap'd/dead slicer could lock the terminal and prevent further use

Teras KasiEdit

  • Powerboost - boost values are now calculated based on the characters unmodified mind value minus any mind wounds. A boost value of less than 10 is prohibited.
  • TKAs can no longer incapacitate themselves with /powerboost


  • Added a check for inventory space when attempting to buy a roundtrip ticket. This should prevent the problem of not getting the return ticket when you only have 1 inventory space left.


  • Vehicles are now available to players. The first three vehicles will be the Speeder Bike (RoTJ), Swoop Bike (AoTC) and the X34 Landspeeder (ANH). Advanced Vehicle Guide


  • You can no longer give Wookiee wearables to non-Wookiee vendors to make them naked.


  • Added various heralds throughout the world to lead players to dungeons.
  • There will now be a chance for boss type creatures to spawn from mission targets.
  • Major rebalance pass on all creatures to bring similar level creatures to the same power level and/or to have more powerful creatures con reflect a higher level.
  • Fixed a data problem that prevented Nyax swords from getting their DoT attacks.
  • Fixed NPC faction reactions: NPCs that like you, won't attack you. AGGRO npcs will attack you if they merely DISLIKE you. THUG NPCs will attack you sometimes unless they LIKE you.
  • Fixed sounds on Kaadu stretch animation.
  • Fixed the alignment of several misplaced player structure signs.
  • Added Heal animations while sitting on ground and in chairs
  • Fixed the red barriers appearing over windows

Update Notes: 17 December 03

Resolved a localizable string issue that caused many places to show "null" Including:

  • Faction recruiter
  • Teaching skills
  • Cloning city location
  • /find command

Update Notes: 19 December 03

  • Mounts: Fixed the scale on the Lesser Dewback, Lesser Plains Bol, & Lowlands Brackaset so they are mountable again.
  • Pets: Fixed a problem where non-creature handlers who trade in a pet to the Creature Handler Trainer will get a pet back without any training.
  • Pets: Fixed a problem where turning in a pet to the Creature Handler Trainer with another pet or vehicle out would cause the user to lose control of that pet.
  • Added a validation for hairstyles on login. If you character possesses an illegal hairstyle for a given race and gender, it will be reverted to a default setting.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to turn experience into faction points.
  • Improved client stability.

Update Notes: 21 December 03

  • Decreased frequency of player vehicles deleting themselves.
  • Added holiday gifts for veteran players.

Update Notes: 23 December 03

  • Announcements: Greetings! We have a few pre-holiday announcements.
  • Holiday gifts: Holiday presents are a reward for veteran players. Holiday rewards will be given out to players at least 3 weeks old and not for newly created characters.
  • Exploration badges: There is no intent to give an Exploration Badge for every POI location. Many people seem to think each POI location should give out an Exploration Badge. This is not the case.

Update Notes: 6 January 03

  • Fixed a problem where player city updates might not occur or occur too often.
  • Improved stability of vendors and the bazaar.

Update Notes: 8 January 03

  • Armor: Added an option to Composite armor pieces such that players can select the color of their armor. This works around a problem we introduced before the holidays where we inadvertently re-colored all pieces of composite armor. This option will exist only for the next 2 weeks.
  • Some players placed vendor bags with large volumes on a vendor. Because of the number of items, player's could not retrieve the bags once placed. Owners of vendor bags temporarily have the ability to retrieve the bag from the vendor.
  • Bio-Engineer/Pets: Added additional checks for invalid pets. Players will no longer be able to call invalid pets from the Datapad.
  • Bio-Engineer: Fixed a problem with Bio Engineer creature cloning that allowed extremely overpowered low-level pets.
  • Named rancors in the Singing Mountain Clan are now invulnerable and decorative as they should be.

Update Notes: 16 January 03

Fixed a credit dupe. We banned several accounts as a result of this fix. SOE works to maintain a fun, fair game for everyone and cheating will not be tolerated.

Update Notes: 22 January 03Edit

Cries of Alderaan Act 3: Dead Eye is out! Check out the story page for all the details. 

Update Notes: 5 Feburary 03

  • Vendors: Solved the vendor un-initialized problem where vendors could lose items.
  • Loading Screens: Added notice of upcoming Imperial Crackdown.

Publish 6 (The Imperial Crackdown)Edit

Publish 6 Notes: 11 February 04Edit

Major Publish FeaturesEdit

Imperial Crackdown Edit

Due to the brash arrogance of the Rebel Alliance, the Emperor has decreed that his majesty's Imperial forces hunt down and destroy the Rebel Alliance and insure that all galactic citizens are abiding by the law. The Empire will be searching for members of the Rebel Alliance and anyone with contraband throughout the galaxy. The Rebel Alliance has gone into hiding, so don't be surprised if faction recruiters are more difficult to locate.

Bestine RedesignEdit

Bestine has a few special modifications based on Star Wars history. Imperials will control it and depending on which aide to the governor is in control, different city events will occur. Sand People might raid it, the Imperial presence might increase and players may be able to seek out historians for quests to learn more about the genuine history of Bestine. There is also a Bestine museum event players can get involved with.

Chef Profession RevampedEdit

The entire chef profession has been redesigned from the ground up. See below for details.

Vehicle CustomizationEdit

New tool allows players to 'paint' their vehicles. Master Artisans can craft vehicles and customization kits. Players can use these customizations kits to customize both the body color and striping color of vehicles.

Theme Park LootEdit

Revised Theme Park rewards for Imperial, Rebel, and Jabba theme parks. Players who have previously completed (or are currently in) Theme Parks may visit Record Keeper NPC's to reset their status and gain entry.

NPC Quest LootEdit

Tatooine and Dantooine quests, given by NPC's have all been given better loot as rewards. Record Keeper NPC's are available for the static quests on Tatooine and Dantooine as well as the Theme Parks.

New Visual Buff systemEdit

A new "buff" system has been put in place to give players an easy-to-use graphic interface to make game play buffing and de-buffing easier to understand.

Publish Notes Itemized List Edit

Bazaar / VendorEdit
  • Increase the max bid amount on an auction from 3000 to 6000.
  • Vendors will no longer show most vendor menu options before they are initialized. Using some of these options was causing some vendors to not initialize correctly. An initialized vendor will show all the normal control options.
Client Stability EnhancementsEdit
  • Fixed issues with the Ubese armor and other articles of clothing that would prevent these wearables from animating properly.
  • Fixed a code issue that could crash the client when several of the above-mentioned wearables were worn.
Server Stability EnhancementsEdit
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players logging into an interior to become ghosted if the interior was near a server boundary.
  • Combat XP grants were removed from combat healing, poisons and diseases. Those actions will still count towards looting permissions.
  • DoT damage is now tracked for loot permissions.
  • XP rewards in combat now correctly reflect amount of damage that was done by dots.
  • Special abilities that inflict combat DoT's (Fire and Bleeds), have had there initial strike damage increased and the combat DoT damage reduced.
  • Weapon DoT effects now only work if you are certified to use the weapon
  • Bleed/Fire resistant clothing will now have an effect.
  • Fixed /chargeShot1 & /chargeShot2 to work correctly with the knockdown timer
  • Added new shellfish harvesting tool to find mollusk and crustacean resources. Schematic for tool can only be obtained after completing a particular NPC granted mission.
  • Fixed a visual bug with transferring objects between containers that are not on your player (e.g. factory hoppers).
  • Fixed not being able to remove a schematic from a manufacturing station unless you have another schematic in your datapad.
  • When a manufactured item is pulled from a crate, the item will have the manufacturer labeled as its creator, not the person who removed the item from the crate.
  • Increased the amount of fish resources received from fishing.
  • Added a warning message if you access a manufacturing station and don't have a schematic that can be used in the station.
  • Increased the amount of eggs that can be found when searching a lair.
  • Some creatures can now be milked! (See the Chef profession notes below for more details).
  • DoT resist changes will make AT-STs more resistant to DoT damage. Dot resistances have been added giving the AT-ST extra protection against flamethrowers and other fire DoT based attacks.
  • Imperials are now more prevalent in Cantinas.
  • PvP Death Penalty reduction: Faction deaths will no longer suffer 1% decay if items are insured after the player's death.
  • PvP Death Penalty reduction: PvP deaths will no longer cause items to un-insure after the player's death.
  • Players are no longer able to shut down a faction HQ if they have declared only within the last 5 minutes.
  • Increased the maximum possible range for turrets to 80m.
  • Stormtroopers will now occasionally enter cantinas to harass rebel players
  • Only declared players may participate in GCW base shutdowns.
Graphic User InterfaceEdit
  • Improved UI Examine Window - Fixed a bug where sometimes an object wouldn't render in the examine window.
  • A new UI is available to display certain attribute and skill modifiers currently applied to the characters. It is disabled by default but can be turned on in the Options screen, under the Interface tab. The UI also appears the very first time you receive one of these modifiers.
  • Added new buff icons.
  • Improved text fonts.
  • Made waypoint blips on Radar larger so player blips don't obscure the waypoint.
  • The inventory window now has an optional "examine" pane on the left side of the window, available by clicking the double arrow in the upper left corner of the window. The paperdoll has been moved to the right hand side.
  • Fix display issues with POI tab in the Datapad.
  • Fixed declared residence not appearing on the character sheet.
  • Added menu items to the house management terminal to delete all the items in a house that count towards the item limit, and to move items in your house to your feet in case they are inaccessible.
  • Spice buff duration and information is now displayed on the new buff bar.
  • Changed the examination text on weapon component damage to be more clear. It now reads "Maximum Damage" instead of just "Max".
Missions / Quests / Theme ParksEdit
  • Revised Theme Park rewards for Imperial, Rebel, and Jabba theme parks.
  • If you have previously completed the Rebel, Imperial, or Jabba's Palace Theme Parks and have not yet received a badge, players receive them when they log in for first time.
  • The Rebel, Imperial, and Jabba's Palace theme parks now have Record Keeper NPCs that will give players the option of starting the theme park over if they are currently in, or have completed a theme park.
  • Borvo the Hutt quests updated: many changes and fixes have been implemented.
  • New quests added to the Singing Mountain Clan and the Nightsisters stronghold on Dathomir.
  • Fixed a problem where some NPC's would not give positive Nym faction when killed.
  • On Lok, a server issue was fixed where invisible objects were being spawned. The accumulation of these invisible objects in a single area would prevent players from being able to load into the scene.
  • All of Tatooine's and Dantooine's static quests have been revamped. Bugs have been fixed, some conversations rewritten and they all have new rewards.
  • Record Keeper NPC's are available for the static quests on Tatooine and Dantooine as well as the Theme Parks.
  • Fixed the Plodding Falumpaset & Motley Kaadu; both pets can now be called.

Player Cities

  • Player city clone facilities are no longer considered for "respawn closest". Only static NPC clone facilities are now considered "respawn closest". Players can still clone at a civic clone facility if they have stored their clone information there.
  • There is now an option on the city management terminal that allows you to revoke your citizenship at any time.
  • Citizens will now be removed from a city if they haven't been online for about 6 weeks.
  • Fixed an issue with mayors getting 100 points of xp less than they should have on city updates.
  • You can no longer deploy a camp in a player city.
  • Fixed a problem where Player Cities level 4 were not updating to level 5
Player StructuresEdit
  • Restricted the number of characters in the name of a single permission list entry to 40.
  • Players not on a building's admin list cannot open containers in the building anymore..
  • Deeds place-able on a single planet that should be place-able on more than one planet now reflect the appropriate number of planets.
  • Repair cost and re-deed cost for structures now only takes into account the base maintenance cost. This means you won't have to pay your city property tax to repair or re-deed your structures anymore.
  • Added caps to access fee amounts and times.
  • Fixed the Corellian Style 2 (both floor plans) merchant sign placement issues.

     Professions: Armorsmith

  •      Added another optional layer slot to the RIS armor segment.

     Professions: Bio Engineer

  •      Fixed bio-component data being added to a prototype object after a critical fail.
  •      Can now create new food additives (see Chef revamp below)
  •      Added invalid crafted pet checks back in. If invalid pet is found UI is displayed to try and "fix" pet to allow      it to be callable again.
  •      Fixed Level display when Ranger/Scout examines a crafted pet.
  •      Fixed CHs being able to tame a BE pet higher level than they can control
  •      Fixed Non-CH being able to call a non-aggressive BE pet of any level.

     Professions: Bounty Hunter

  •      Bounty hunter marks will now be non-aggressive (Instead of running around town killing players)
  •      Fixed some problem with Jedi bounty hunter missions being created and displayed improperly                      (Correspondent Issue).

     Professions: Carbineer

  •      Carbineer profession name fixes implemented (Correspondent Issue).

     Professions: Chef

  •      Chef Profession Revamp: The Chef profession has been completely revised in this patch. Chef food            items now have a more interesting and powerful set of effects and buffs and more flexibility in                      experimentation.
  •      New Chef Assets: Several food items now have custom art. There are also two new Chef hats and one        new Chef apron creatable by Tailors.
  •      Player Stomach: The stomach meters for food and drink now decay over a period of 30 minutes. Each        food item takes up a % of stomach space that may be determined by examining the item.
  •      Food Effects: Food effects are no longer limited to stat modifiers. Food created by Chefs can now                enhance skills, give new protections and enhance combat abilities. There are even foods for medics,            entertainers, and crafters. Examining a food item will display what it does. Food created before the patch      will be unchanged. We encourage all players to seek out and try the new foods!
  •      Food Experimentation: Chef experimentation on food has been reworked. Chefs now experiment on four        unique attributes: filling, flavor, nutrition, and quantity. Filling affects the stomach usage of the food,            flavor affects the duration of the food's effect, nutrition affects the effectiveness of the food, and                  quantity affects how many of the food the crafting attempt will yield.
  •      Bio-Engineered Food Additives: The set of Bio-Engineered food components have been revised. Bio-          Engineers can now create 3 intensities of component for each of the 4 experimental attributes (12 total).      A Chef can then use these components in his recipes through the additive slot. For example: a Bio-            Engineer could make a "light nutrition component" and sell it to a Chef who uses it to enhance the              effectiveness of one of their recipes. The impact of Bio-Engineered food components has been greatly        increased.
  •      Milking: Players can now milk certain herbivores. A "milk" option will show up on their radial menu. You        must be scent masked or concealed to milk. You'll have to figure out on your own what can be milked.
  •      Drink Containers: Drink recipes now require a separately crafted container. As a Chef increases in skill,        they will earn the ability to create new types of containers. The larger the container, the greater the yield      of drink created in a single crafting attempt.

Find out more about the Chef Revamp.

     Some Additional In-Test changes made:

  •      Decreased the stomach filling value of several foods.
  •      Increased the xp output on Chef foods.
  •      Increased the bonus given from using a cask or a barrel.
  •      Slightly increased the amount of milk gained during milking.
  •      Increased duration of the secondary/terciary stat mod buffs on won-won, kiwik clusjo, and canape.

     Professions: Creature Handler

  •      Trick2 will be granted at Empathy III as stated in the skills window, instead of being incorrectly granted at      Empathy II.

     Professions: Doctor

  •      Added visual buff icons to Doctor enhancements and performance mind buffs.

     Professions: Droid Engineer

  •      Added general module slot to the advanced Binary Load lifter droid, and both basic and advanced              protocol droids.
  •      Droid storage compartments are now using droid experimentation rather than artisan.
  •      Droid customization tool now gives droid crafting xp instead of general xp
  •      Droid socket modules can no longer be plugged into one another.
  •      Multi-crafting station module droid capability fixed for some cases where one type would over-ride                another type.
  •      Combat-related stats removed from examine windows for non-combat-capable droids
  •      Item Storage Module 2's now really are that, instead of becoming data storage module 2's during the          crafting process.
  •      Added transition from combat to normal idle for Probe Droid.

     Profession: Image Designer

  •      Fixed occlusion issue on Human Hairstyle 4

     Profession: Jedi

  •      Jedi XP is now granted after combat only if a Lightsaber was used
  •      The permadeath system is being removed and changed to a skill revocation system based on deaths.
  •      Deaths will decay from the death counter after one week.
  •      Deaths after a buffer (3 to 5 depending on advancement) will have a skill revocation penalty.
  •      Skill revocation will be slight at first, but will increase in penalty as the player accumulates more and              more non-decayed deaths.
  •      The skill revocation penalty will increase as a player advances up the skill tree.
  •      The skill to be revoked will be randomly chosen from the last skill earned in each of the 4 skill branches.
  •      No more than one skill will be revoked at a time, though players can get to a state where they lose a skill      each time they die.
  •      When Publish 6 is released, all existing deaths will be reset to 0 so all Jedi start out with no deaths.

     Professions: Merchant

  •      Since housing contents are now loaded on demand, vendors were giving less xp than usual. They now        take into account how many updates were missed and will grant a normal amount of xp when they are          loaded. Players will see improved normal merchant xp rates.

     Professions: Pikeman

  •      Slightly improved some range modifiers on the Long Vibro Axe and the Vibrolance (Correspondent                Issue).
  •      Upgraded Nightsister Energy Lance to bring it more inline with the risk to obtain it (Correspondent                Issue)..
  •      Raised the skill box required to use the Nightsister Energy Lance (Correspondent Issue)..
  •      Pre-change lances will still only require Brawler Polearm II to use (Correspondent Issue)..

     Professions: Pistoleer

  •      Increased maximum mid range accuracy on the DX2 Pistol (Player Correspondent Issue)

     Profession: Smuggler

  •      Added a success or fail routine for when a smuggler is scanned (Correspondent Issue).
  •      Added a grouping bonus for smugglers in wilderness and cantina searches when stormtroopers are              executing a shakedown scan.

     Profession: Swordsman

  •      Moved scythe blade certification to the expert sword finesse skillbox

     Profession: Weaponsmith

  •      Fixed an out of range speed limit on the imperial detonator schematic.
  •      Fixed an out-of-range range limit on the acid beam rifle schematic.
  • Fixed a problem where using the ticket collector and not selecting a ticket from the UI listbox could cause     the player to get a "you must select a ticket.." message on future travel attempts.
  • Fixed a problem where traveling between 2 cities on the same planet could be stopped if there is an           active battlefield on the line between them.
  • Improved Vehicle performance.
  • New tool allows players to 'paint' their vehicles.
  • You can now have 3 vehicles stored in your datapad at a time.
  • Radial menu will now update properly after generating or storing vehicle.
  • Added Librarian with Trivia Questions to Theed Palace.
  • The night lighting on Talus and Dathomir have been brightened for easier play.
  • Yavin 4 sky and fog have been improved

Update Notes: 12 February 04
Fixed a server crash related to pre-publish chef schematics.
Update Notes: 13 February 04

  • Spawning: Fix for multiple NPC spawns in crackdown cities
  • Jedi: Sometimes NPC Imperials would mark a Jedi Overt during crackdown events. Jedi are now only given a TEF.

Update Notes: 24 February 04

  • Imperial Intelligence has indicated a massive seismological reading from Yavin IV. There has been some indication that a secret Geonosian Lab was operating on the surface of the planet, but no confirmation has been made. The Imperial Military is rumored to be planning on operation to investigate, though rumors in Coronet indicate that both the Rebels and many criminal syndicates are also interested in obtaining the technology and research contained inside.
  • Fixed a problem that caused spawning to stop on some planets.
  • Fixed a problem where pets wouldn't properly use an offset for "follow" and "attack".
  • Fixed some issues with art schematics related to the Bestine museum
  • Minor fixes to the Imperial crackdown
  • Various tweaks and fixes for the Geonosian dungeon
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to vote multiple times in Bestine
  • Experimentation should now work properly on vehicles
  • Improved server stability

Update Notes: 26 February 04

  • Geonosian Bunker: Fixed a bug that prevented players from getting their pets past the first room of the bunker
  • Geonosian Bunker: Fixed a bug preventing creatures from leaving the Geonosian bunker while in combat.
  • Geonosian Bunker: Increased the spawn time for the fire spider to 1 hour and the Acklay to 2 hours.
  • Geonosian Bunker: Slightly decreased the power of the fire spider and Acklay loot drops.

Update Notes: 4 March 04

  • Added additional tools for CS support.

Update Notes: 9 March 04

  • Starting to patch out data for the upcoming publish. We will continue to gradually update this data throughout the next week.

Publish 7 (Droid Invasion)Edit

Publish 7 Notes for 17 March 04Edit

Due to overwhelming player feedback the Crafting Experimentation change included in Publish 7 has been reverted to the way it worked previously. Click here for more information

Droid Invasion Major Features Edit

Droid & Droid Engineer EnhancementsEdit
  • Droid Damage Repair Kits and Droid Wound Repair Kits
  • Droid Battery consumption rate halved (enabling them to last twice as long)
  • Droids will no longer be susceptible to poisons, bleeds, /warcry or /intimidate
  • Combat Droids will have all the fighting functionality of a regular combat-capable creature (up to CL10)
  • These options will function like creature pets.
  • All players will have the ability to own and operate these combat droids.
  • A combat droid is a droid that is capable of attacking things, in addition to other potential droid capabilities that can be added to droids currently.
  • The normal crafting process is used, and a combat module is included in the droid.
  • Combat modules will only mount in droids capable of combat. Combat modules can be placed in any of the general droid module slots that already exist on droid socket components and droid chassis, seen as optional slots during the crafting of the droid.
  • Combat module is crafted in exactly the same fashion as other droid modules, using a draft schematic, resource ingredients, and previously crafted component ingredients.
  • Combat modules can be crafted at varying quality levels, which can be seen when the module is examined.
  • Combat modules stack and if more than one of them is placed in a single droid, they have a cumulative effect.
  • To have the strongest combat droid, six 100% combat modules must be used in constructing a droid.
Preliminary Combat Balance Changes Edit

As part of the ongoing Combat Balance, the team has made some preliminary changes to combat in order to equalize some of the larger changes that have been made recently.

  • Defensive Modifiers will have a hard cap with profession template stacking. Defense stacking will no longer stack beyond the intended combat calculation limits causing the defender to be nigh invulnerable.
  • Carbineer Specials have been improved:
  • The dizzy effect in

/fullAutoSingle1, /fullAutoSingle2, /fullAutoArea1 & /fullAutoArea2 have been improved

  • /burstShot2 was changed from a single target to an AE cone attack
  • /actionShot2 now hits all targets in the area of effect.
  • Defense / To-Hit Fixes:
  • Melee attackers now get a To Hit bonus when attacking targets with ranged weapons.
  • Dodge enhancing Food now decreases your chance of being hit.
  • Accuracy increasing food now increases your chance to hit your target.
  • Dead Eye buff now increases your chance to hit your target.
  • Warcry has been changed from being a single target lock down preventing it from attacking to a method of 'crowd control'. Enemies can be temporarily prevented from attacking as long as they are not currently being attacked themselves.
  • Panic Shot & Strafe Shot are cone effect shots that will delay your target for 10 seconds on a successful shot. Strafe Shot succeeds only when your target is in the 'take cover' position. In both cases, the effect ends upon further damage to the target.
  • Bleed DoT Improvements: Targeted pool bleeds (/mindShot1 & 2, /healthShot1 & 2, etc) now hit their intended pool on the initial strike as well as the bleed damage.
Crafting System EnhancementsEdit

One of the top concerns for crafters of all types was the issue of 'critical fails'. Critical fails are a risk that all crafters take when attempting to create an item. This basic dice roll function is the gamble crafters take as part of the risk of crafting, but as a resounding player concern, the developers looked at the system to see how the relationship of crafter and crafter-risk could be made to have a stronger relationship to the fictional act of crafting. Toward creating a stronger crafting experience, a new modified die roll model has been implemented to enhance the experience so that now, a crafter's raw ability will have an effect on how often critical fails occur. Crafting still works on the same risk/reward principle of a 5% critical fail chance, but is now modified with the player's assembly or experimentation skill. As crafters progress from Novice to Master they will have a reduced chance of a critical failure.

Bounty Hunter Jedi Tracking Missions Edit

Now, Bounty Hunters can track player Jedi in the same manner as their NPC targets. Bounty Hunters can get a mission from the bounty hunter terminal for a player Jedi. Go to your contact to get the bio-signature. Then just use your seeker/probot droid to find your target. Keep in mind that unlike the NPC targets, players will move around unpredictably. (As a result, the location updates can lag behind a couple of minutes.) Additionally, Bounty Hunter tracking speeds have been fixed and now as the hunter increases in skill, the tracking speed will increase.

Junk Dealer Revamp Edit

Continuing the loot system changes will include the rebirth of the Junk Dealer. As part of this change, Junk Dealers will have more robust conversations, be willing to buy all different types of NPC loot drops and become a new source of income for players. Players will now be able to go adventuring, collect the various loot drops from NPC's, adventures and dungeons and take it to a Junk Dealer to sell. Junk Dealers won't buy just any junk either. Different dealers will specialize in different kinds of junk, so players will have to explore and find out which dealer deals in which kind of junk. Be sure to talk to the various Junk Dealers to find out which junk they like the most!

Vertical Item Movement Edit

Another big player request brings the ability to move furniture and household items up and down. Players in all houses can now move items up and down by either using the Radial Menu or the following commands:

  • /moveFurniture UP (1-500)
  • /moveFurniture DOWN (1-500)

Players will be able to move items vertically in Player Houses, Merchant Tents, Player Association Guild Halls and all player city structures.

Lighting Objects Edit

Players will now have many craftable light sources in the game that will have the true functionality of a light source. Additionally, many new lamp styles have been added to the game and now players can also have candles. Players will be able to purchase architect crafted candles and lamps that act as a light source. The decay rate of the candles and lamps depends on crafting quality. Candles will have a lifespan between 7 and 21 days, lamps between 21 and 42 days

Camp Restrictions Removed Edit

After Publish 7, players will no longer be required to be in camps to pull out Vehicles, Mounts, Droids or Pets and can pull them out wherever they are, eliminating the player inconveniences of having to find rural areas far from cities, lairs and other no-build zones in order to build a camp. The basic rules of calling Vehicles, Mounts, Droids or Pets are:

  • There is a 15 second delay after you call for a vehicle/mount/pet/droid before it will generate.
  • If combat occurs during that 15 second period, it will stop the call from completing.
  • A player will not be able to call a vehicle/mount/pet/droid during combat for 30 seconds after combat is concluded.
  • A player will not be able to call a mount/pet/droid while mounted or on a vehicle.
  • Camps have retained their original vehicle/mount/pet/droid calling abilities so that either method can be used by players.
Player City Garages Edit

Architects will be able to craft Player City Garages that Politicians can place in their cities. This new craftable structure will require a Player City to be at least level 2. Now players will be able to repair their vehicles in many more locations. Mayors can also place a service fee on using their player garages. You must be within 64m to use a garage. You can not place multiple garages within 200m of another.

Sliced Weapon TagEdit

With the Empire cracking down on sliced weapons and armor, publish 7 brings the ability for players to be able to view sliced armor and weapons to find out which items have been sliced.

GCW Changes Edit
  • Adding repetitive defenses: After the first defense/turret is attacked and destroyed no new defenses can be added to the base for 1 hour during the vulnerability period.
  • Enemies cannot enter HQs until all turrets are destroyed: Players attacking a faction HQ are by-passing the HQ's defenses by simply running past them and entering the building to initiate shut-down sequence on the base. This makes turrets ineffective in guarding bases since they only get a few shots in before an enemy enters the HQ. This solution changes things, making it so that when bases have defensive turrets placed the HQ cannot be entered until after all turrets have been destroyed. This should make attacking a factional HQ a bit more challenging while also making defending of such a structure easier.
  • Fixed maintenance on HQs: Maintenance will function correctly on Faction HQ's
  • Flame DoT removal items: Flamethrowers have the ability to inflict fire DoT's and currently, the only way to remove that DoT in PvP is to submerse a player avatar in a static body of water. To give players an alternative method that can be used in all battles, Doctor's can now craft Fire Blankets. Fire Blankets will give Doctors the ability to extinguish flame with a /extinguishflame command that will enable the use of the fire blanket. To balance out the Fire Blanket, using the blanket drains the 'mind' of the doctor.
  • Status Effect Changes: The ability to effect the status of inanimate objects has been removed. Players will no longer be able to effect AT-STs, player vehicles, droids and turrets by the special effects of Stun, Dizzy, Blind, Warcry and wookiee roar. Additionally, biological DoT's (poison and disease) will no longer effect vehicles, droids or turrets and finally, AT-ST's and players vehicles will be immune to all posture changes.
  • Turret Target Locks: When attacking a turret players sometimes use an exploit that will involve sending one of their members into range or one of their pets into range. Then they will begin an attack causing the turret to attack them back. After the turret has aggroed the player, the player/pet will then move to a position over 80m away which is outside the turrets range. The turret will remain engaged with this target even though it is not attacking back because it is out of range. Attacking team members will then move in and kill the turret free of any danger. Now turrets will disengage from these types of out-of-range targets that are out of its 80m range and find a better, more aggressive target. Turrets should no longer get locked onto pets / Turrets stop attacking and get new target if current target moves out of range.
  • Vulnerability Times: Vulnerability times on HQs should no longer erratically fluctuate, allowing players to more effectively plan base defenses. Players can now choose the base vulnerability times. By using the base terminal, base admins can bring up a menu option for resetting their vulnerability times. This may be done once every two weeks; the first choice is free to select a time. From then on out, the choice works by choosing the radial menu option, 'Reset Vulnerability'. In other words, the moment you click the 'button' is the time the vulnerability time is set at.
  • Zero HP Turrets: Turrets attached to Factional Headquarters had a chance that when they reached zero, they would remain in the world and continue to attack players. Turrets at 0/0 will now deactivate and be removed from the world.
Bestine Quest Enhancements: Edit

The politician, Victor, has a series of new quests for players to experience as part of the Bestine political intrigue saga. When Victor is in power, help him find out what is so dangerous in the desert!

New Mounts: Edit

Players have new mounts available in Publish 7: Bantha and Cu Pa

Publish Notes Itemized List Edit

  • Fixed the rancor padded armor segments so that they work with padded armor.
  • Fixed to Wookiee male and human/Zabrak waist, trandoshan neck blendshapes
  • Fixed issue with Twilek male hats that caused a white skull cap
  • Fixed shadow streamer on Geonosian skirts
  • Added sound event triggers to Acklay animations
  • Fixed back-facing polygons on Geonosian skirts


  • Changed /unstick to look for a nearby interior location to move you to. If it can't find a safe one it uses the /eject command.
  • Made some back end code changes to the way /unstick works in interiors.
  • Fixed issue with some polygons on twilek and human faces incorrectly lighting
Bazaar / VendorEdit
  • Fixed problem where retrieving items from the bazaar sometimes results in the deletion of the item if your inventory is full
Client Stability EnhancementsEdit
  • Improve rendering performance on FFP cards such as Geforce1 and 2.
  • Character rendering: fixed a bug that could crash the client when specific wearables are worn (e.g. Ubese armor on characters that are not Human males).
  • Fixed a client crasher when ranged combat animations are used.
  • Fixed targeted pool bleeds to do their initial damage to the correct pool instead of random.
  • Added a cap to defensive skill mods (block, dodge & counterattack) to prevent near invulnerable defenders. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Fixed inverted ToHit modifiers. (Melees now get correct ToHit bonus when attacked targets with ranged weapons, Food Accuracy & Dodge Buffs now work correctly, Dead Eye buff now works correctly)
  • Made droids, vehicles and turrets immune to dizzy, blind and stun.
  • Made droids, vehicles and turrets immune to wookiee roar, intimidate and warcry.
  • Made droids, vehicles and turrets immune to poison and disease.
  • Added a fire blanket doctors can use to remove fire DoT's from a player. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Medical enhancements can now be replaced if the new one is of equal or greater strength. As a result there is no longer a need to wait out a previous enhancement in order to replace it with something better. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Removed the random factor in medical enhancements.
  • Fixed the Knockdown effect with /chargeshot2
  • DoT stacking from combat specials has been changed so that each player attacking a target can only have one fire dot, one health bleed, one action bleed and one mind bleed.
  • Fixed client side friend list group/comment fields losing information when logging in different characters.
  • Objects manufactured in another player's station will have their creator as the manufacturing schematic's creator, not the station's owner.
  • A manufacturing schematic whose source draft schematic has been deleted will not crash the game. The schematic's owner will receive an email informing him/her that the schematic is no longer useable.
  • Reducing the rate at which critical failures for assembly and experimentation occur as assembly skill and experimentation skill go up respectively. Master craftspeople should now critically fail less often than novices. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Adjusted experimentation so that the overall quality of resources will play a larger role in how much or how little someone could experiment with an item's attributes. Currently a less skilled crafter could experiment on an item just as well as a master crafter using poor resources. This will help give master crafters more of an advantage over their less skilled counterparts in this area. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Fixed factory crates containing scatter pistols, launcher pistols or fwg5 pistols so that the pistols can be removed from crates.
  • Allowing color customization when crafting Chef's Apron
  • When crafting a Crafter's Apron, you will no longer be able to choose a shirt appearance
Death and DecayEdit
  • Changed /activateClone to only work while dead.
  • Players will no longer be able to access a base terminal if they are dead or incapacitated.
  • Made it so that players of opposite faction cannot enter a factional HQ if that base has turrets active. Players must destroy the turrets in order to enter the HQ.
  • HQ's: Fixed maintenance cycle on HQs.
  • HQ's: Fixed an 80m bug with turrets. If a turrets target moves outside of the 80m range the turret will disenage from trying to fight that target.
  • Fixed rebel tactical ctr so that turrets no longer spawn inside walls
  • Turrets: Stopped turrets from death blowing pets
  • Turrets: Fixed a problem where turrets would continue to target and attack an object that was no longer in range.
  • HQ's: Fixed a problem with the object terminal spawning in middle of hallway in outpost.
  • HQ's: Stabilized the HQ vulnerability times. Times should never flux by more then 1 hour + or -.
  • HQ's: Added in a vulnerability reset option. Players will be able to reset their HQ timers every 2 weeks to whatever the current time is when this option is selected.
  • Players who attempt to shutdown a facility right after declaring will receive a message stating they must wait a given amount of time before attempting a base shut down.
  • Players will now receive a system message when a group member loots an item from a corpse. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Sliced armor and weapons: Armor and weapons that have been altered by a smuggler will have a "identifier tag" in its examine window description. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Many text changes and fixes to Loading Screens
  • Mission browser is no longer able to be left open across the planet.
Holocron / Knowledge BaseEdit
  • To report a player harassment, use the "Report A Harassment" button found in the Holocron window. This harassment report requires you enter the offending player's first name and appends recent chat logs to the report for review by a CSR.
  • Holocron (Ctrl-H): Added a section on houses.
  • Updated knowledge base with player garages
  • Our Knowledge Base has recently been updated with helpful information. You must perform a Knowledge Base search before submitting a Customer Service ticket.
  • Improved combat animation sequences for whiphids, Boss Nass and Ewoks
  • AI enhancement: Prevent NPCs from getting stuck when trying to avoid other NPCs while moving through doorways.
  • Added additional checks for invalid pets. Invalid pets (stats out of acceptable range, incorrect level for stats, etc) will not be able to called from the Datapad.
  • Fixed Factional pets to be able to attack Covert targets and turrets.
  • Pets lower than level 10 will now grow correctly and be called at the correct level.
Player CitiesEdit
  • Fixed bug that prevented player Shuttle Port from being re-deeded
Player StructuresEdit
  • Housing and movement: Furniture and objects can now be moved up and down inside houses and player structures. "Up" and "Down" have also been added to the object movement radial menus. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Housing and movement distances have been increased to 1-500
  • Players not on a building's admin list cannot open containers in the building anymore.
  • Player Garages: Garages in a registered city should now appear on a /find command.
  • Player Garages: Mayors can now place a service fee on using their player garages.
  • Player Garages: Cityban will prevent a player from using a city garage.
  • Player Garages: You can not place multiple garages within 200m of another.
  • Player Garages: You must be within 64m to use a garage.
Professions: Architect
  • Adjusted draft schematics for the mid and master level armoire to produce the correct item.
  • New lights: Made it so that lamps and candles can be experimented on to increase lifespan.
Professions: Bounty Hunter
  • Fixed a calculation error that master bounty hunters to gain very little benefit from their droid tracking speed modifiers and novice bounty hunters to gain too much. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Gave bounty hunter droids the ability to track down Jedi. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Fixed some typos in Jedi bounty hunter descriptions.
  • Fixed it so that if a Bounty Hunter with a Jedi bounty mission is incapacitated by a target Jedi, the Jedi looses his bounty hunter enemy flag.
Professions: Brawler
  • Warcry 1&2: Changed the warcry status effect to break when the target takes damage and using the warcry ability will not change your combat target. (Correspondent Issue)
Professions: Carbineer
  •  : Changed dizzy effect on /fullAutoSingle1, /fullAutoSingle2, /fullAuroArea1 & /fullAutoArea2 to last 20 seconds (Correspondent Issue)
  •  : Changed /burstShot2 from single target to AE cone attack (Correspondent Issue)
  •  : Changed /actionShot2 to cause bleeds to all targets in AE cone. (Correspondent Issue)
  •  : Moved Nym Slugthrower certification to Novice Carbineer.
Professions: Chef
  • Spices that reduce your attributes will not incapacitate you.
  • Removed the pet-only requirement from Vercupti.
  • Food attribute modifiers should clear upon player death as originally intended.
Professions: Commando
  • Changed particle animation on the Heavy Acid Rifle. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Fixed a problem where some of the speed and accuracy modifiers for the Heavy Acid Rifle were not being applied (Correspondent Issue)
  • Adjusted Commando skill titles to be appropriate for the skill line.
Professions: Creature Handler
  • Fixed CHs being able to tame a Bio Engineered pet higher level than they can control
  • Fixed Non Creature Handlers from being able to call a non-aggressive Bio Engineered pet of any level.
  • Added system messages for when you toggle your pet's ranged attack mode on or off
Profession Combat / Medic Doctor / Medic
  • Medicines: Fixed a problem with the power of cure dot medicines not being displayed.
Professions: Droid Engineer
  • Added droid wound and damage repair kits. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Droid Battery consumption rate halved. (enabling them to last twice as long) (Correspondent Issue)
  • Droids will no longer be susceptible to poisons, bleeds, /warcry or /intimidate. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Combat Droids will have all the fighting functionality of a regular combat-capable creature (CL10)
  • Fixed the sound effect for the heavy melee attack using an r2 unit.
  • The advanced binary load lifter now has 3 module slots available to it instead of just one.
  • Fixed a 0% crafting attribute bug.
  • Fixed bug where LE Repair Droid's left arm animated incorrectly
  • Tweaked droid crafting formulas for the min and max range of a crafted droids HAM and damage stats
  • Repair modules should now work in the power droid
  • "Conversing" Droids can now be repair droids if they have a repair module in them.
Professions: Fencer
  • Fixed dodge animations in 1 handed sword actions to not play during locomotion (Correspondent Issue)
Professions: Jedi
  • Jedi will no longer lose pre-crafted or dropped loot components when a critical fail occurs while crafting a lightsaber. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Saber Repair - Weapon repair kits can no longer fail and outright destroy sabers. Sabers can still slowly decay to uselessness after multiple repairs.
  • Added safeties for jedi so they cannot be turned overt by scans
Professions: Pistoleer
  • Moved Republic Blaster certification to Novice Pistoleer.
Professions: Politician
  • Mayors of player cities should now be able to remove citizens from the city militia even if they are offline or far away.
  • Added craftable player garages for architect. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Added ability for politicians to place player garages in cities. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Changed e-mail that a mayor receives when a citizen goes inactive to reference the six week inactive period instead of a two week inactive period. (Correspondent Issue)
Professions: Rifleman
  • Made vehicles, droids and turrets immune to the delay effect of strafe shot. (Correspondent Issue)
Professions: Scout / Ranger
  • Scout/Ranger: Fixed Tamable information when examining a creature to show as tamable if it is
  • ever
  • possible for a baby to be spawned.
  • Fixed Level display when Ranger/Scout examines a crafted pet.
Professions: Smuggler
  • Made droids, vehicles and turrets immune to the delay effect of panic shot.
  • Changed panic shot to not switch your combat target.
  • The delay effect of panic shot will break on damage to the target.
  • Fixed broken old spices
  • Spices that reduce your attributes will not incapacitate you.
Server Stability EnhancementsEdit
  • Fixed a bug where a player getting disconnected during interplanetary travel can make it impossible for the player to log back into the game for up to a day.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players logging into an interior to become ghosted if the interior was near a server boundary.
  • Fixed a "ghosting" bug.
  • Fixed possible loss of player data that occurs while player is logged out and logs back in fairly soon thereafter.
  • Fixed a bug where there was an intermittent loss of /tip that occurs.
Theme Parks / Missions / QuestsEdit
  • Fix to Lady Valarian missions from "Ind". He now gives negative Jabba faction on his second mission.
  • Added some more NPC's to one of the Lady Valarian missions.
  • Adding in mission failure and notification if your Rebel Theme Park delivery, retrieve, or smuggle mission contact dies before the mission is complete
  • Added badge to the Library trivia game
Vehicles / MountsEdit
  • Added new mounts: Bantha and Cu Pa
  • Removed the requirement for camps to call a pet (faction, creature, droid), mount or vehicle. There is a 15 second delay after calling your pet, mount or vehicle before it will appear. If combat occurs during that 15 second period, it will stop the call from completing. There is a 30 second delay after combat where you will not be able to call a pet, mount or vehicle. Players will not be able to call a pet, mount, or vehicle while riding a vehicle or mount.
  • Night lighting adjusted on Talus and Dathomir.
  • Door visuals: The player now keeps a door open when within range of the door but not moving.
  • Door/camera interaction: The camera now maintains its distance behind a player when walking through a doorway when the camera has line of sight to the player.
  • Increased scan chances for standard Stormtrooper patrols,
  • Fixed bug where deleting a user-made waypoint would also delete any static quest mission waypoints
  • Many fixes and improvements to shellfish harvesting

Update Notes: 23 March 04

  • HAM: Personal HAM bar now reflects increased (buffed) maximum attributes.
  • Missions: Made some optimizations to the mission system to combat lag. Requesting a mission on a planet like Dantooine should be somewhat faster.
  • Turrets: Fixed problems for old turrets not attacking correctly.
  • Turrets: Fixed problems with bases having old turrets not sealing.
  • Player Cities: Corrected a bug that was causing incorrect nearby player structures to be deleted when attempting to destroy a player city garden.
  • Quests: The two "force" quests at the Jedi temple ruins on Dantooine can no longer be taken by players who are already Jedi.
  • Bestine Politician Event: Players will now get the option to ask for their reward when the candidate they voted for was in office.
  • Creature Handler: Ranged Attack training now works on BE created pets with ranged attacks.
  • Dancer/Musician: Performance buffs now add buff amount to current value instead of just setting the maximum value.
  • Doctor: Fixed the use command on the Fire Blanket.
  • Doctor: Fire Blanket now usable from the hotkey bar.
  • Pets: PCD will display damage and other combat stats for pets.
  • Treasure Map: Fixed a problem where all treasure maps were falsely stating that it was a fake when you tried to use them. Some treasure maps should now work when they are used.
  • Vendors/Bazaar: The purchasing of a container now displays a warning message about the name of the container not reflecting the contents of the container.
  • Misc: Fixed some text errors on the Junk Dealer and Underworld Smuggler loading screens.

Update Notes: 30 March 04

  • Wookiees: Added Kashyyykian Ceremonial Armor.
  • Entertainers: Added additional check to make NPCs stop their entertained mood when player stops performing.
  • Furniture Movement: Improved the functionality of /movefurniture.
  • GCW: Added a feign death check for the Power Regulator, Security, Override, and Uplink terminals in the HQs.
  • GCW: Players can no longer access faction base terminals if they are feigned death.
  • Imperial Shakedown: Added functionality so that Jedi don't get turned overt when being scanned.
  • Items: Added some checks to prevent cases where items would go missing in houses occasionally until the next server restart.
  • Missions: Changed the mission terminal UI so that you can no longer open it from anywhere on the planet.
  • Rifleman: Added certification to use Berserker Rifle at Rifleman - Abilities 3
  • Weapon Certifications: Fixed several weapon certification typos.
  • Misc: Added "Current Announcement" functionality to the first loading screen.

Update Notes: 31 March 04

  • Missions: All mission terminals should now allow players to accept missions from them.

Update Notes: 1 April 04Edit

  • Misc: Implemented Krayt dragon mini-invasion at several starports.
  • Player Cities: Temporarily removed the inactive citizen check for player cities.

Update Notes: 2 April 04

  • Misc: Removed april fools Krayt mini-invasion (10% scale)event from starports.

Update Notes: 8 April 04Edit

  • Exploit fix: AI will now avoid structures such as harvesters and large rock formations when trying to close in on a target in combat.
  • Exploit fix: Spamming special attacks while out of combat range will no longer cause multiple attacks to go off when combat range is entered.

Update Notes: 13 April 04

The Corellian Corvette adventures are now open! Players can now play through nine possible quests to gain access to SWG's space-themed adventure. This instanced dungeon can be played with you and your friends alone! Battle your way through the pristine white hallways of ships like the Rebel blockade runner from Star Wars: A New Hope!

Imperial officers, Rebel commandos and CorSec officers collide as different factions try to seize control of the ships to complete their missions while players act as the focal point of these quests. Super battle droids, Nova-class Stormtroopers and dangerous challenges stand in between you and victory! For more information on how to get involved with this adventure, see our official web site.

Update Notes: 15 April 04

Improved Client Stability
Added logs for dev to track cases where players stop receiving XP

Publish 8 (Droids Rebuilt)Edit

Publish 8 Notes for 27 April 04Edit

Major Publish Features Edit

  • Added 10 new droid modules!!! See your local Droid Engineer for the hottest droids in the galaxy.
  • Reduced the wait time on shuttle ports to 5 minutes (Starports are still 10 minutes).
  • Fixed a bug commonly referred to as the "armor hole"
  • Added additional novice player tutorial to improve the initial experiences of a new players to Star Wars Galaxies. Once the current tutorial has finished, new players will have novice profession quests to complete that will make being a new player more fulfilling.

Itemized Update Notes Edit

Profession: Droid EngineerEdit
  • Added an Interplanetary Survey Droid - This droid is capable of using survey tools and traveling to other planets to report on the resources present on that planet.
  • Added Merchant Barker Module to the DE skill tree: This module allows for the owner to input a short message that is continuously transmitted to nearby players as they walk by. It also allows him or her to place a waypoint in the droid that is given to any player that requests it via the radial menu on the droid.
  • Added Structure Maintenance Module to the DE skill tree: This module will allow a player to pay maintenance on structures they own from a remote location.
  • Added Auto Droid Repair Module to the DE skill tree: When this module is activated, it sends out a "healing pulse" which repairs every other nearby friendly droid within a 15' radius. The pulse fires every 10 seconds and heals an amount equal to the droid's Auto Repair Power. The more auto-repair modules that are added to a droid, the higher this attribute will become.
  • Added Stimpack Dispenser Module to the DE skill tree: This skill allows a player with Pharmacology IV to load up a properly equipped droid with Stimpack A's. Once loaded, any player within the droid master's group may issue a /requestStimpack command to receive healing.
  • Added Musician Playback Module to the DE skill tree: This module allows an entertainer or a musician to record a musical track onto the droid. The droid will then be able to play back the music that was recorded as accompaniment in the player's band. Multiple modules of this type will stack and allow multiple musical tracks to be recorded, although only one track can be played at a time.
  • Added Entertainer Lighting Effects Module to the DE skill tree: These droid modules can have up to 5 unique lighting effects that can be used by dancers and musicians.
  • Added Scout Trap Module to the DE skill tree: This module will allow any player with the novice scout ability to program and arm a droid with player made scout traps which will then fire when given the command by the player.
  • Added Creature Harvester Module to the DE skill tree: This module will allow any character with the Novice Scout ability to program and control an equipped droid to advance on the look-at target of the player and harvest the resources on the creature. The player can preset the droid to harvest one of the three types: meat, hide or bone. Or the player can just let the droid pick a random resource type.
  • Added Detonation Module to the DE skill tree: This module grants Bounty Hunters and Smugglers the ability to destroy his droid causing damage to every enemy target nearby. The destruction is ordered by the /detonateDroid command or via the droid's radial menu.
  • Droid deeds now have the appearance of the droids they represent and are customizable. The customization will carry over to the droid pet when generated. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Fixed Droidsmith Tool Belt schematic to use the proper item in the Tool Set slot.
  • Fixed a problem with installed modules not displaying properly when examining droid deeds and control devices. (Correspondent Issue)
  • To reclaim radial menu space, the droid pet Store and Recharge radial menu selections, as well as droid Inventory and Datapad selections (if available) will now show up as sub menus under the Droid Options root menu.
  • You can now see the number of charges available when crafting or examining a droid repair/reconstruction kit
  • Anyone can use a droid customization kit on a droid pet (although experienced droid engineers will have more customization options available). (Correspondent Issue)
  • Made "Recharge" the default option on the "Droid Options" menu.
  • Droid customization kits now have an extended lifespan before the custom colors fade. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Displaying remaining battery power when examining a droid pet (Correspondent issue)
  • Increased the effectiveness of combat droids so that they are more effective.
  • Dantooine now has more hardware to support increased load
  • Reduced the wait time on shuttle ports to 5 minutes (Starports are still 10 minutes).
  • Fixed a bug commonly referred to as the "armor hole"
  • Changed some profession titles to remove redundant or inconsistent names
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Tusken Robe and Helmet from dropping. (Correspondent Issue)
  • Changed references from "coins" during group looting to "credits".
  • Exploring the Talusian Aqualish Cave will now grant the correct exploration badge
  • The Tailor's schematic "Grand Healer's Robe" can now be worn by Trandoshan females when previously they could not.
  • Imperial Crackdown: Deployed elite novatroopers to support the crackdown on illegal activity
  • Now players can manually control turret targeting for turrets that protect bases. This will give defenders a much greater chance of success in defending their HQ and make attackers have to be more organized when attacking a base.
Special ChangesEdit
  • Added additional novice player tutorial to improve the initial experiences of a new players to Star Wars Galaxies. Once the current tutorial has finished, new players will have novice profession quests to complete that will make being a new player more fulfilling.
  • Image Designer Tent: The Image Designers are moving into the galaxy! Image Designers now have professional tents in Theed, Moenia, Coronet, Bestine and Vreni Island. They will be fully functional when the Image Designer mini-publish goes live. Look for future announcements on this upcoming feature in early May.
  • Made Stormtrooper black palette color darker
  • Fixed an issue with some polygons on twilek and human faces lighting incorrectly
  • Fixed hood issues on Grand Healer's Robe for Humans, Twilek and Mon Calamari (Correspondent Issue)
  • Fixed seam on Bantha mount
  • Door/camera interaction: the camera now maintains its distance behind a player when walking through a doorway when the camera has line of sight to the player.
  • Fixed a problem with power of cure dot medicines not being displayed.
  • Fixed a problem with the examination of armor components which would prevent it from showing health encumbrance.
Player CitiesEdit
  • Added bio engineer trainers to the list of possible skill trainers
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the city specialization would not be applied.
Player StructuresEdit
  • Tatooine player garage ramp edge fixed: both sides now crossable
  • When you delete a character, all harvesters and installations that the character owns will be deleted after next server restart.
Profession: Bounty HunterEdit
  • If a Bounty Hunter with a Jedi bounty mission is incapacitated by the Jedi, the Jedi loses his Bounty Hunter enemy flag.
Profession: EntertainerEdit
  • Players need to watch a performer for at least 2 minutes before entertainer buffs can be applied.
Profession: JediEdit
  • Tweak to Jedi Bounty Hunter TEF clearing. There is a 30 second wait before the TEFs are cleared giving the Jedi a moment to perform a deathblow if he/she so desires.
Profession: PistoleerEdit
  • Fixed problem with dodge; dodge no longer stops Pistoleer from running while in combat (Correspondent Issue)
Profession: ScoutEdit
  • Fixed a problem where traps could not be thrown indoors.
Vehicles / MountsEdit
  • Vehicles will no longer auto-heal when left out and stored after a player has taken a transport to another location.
  • Removed fidget action from Cu Pa while mounted

Update Notes: 28 April 04

Droid ModulesEdit

  • A stimpack droid will no longer grant a stimpack to a player that has wounds but is at full health.

Imperial CrackdownEdit

  • After successful operations, the Imperial Novatroopers have been relieved of their duties in the Imperial Crackdown.
  • Imperial Crackdown NPC's will give less of a faction and XP rewards when killed in combat.

Manual TurretsEdit

  • Rank 4's should now be able to use the manual turrets

New User ExperienceEdit

  • The "Using a Travel Voucher" window will reappear when logging back in if you logged out while it was on your screen. This is to prevent cases where the voucher could not be used.
  • Fixed numerous typos in the quest text.
  • Now new players can share listeners with band members for the final Entertainer task.
  • Medic final quest counter will now give the correct count.

Stormtrooper RespectEdit

  • Corrected some punctuation and grammar errors.


  • Structures should now report the correct amount of credits needed to repair them at all times.


  • Added prompt to continue with the tutorial after the melon has been removed from the crate.

Update Notes: 29 April 04


  • HQs should now display vulnerability times when first dropped. Corellian Corvette
  • There should no longer be a fuel problem with the destroy missions.
  • Battle Droids have been redeployed on the neutral corvette missions.

Update Notes: 4 May 04

  • AI: AI should deathblow more frequently now the higher level the enemy is.
  • Combat: Players should no longer be able to attack from inside a building if they cannot see their target.
  • GCW: Covert detectors will again place a TEF on appropriate players.
  • Item Manipulation: You can now swap weapons even if your inventory is full
  • Survey Missions: Survey missions that fail due to the player being too close to the mission giver will report how close the player is to the mission giver and how far away they need to be.
  • New User Experience: Brawler and marksmen can now get credit for their quests when in a group.
  • New User Experience: Fix for losing a crafted cdef pistol when choosing a marksman weapon style.
  • UI: Attribute Modifiers window now has a close button.
  • UI: Added a directional arrow to the group member UI window. The direction arrow shows the direction of the group member relative to the camera's viewpoint. This should be useful when quickly trying to find group members. If the player is out of range, the arrow turns gray. If the group member is targeted, the arrow shows up blue; otherwise, the arrow shows up as the same color as the overhead text for the group member.
  • Vendor/Bazaar: When purchasing an item using instant sale, if the item would normally be able to be retrieved from that location, the item will automatically be put into your inventory if possible.
  • Misc: Examining a creature will now report the combat difficulty of the creature (as in the /con command).

Update Notes: 12 May 04

Image Designer Makeover Edit

Publish 8.1 brings us the Image Designer profession enhancements

  • Image Design Building (tents): The new Image Designer tents located in Theed, Moenia, Coronet, Bestine and Vreni Island are now active. These locations are where players will go for Stat Migration and Image Design.
  • Stat Migration: Image Designers now have the sole ability to migrate player stats. The process will take 10 minutes and requires the Image Modification Booth located inside the ID tents. This functionality has been revoked from the general player base and now requires an Image Designer.
  • Image Modification Booth: Image Designer booths grant the ability to facilitate the new stat migration aspect of the profession and reduces the amount of time needed to perform an ID change in half.
  • Holo-Emotes: A new type of "holo-emote" particle effects have been added to the game. Image Designers will sell these limited use, special use emotes to players. There are 16 unique holo-emotes that represent a "holographic" image for a short period of time.
  • Increased Colors for all Palettes: Hair color, Skin/Fur Color, Lip Color, Cosmetics, Eye Color, Markings and the existing tattoos will all have new colors added to their current palette choices.
  • Price Information on UI: During the Image Modification session, the Image Designer and client can now agree to a price for the displayed design changes. Only upon selecting the confirm button for the Image Designer's changes in the "after" window will the client be billed and the changes take effect in a secure fashion.
  • Dynamic, Real-Time Updating to Client's Interface: The image designers and their client's interface windows will be linked and dynamically synchronized. Both players will see the "before" and "after" images as it is happening.
  • Image Designer Bug Fixes: Changing a client's hair style from bald can now be undone, eye shapes and eye angles now alter the proper areas, and IDs have the ability to change all male freckles. (i.e. Zabrak and Twi'lek).
  • There is a known issue where hair color changes may not take effect until after the player relogs.

Additional ChangesEdit

Droid Modules

  • Fixed structure maintenance modules
Guild HallEdit
  • Increased the time that it takes for PA hall to decay from lack of maintenance to about 30 days
  • Fixed the vulnerability time to not fluctuate after a server is restarted
Manual TurretsEdit
  • Fixed a code string with the AT-ST when using a manual turret
  • Made sure that players needed to be declared to use manual turrets
  • Players can no longer use manual turrets if dead or feigned New User Experience
  • Added warning to the new player final quest info and counter window to relate that the counter does not automatically update without being re-opened
Stat MigrationEdit
  • Image Designers now have the sole ability to migrate player stats. The process will take 10 minutes and requires the Image Modification Booth located inside the ID tents. This functionality has been revoked from the general player base and now requires an Image Designer.
  • Tip email confirmation should now be received
  • Set turrets to a higher level so that they will death blow

Update Notes: 18 May 04


  • Disabled the /rotate command on houses and structures. This was unintended functionality that when used could cause problems with the structure. The command should continue to work for items inside structures.


  • Vehicles should no longer warp to another location when dismounting from them.


  • Added some additional logging information to help track a problem with Bounty Hunter terminal missions.

Update Notes: 21 May 04

  • We are currently aware of the multiple file download issue. We are investigating and hope to have the issue resolved as soon as poosible.

Update Notes: 25 May 04Edit

Death Watch Bunker. Boba Fett has discovered that an ancient splinter group of Mandalorian mercenaries known as the Death Watch are not just the stuff of myth and rumor but are operating out of a hidden location. Boba Fett's network of spies has also discovered that the Death Watch assassins have contracted a heavy of contingent of the Black Sun to help them in their unknown plans. Are you brave enough to find out what these heinous villains are up to? Work your way through this new adventure zone with over 6 Action packed new quests and unique new crafting missions to find out what has brought these ancient warriors out of hiding!



  • When in a group, a waypoint to the nearest group mission is displayed. The nearest mission is the mission closest to the most people in the group.
  • Group member status bars will continue to report position information, even if the player is on the other side of the world. If the group member is on another planet, the planet name is displayed in the status bar.


  • Fixed rendering issues with simple shadows at low angles.


  • Radar dots should "flicker" much less.
  • Overhead map now tries to space out text.

Update Notes: 2 June 04

  • Players should no longer be able to clone at facilities in cities from which they have been citybanned.
  • Minefields will again blow up when you walk on them.
  • Minefields can now only be attached to factional HQs.
  • Mines must be removed from a factory crate before they can be donated to a minefield.

Update Notes: 9 June 04

Free Trial AccountsEdit

  • Free trial users should now be able to deposit money into their bank account still if they are near the 50k limit.
  • Free trial accounts should be able to buy things from the bazaar.

Publish 9 (Secrets of the Force)Edit

Publish 9 Notes for 29 June 04Edit

Major Features Edit

=== Jedi Revamp Part 1 === Publish 9 brings us The Secrets of the Force. In The Secrets of the Force, existing Jedi may now re-allocate their skill points based on the type of Jedi they would like to create. When you log on, you will see a window pop up that will prompt you to convert your Jedi to the new Jedi skill system.

In the new Jedi skill system, you may remain PvE (with the exception of the occasional Bounty Hunters wanting to prove themselves) or may choose to go on to the new PvP Force Ranking System (FRS). Jedi must choose their path to Force mastery by following the path of light or turn to the dark side. The FRS is a PvP mechanic that allows a Jedi to advance beyond the rank of Knight. It consists of two skills trees, one for Light and one for Dark. Each skill represents a Force Rank. Experience to attain these Force Rank skills is gained and lost through PvP actions. Light Jedi will vote on advancement and Dark Jedi will fight for advancement. To advance, the Light Jedi and Dark Jedi have gathered into groups and have set up their own secret Enclaves, hidden away from the Empire, allowing only a set number of players to advance into the various Force ranks. Only a set number of players may attain a given rank within each Enclave. Therefore, in order for one to advance, another must be demoted. Jedi who enter the FRS are automatically set as always overt for their aligned faction (Rebel for Light and Imperial for Dark). As long as they stay within the FRS, they can not go covert or resign/change factions.

Hero li data-rte-spaces-before="1">Group member status bars will continue to report position information, even if the player is on the other side of the world. If the group member is on another planet, the planet name is displayed in the status bar. of Tatooine Due to high player demand, we have revamped and reintroduced the famed 'Hero of Tatooine' quest. The quest utilizes brand new static and dynamic content. Find the hero and see if you have what it takes to acquire the Marks of Altruism, Intellect, Courage, and Honor. For players who previously completed the quest, you will retain your badges and may complete the quests from where you left off or from the beginning. To start the quest, the player must first seek out and speak with the Hermit of Tatooine.

Loot Kits Loot kits are a new mini-game for collectors. Players can collect a new type of loot from NPC's and combine them to make better items. Players can start by visiting Junk Dealers that are located in Combat Guild Halls and request a "loot kit". These loot kits are containers that will be used to collect miscellaneous items dropped from NPC's and can be turned into a new reward for players to keep or sell back to the Junk Dealer.

Update Notes List Items Edit

  • Fixed some occasional issues with per-pixel lighting where the light would appear to be coming from the wrong direction
  • Fixed Mandalorian helmet so that it is wearable by Rodians
  • Fixed a problem with Squill death animations causing them to flip over after death
  • Fixed a problem with Grand Healer's robe causing hole in Mon Calamari neck
  • Fixed a problem causing too much transparency on Wookiee skirt fur
  • Removed a leak in the particle emitters that has caused some clients problems, whereby particles would build up and lower frame rate while the particle system was alive. (e.g. flamethrower effect)
  • Wookiee Armor now correctly displays the base fur in uncovered areas
  • Fixed a potential graphical glitch with Corellian corvette walls related to some new video drivers
  • Sun no longer produces glare inside structures
  • Fixed water animations on Radeon 8500-class cards
  • Character badges are now located on the "personal" tab of the character sheet in the middle box instead of the examine window
  • The Character Sheet now displays a list of badges earned by the player and also badges not yet won
Bazaar / VendorEdit
  • Made improvements to the commodities server response time
  • Fixed problem that could cause invalid bids take money from your account
  • Fixed a problem where you receive an email saying you've been outbid even if you bid on an auction in which you are already the highest bidder
  • Improved auto retrieval code for vendors
  • Players will now be notified when placing an auction bid that is invalid because there is a another bid with a higher value
  • Fixed a problem with MyBids not updating correctly
  • Fixed an issue where vendor registration would not correctly re-register until the server restarted
  • The detail description should now appear on all new items being put on the Commodities Market.
Client Stability EnhancementsEdit
  • Fixed two memory leaks including one that would occur each time a rider dismounts from a mount or vehicle without storing it
  • Improved combat visuals and head tracking in combat. Head tracking for melee combat is now disabled. This addresses problems with head tracking in many of the complex melee combat animations. Notice that the neck no longer snaps around in an unnatural way when executing the move.
  • Adjusted several combat special moves to no longer bypass Toughness defenses
  • Healing commands are now visible in the combat queue.
  • Added /showpvp [target] to get the rating of other players. This is in preparation for leader boards.
  • Weapon/Droid Crafting tools have been fixed and will not work with every single draft schematic in the game. Items crafted using the Generic Crafting Tool that are not handled by any other specific crafting tool such as a can still be crafted and experimented on with a Weapon/Droid Crafting tool.
  • Made the "misc" crafting type display correctly when selecting a schematic
  • Lightsabers can no longer be crafted with a Weapon/Droid Crafting tool and now require the Lightsaber Crafting tool
  • Lightsabers can now be experimented on when using a Lightsaber tool next to a Weapon/Droid Crafting Station
  • Fixed several fire rate problems with manual turrets.
  • Fixed problem with the group UI not correctly displaying the group member name under certain situations
GUI / KeyboardEdit
  • Removed 5 loading checkboxes from initial loading screen
  • FPS display now correctly goes up to 30 fps (not 29)
  • Fixed problem with the GUI not updating XP totals when XP is gained or lost
  • Added options in the chat options menu to filter out chat from /afk players
  • Jedi will no longer have to reset their special Force UI's every time they zone or log
  • Toolbar now adds default commands for brand new characters.
  • Command Queue now displays some non-combat commands as appropriate.
  • Attribute Mod window can now shrink vertically to only one row.
  • Items that are reduced to 0 hitpoints, show up as red in your inventory (unless it is equipped in which case it still shows up as an equipped item)
  • Fixed several typos in Command Browser Window.
  • Fixed a typo in the master BE skills window tooltip description
  • Datapad no longer continually offers you help
  • Removed Crash bug involving giving the /alarmremove command an invalid index
  • Macro Editing Window - Removed crash bug, improved UI consistency
Holocron / Knowledge BaseEdit
  • Added Holocron entries for the Force Rankings under "Professions"
  • Fixed several typos in the several sections of the Holocron.
  • Equipping/un-equipping/transferring items now goes through the Command Queue. Equipping armor and weapons also has a delay associated with it. This is to prevent combat system exploits that were occurring.
  • Traps, Grenades and Heavy Weapons in nested containers will now function correctly
  • Fixed typos in NPC conversations: Bestine Political Quests, Corellia Heralds, Corellia Static Quests, Corellian Corvette, Dantooine Static Quests, Dathomir Static Quests, Imperial Theme Park, Jabba's Theme Park, Junk Dealers, Loading Screens, Rebel Theme Park Quests, Talus Static Quests, Tatooine Heralds, Tatooine Static Quests, Yavin IV Static Quests
  • AI improvements: on steep hillsides and cliffs, creature aggressiveness and accuracy has been improved
  • Fixed problem where free trial users could not deposit money into their bank account if they were near the 50k limit
  • Removed vitality loss from PvP deaths
  • Added "Incapacitation Recovery" option for pets. This will allow the pet's master to revive an incapacitated pet to 1 HAM point.
Profession: Bounty HunterEdit
  • Fixed crash to desktop when taking a bounty hunter mission and traveling
  • Temporarily reduced BH - Jedi Bounty Mission rewards (Credits & XP)
Profession: Combat MedicEdit
  • Fixed an issue with Combat Medics swimming and combat actions
Profession: Doctor / MedicEdit
  • If the player attempts to heal an illegal target with /healDamage, the command will default to the player even if the target is not a combat target.
Profession Entertainer & DancerEdit
  • Entertainers/Dancers: Modifying /watch and /listen so that you can perform these actions while sitting on the ground
Profession: Image DesignerEdit
  • Fully decorated all the Image Designer salons
  • Added music inside the Image Design salons
  • Master ID timer changes (a master outside the Image Design salon gets 1/2 time, a master inside the Image Design salon has no time required)

Profession: Jedi As part of the Jedi revamp, Jedi will find that they will have to deconstruct their lightsabers via a new radial menu option. Jedi will be able to use their crystals and pearls as they will be reclaimed using the new system. Please make sure you have enough free inventory space before attempting to deconstruct any lightsaber. New lightsabers are a weapon that is also a slotted container based on a player's level. The only items a Jedi may place in the lightsaber is 1 Color Crystal and 1-4 (based on lightsaber type) 'tuned' Force Crystals or 'tuned' Krayt Pearls. The stats of the basic lightsaber will remain at its crafted values, however stats will go up and down based on the values of the crystals placed within. The lightsaber's blade color will be determined by the 'Color Crystal'. Lightsaber's without a color crystal cannot be used. Based on its generation, lightsaber's will gain slight stat bonuses along with more container slots to put crystals in. There are 4 styles available to each lightsaber skill line now.

A Jedi will now be required to 'Tune' the crystal or pearl he/she wishes to use. A Jedi will use the Force to tune the crystal to their body. Once tuned, the crystals and pearls will only fit within lightsabers crafted by that Jedi. Jedi may only use lightsabers that they have crafted. Lightsabers, tuned crystals, and pearls will all be tradable to others. There will be a description on the crystal and pearl after it has been tuned to the player who tuned and the stats will be visible at the time. Lightsabers may not be sliced. All crystals and pearls must be tuned. A lightsaber must have 1 color crystal in it to power on. All crystals must be in the lightsaber prior to equipping it as once equipped the lightsaber inventory cannot be altered. A player must unequip a lightsaber if they wish to change the setup of their crystals. Lightsabers will no longer decay; now, crystals and pearls decay based on damage. Once the condition of a crystal or pearl reaches 1 or lower it must be replaced. The crystal/pearl's text will change to red when it is no longer usable. These changes will affect players who have already unlocked their Force Sensitive (FS) slots. Players who have not unlocked their FS slot may continue to master professions for credit, but no new players will become Jedi until Publish 10, The Jedi Trials. Players may still unlock their slot, but it will not be active until Publish 10.

  • Reworked Force Healing line. Heals now cost a proportionate amount of force cost based on the amount they heal. Heals are no longer for a random amount, but have a fixed maximum for each ability. Different abilities have different force cost efficiencies.
  • Fixed a bug where 2 dueling dark Jedi get an imperial TEF
  • Fixed a memory leak that would occur every time a new lightsaber was turned on or thrown
  • Jedi don't regenerate force power while incapacitated
  • Fixed a bug where all thrown lightsabers emitted a red swoosh visual. Swooshes for thrown lightsabers now match the color of the blade
  • Added Entertainer healing skill mods to Force Sensitive Healing skills
Profession: MerchantEdit
  • Fixed a problem with the Merchant entry fee window incorrectly applying entry fee
Profession: SmugglerEdit
  • You will no longer be able to slice an item by using a tool in a crate. You will have to remove it from the crate first.
Profession: TailorEdit
  • Fixed missing color option on Bandoliers (Now both color options are available)
Technical SupportEdit
  • Fixed problem where the optional hardware information reports would sometimes be sent with an incorrect station id
  • Added warning for known bad older card/driver combination
  • Setup - Win 98 no longer incorrectly reports CPU is too slow
  • Setup screen - automatic settings for low-memory conditions
Theme Parks / Missions / QuestsEdit
  • Reintroduced the 'Hero of Tatooine' quest, utilizing brand new static and dynamic content

Tutorial / New Player Experience

  • Made bubble chat greeting from helper droid appear only to owner
Vehicles / MountsEdit
  • Enter/Exit vehicle changed to toggle
  • Vehicle hit points should now be saved properly when making repairs
  • Fixed vehicle orientation when traveling over water
  • Smoothed ground effect more when driving off of a cliff
  • Players can now use the radial menu, in addition to the previously working slash commands to enter and exit a vehicle while in combat.
  • Removed the option to mount an Incapacitated or Dead Mount
  • Improved terrain LOS and terrain generation
  • Increased occurrence of Stintaril Prowler spawns
  • Loot Kits: Players can now visit Junk Dealers Junk Dealers that are located in Combat Guild Halls to request a "loot kit". These loot kits are containers that will be used to collect miscellaneous items dropped from NPC's and can be turned into a new reward. Loot kits are free for the asking and one per customer. Players can speak to different junk dealers in order to get new loot kits, by asking the Junk Dealer, "What sort of items do you have that you are looking to get rid of?". Once players decide which loot kit they would like, they may begin collecting the parts. To complete a kit, players will need to gather 10 different items that go with the kit. To see what items the kit requires and which ones have already been gathered, "examine" the kit. This list also will tell the player what items they still need to loot by use of a "yes" or "no" next to each item in that list. Only items that the kit actually requires can be placed inside the kit. When a player gets an item that fits with a kit they own they can instantly drag and drop it into the kit and the kit then will count that item as recovered. Kits will not be tradable between players although all the looted parts will be. Kits can only be placed in your main inventory slot or in the bank. The loot kits examine window gives a basic description of what the kit will make, as will the names of the kits. These items can be kept by the player or sold back to the junk dealer for a 1000 credit reward.

Update Notes: 30 June 04

  • Added 1-year anniversary presents for characters older than 30 days.
  • Fixed bug where bounty hunters can no longer attack Jedi of the opposite faction when the Jedi's factional TEF wears off.
  • Tuned crystal names now appended with a (tuned) suffix in their name.
  • Improved server stability.

Update Notes: 6 July 04

Bounty HunterEdit

  • Bounty Hunter only requires Exploration IV now instead of Master Scout.

Hermit QuestEdit

  • Corrected some typos in the hermit conversations.


  • Restored missing pearls to Jedi who dismantled their sabers without enough inventory space for the new items. If you clear up enough inventory space, log out for 30 minutes, and then log back in, you will be given the missing items.
  • Demotions should now work properly with rank demotions.
  • Rank scores should now update consistently.
  • Added message for Regain Consciousness explaining the Force regen reduction.
  • Non-Jedi trainers should no longer train Jedi skills.
  • Jedi should no longer be able to heal droids.
  • Jedi heals should no longer work when the player has insufficient Force power.

Resource ContainersEdit

  • Resource type and quantity for resource containers should now be displayed when put on sale on vendors/bazaars. Any items that were placed since publish 9 was pushed to live will need to be removed and placed up for sale again in order for this information to be displayed.


  • Changed the /unstick command such that you can only have one pending at a time. Furthermore, if you move, the one you have pending will be cancelled.

Publish 9.1 - Update Notes: 14 July 04 

New Chat Channels: Two new chat channels have been added to the chat system. There is an Auction channel and a Planet channel. Players are encouraged to trade goods and services galaxy wide in the Auction Channel. Planet Channels will be available to players on a chat tab when they arrive on any planet. Players can use these channels to find groups, medics, entertainers, find services, coordinate events and find all types of help in real time chat.

  • An auction channel is now available.
  • The Planet-wide chat channel is available.
  • Chat channels that were active before logging out will be auto-joined when the client reconnects.


  • Fixed bug that prevented DOT's from breaking the Warcy effect

Profession: Bounty HunterEdit

  • Fixed a case where NPC bounty targets can spawn high above the terrain.
  • Bounty Hunter missions should no longer appear at 0 0 0 when a Jedi first logs in.
  • Changed the seeker code to update the positions of the Jedi waypoints much more frequently. Previously waypoints could be as much as 20 minutes out of date. Now they will be less than 30 seconds out of date at the most.
  • Fixed a bug in seekers that sometimes caused them to report a Jedi was not on the same planet when in fact they were.

Profession: Combat MedicEdit

  • Added a minimum throw time to combat medic apply disease and apply poison
  • Corrected a bug that allowed combat medics to throw at twice the range listed on poisons and diseases

Professions: JediEdit

  • Fixed exploit in Force Meditate - ensure meditate both force and TKA both work still and cannot jump from force to TKA meditate
  • Fixed an issue where covert factioned players didn't award xp to a ranked Jedi - Issue: if a group of covert Jedi gain a group TEF against a ranked Jedi and that ranked Jedi kills the covert Jedi, the ranked Jedi takes -1 XP as opposed to gaining XP for the kill. This change fixes that behavior.

Update Notes: 19 July 04


  • Added /auction and /planet commands for the new channels. These commands allow the player to send auction and chat messages to the proper window while managing multiple chat windows.
  • Players will no longer be autojoined to private rooms as this could make these rooms public in some cases.
  • Players should no longer be able to create a room name with "..", starting with a "." or containing a space.


  • Fixed bug that prevented Warcry and Intimidate from generating TEF's


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the failure of FRS demotions due to unaccepted challenges.
  • Fixed some issues that would cause Jedi visibility to sometimes reset to zero.


  • You should now be able to loot the Mark of Courage item from the Ferocious Beast, even if you have acquired the Mark of Courage badge from before the Hero of Tatooine revamp.


  • Fixed a problem where vehicles would store too quickly or at the wrong time


  • Improved server stability
  • Adjusted some server boundaries on Tatooine for a speed improvement in Mos Eisley

Publish 9.2 - Update Notes: 27 July 04 

Wookiee Armor Sets 2 and 3Edit

  • This update to the game brings us the much anticipated Kashyyykian Hunting and Black Mountain Armor! The intermediate set of armor is the Black Mountain Armor. There is also the fabled Kashyyykian Hunting Armor for the Wookiees taking the fight to the Empire.

The Old Mos Espa Arena Circuit is now Live!Edit

  • Fly your speeder along the same course as Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace! Be sure to check out the Old Mos Espa Arena Circuit by starting at Tatooine 2380, 5000.

Crafting QuestsEdit

  • NPC contractors located in Commerce Guild Halls in static cities can give out new crafting missions. There are mission difficulties of easy, challenging, and difficult (depending upon the Artisan-related skill boxes a player possesses). The rewards granted are credits and a small experience point bonus associated with crafting the item. The goal of the implementation of the Crafting Quests is to provide our wide variety of crafting professions the chance to use/sell their otherwise obsolete items and wares, creating a market for novice and intermediate crafters in a market of masters.


  • Necklaces will now display correctly in the character's inventory

Publish 9.25 - Update Notes: 29 July 04

  • Improved Jedi Bounty TEF removal upon completion or failure of the Bounty Mission.
  • Mark of Courage quest will now allow looting of no-move item.
  • NPCs will use equip/change weapons during combat.
  • NPCs will use special abilities in combat.
  • Increased drop rate of loot kit items
  • Increased the spawn time for the squill cave

Publish 9.3 - Update Notes: 10 August 04

  • Travel Decreased starport wait times to 5 minutes.

Swoop TracksEdit

  • The The Keren City Street Circuit is now Live! Race your speeder through beautiful downtown Keren. Stop and check in with the race droid at Naboo 1396 2686 .


  • Poisons and diseases no longer automatically hit, but now have a chance to hit based on their potency. Most current poisons & diseases will affect the target a similar amount of time. The resistance effectiveness of the Poison Resist & Disease Resist Buffs will reduce the chance of being affected by a poison or disease. There will always be a 5% chance of being affected and a 5% chance of resisting no matter how high the resistance or potency ratings get.
  • Added message to target when they resist a poison or disease

Wookiee ArmorEdit

  • Adjusted the encumbrance values on the Hunting and Black Mountain Wookiee chest armor pieces.


  • Increased turret hitpoints for Faction Bases and Free standing turrets:
    • Large Tower Turret: 300000
    • Medium Tower Turret: 200000
    • Small Tower Turret: 75000
    • Large Block Turret: 300000
    • Medium Block Turret: 200000
    • Small Block Turret: 75000
    • Large Dish Turret: 300000
    • Small Dish Turret: 75000


  • Increased the Crafting Quest practice XP reward for crafting jobs by a small amount

Publish 10 (The Jedi Trials)Edit

Publish 10 Notes for 31 August 04Edit

'Major Features'Edit

Jedi Revamp Part 2, "The Jedi Trials"Edit

There has been a great disturbance in the if millions of voices suddenly cried out in relief. An ancient path to becoming a Jedi has been altered. In its stead, it has been said that there is a new group of Force wielders in the galaxy who can help mentor those beings gifted with a sensitivity to the Force. A lost village in the Meridian sector is believed to be the hiding place. It is also said that this place has fearsome enemies. This journey begins with a single step and can last a lifetime.

Bazaar/Vendor Changes Edit

Vendor item limits will now be based on player skill. (Players over the limit will not be able to add new items for sale on vendors. If a player is over his or her vendor limit they will not be allowed to place any items up for sale. He or she will get a message indicating why he couldn't place an item for sale. However, the vendors will continue to function normally with their current inventory).

  • Artisan Business III: Grant 1 vendor that will hold a total of 100 items
  • Artisan Business IV: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +150
  • Merchant Novice: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +500
  • Merchant Efficiency III: Grant a total item limit increase of +100
  • Merchant Efficiency IV: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +150
  • Merchant Management I: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +500
  • Merchant Management II: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +500
  • Merchant Management III: Grant two additional vendors and a total item limit increase of +500
  • Merchant Management IV: Grant two additional vendors and a total item limit increase of +500
  • Merchant Master: Grant two additional vendors and a total item limit increase of +1000

Some examples of different Merchant Templates might be: At Merchant Novice the player would be allowed 3 vendors and 750 total items divided between those 3 as he or she chooses. If the player wants to go to Efficiency IV without any Management, he could have 4 vendors with 1000 total items. At Management IV without any Efficiency the limit is 9 vendors and 2750 items. At Master Merchant, it's 12 vendors and 4000 total items.

Additional Merchant/Vendor changesEdit
  • Vendors that are empty will no longer be visible on the overhead map (Ctrl-V).
  • Vendors that have been left empty or abandoned (untouched) for two weeks will be deleted (owner will receive a warning message prior to deletion).
  • Email notifications have been added to advise vendor owners of the status of their vendor.
  • Fixed a bug that caused items to sometimes vanish from vendors.
  • Vendor item limits will now be based on player skill. (Players over either limit will not be able to add new items for sale on vendors).
GUI Enhancements Edit

Several enhancements have been made to the user interface. Some of the highlights are: Players can now put Vehicle objects on the toolbar to call/store vehicles. Radar now has "consider mode" which shows con rating of NPC's and creatures, clicking on a mission icon in the datapad will display a small summary of the mission without having to open another window, an option was added in the chat options menu to filter out chat from /afk players. For all those fans asking for it, we have added an option under "Miscellaneous" menu to disable the camera shake!

Crafting Inventory Control Edit

A new feature has been added to the options window to help organize and reference resources. Open up your options menu by pressing Ctrl-O and then the Interface button. Scroll to the bottom of the window and you will find a list of crafting values. By checking the corresponding box, your inventory will now display the number of your choice on your resources.

Update Notes List Items Edit

Client Stability EnhancementsEdit
  • Fixed a problem where experience points (XP) would not show up until you logged out and back into the game
  • Fixed one of the most common client crashes.
  • Resolved an issue where non-anonymous crash reporting wouldn't include the user's information if they crashed very early in the loading process.
  • Changed the /unstick command so that you can only have one pending unstuck command in the cue at a time. Furthermore, if you move, the previous unstuck command you have pending will be cancelled.
  • A /findFriend command has been added. /findFriend will only work when the player you are trying to find has you on their friend's list. It will create or update a 'friend' waypoint to a friend's current location
  • When clicking on a mission icon in the datapad, a small summary of the mission will be given in the UI without having to open another window.
Dungeons / POI's: Death Watch BunkerEdit
  • The Death Watch Bunker Overlord will properly drop the jetpack stabilizer when he is defeated.
  • Increased duration of the timer during the crafting process.
  • Fixed a problem with the group user interface (UI) not correctly displaying a group member name under certain situations.
GUI / KeyboardEdit
  • Added option under "Miscellaneous" menu to disable the camera shake (In-Game, press CTRL-O and press the "Misc" button)
  • Crafting user interface (UI) now has additional information about resources. This new feature has been added to the options window to help organize and reference resources. Open up your options menu by pressing Ctrl-O and then the Interface button. Scroll to the bottom of the window and you will find a list of crafting values. By checking the corresponding box, your inventory will now display the number of your choice on your resources.
  • Radar now has "consider mode" which shows con rating of NPC's and Creatures (Mobiles)
  • When clicking on a mission icon in the datapad, a small summary of the mission will be given in the UI without having to open another window
  • Fix problem with the GUI not updating XP totals when XP is gained or lost
  • Fixed a problem where some of the UI menus, like the cloning screen, would auto select a blank line.
  • Fixed the spurious con(sider) mod radar circles on vehicles/corpses
  • The Planetary map now always correctly displays POI list.
  • Fixed an issue where a player might get stuck going covert via faction recruiter. Speaking with the faction recruiter will now correct any such situation, should it occur.
Holocron / Knowledge BaseEdit
  • Added Holocron entries for Force-sensitive skills.
  • Encumbrance for inventory has been added. If a player's inventory is overfull/overloaded by means of loot, quest rewards, etc, the player will no longer be able to move. If this occurs, a player will have to choose and delete an item from inventory before being able to move again. When you are overloaded by +1 items, your inventory icon begins to blink (like when you have email messages). When you are overloaded by +2 items, you get a big red message in the middle of your screen that never goes away that says "Inventory Overloaded You can not move."
Profession: JediEdit
  • There has been a great disturbance in the if millions of voices suddenly cried out in relief. An ancient path to becoming a Jedi has been altered. In its stead, it has been said that there is a new group of Force wielders in the galaxy who can help mentor those beings gifted with a sensitivity to the Force. A lost village in the Meridian sector is believed to be the hiding place. It is also said that this place has fearsome enemies. This journey begins with a single step and can last a lifetime.
  • Removed the restrictions on Jedi placing structures.
  • Removed Bleeds from Saberthrow1 and Saberthrow3
  • Players are now disallowed from teaching Force sensitive skills.
  • The XP monitor box no longer shows Jedi skills.
  • Significantly reduce offensive output when using ForceRun2 and ForceRun3
  • Fixed a Jedi Meditation exploit
  • Significantly increased the amount of FRS experience given when a Jedi kills another opposing Jedi
  • Non-Jedi characters will no longer give FRS experience when killed by FRS Ranked Jedi

Professions: Merchant Vendor item limits will now be based on player skill. (Players over the limit will not be able to add new items for sale on vendors. If a player is over his or her vendor limit they will not be allowed to place any items up for sale. He or she will get a message indicating why he couldn't place an item for sale. However, the vendors will continue to function normally with their current inventory).

Artisan Business III: Grant 1 vendor that will hold a total of 100 items Artisan Business IV: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +150 Merchant Novice: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +500 Merchant Efficiency III: Grant a total item limit increase of +100 Merchant Efficiency IV: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +150 Merchant Management I: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +500 Merchant Management II: Grant an additional vendor and a total item limit increase of +500 Merchant Management III: Grant two additional vendors and a total item limit increase of +500 Merchant Management IV: Grant two additional vendors and a total item limit increase of +500 Merchant Master: Grant two additional vendors and a total item limit increase of +1000

  • Vendors that are empty will no longer be visible on the overhead map (Ctrl-V).
  • Vendors that have been left empty or abandoned (untouched) for two weeks will be deleted (owner will receive a warning message prior to deletion).
  • Email notifications have been added to advise vendor owners of the status of their vendor.
  • Fixed a bug that caused items to sometimes vanish from vendors.
  • Vendor item limits will now be based on player skill. (Players over either limit will not be able to add new items for sale on vendors).
Professions: ArmorsmithEdit
  • Ubese Shirt and Bandolier will now have hit points. Previously they were always crafted with 0 hit points. Now when crafted they always have more than 0 hit points.
Theme Parks / Missions / QuestsEdit
  • Made some changes to the Mark of Intellect event spawn controller. The Mark of Intellect event should now spawn more reliably and give better feedback if spawning fails.
Vehicle / MountEdit
  • Fixed a problem where a player would warp when dismounting a vehicle/mount.
  • Fixed a problem where vehicle would store too quickly or at the wrong time.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles were sometimes unable to be called.
  • Added cleanup for old NPC's in cities. They will de-spawn after 5 minutes of inactivity

Update Notes: 2 September 04

  • Improved server stability.


  • Corrected a problem that prevented some player's badges from appearing on the badge list.

Profession: JediEdit

  • Using /checkForceStatus with an existing Jedi will now report the inner glow.
  • Fixes for Jedi's not tefing when transferring force/healing

FS QuestEdit

  • Should now be able to power down the phase 3 shield generator when in a group
  • Fixed a typo in Sarguillo's patrol quest dialogue.
  • The radiation sensor should no longer stop updating.
  • Corrected some typos in the Padawan trials.
  • Whip should no longer give new waypoint if you already have one

Professions: MerchantEdit

  • Fixed problem with registered vendors and some cities not showing up on the planetary map.
  • Items should now stay in the stockroom for 30 days.
  • When storing backpacks on vendors, the items inside the backpack will count as one item, but the backpack itself will NOT be counted against the item limit. An empty backpack will count as 1 item.

Update Notes: 10 September 04

  • Resources: Fixed a problem where resources spontaneously transformed into different resources.
  • Talus: The creature spawning rate on Talus should be back to normal.

Publish 10.2 - Update Notes: 15 September 04

  • Email: Emails are now limited to 4000 characters.
  • Misc: Weapon and armor equipping should now be visible in the command queue
  • Vehicles and Droids: Increasing customization lifespan for vehicles and droids to 200 calls
  • Vehicles: Customization fade-away for vehicles will now work like droids (fade to white)
  • Vendors: Fixed a problem where some players were not able to create or initialize the correct number of vendors.
  • Hero of Tatooine: Players who completed all four parts but were unable to get the final badge and reward should be able to get them now.
  • Commodities Market: Added time remaining field for available items on the Bazaar
  • Commodities Market: Added time remaining field a players own items that are for sale on a vendor.
  • FS Quests: Padawan trials - Fixed Pannaqa not giving trial task if player restarts or fails.
  • FS Quests: Padawan trials - Fixed trial target automatically attacking if player has lost enough faction standing in that NPCs faction.
  • FS Quests: Padawan trials - Fixed being able to speak with vanquished trial targets.
  • FS Quests: Updated Whip so that he knows you gave him a crate and didn't actually lose a crate.
  • FS Quests: Fixed dialog with the planter NPC in the village (typos)
  • FS Quests: Phase 3 combat - Both parties now get reward in team complete.
  • FS Quests: Phase 3 combat - Added system message to indicate that group mate has completed the "kill 5 enemies" step.
  • Theme park: Updated Nym's conversation. If the player has the items he'll delete them, and if not he doesn't care.

Publish 10.3 - Update Notes: 21 September 04

  • Bounty Hunter Payouts Have Been Adjusted Based on the Level of the Jedi
  • Non-Force ranked Jedi will always be worth at least 25k credits.
  • Force Ranked Jedi will always be worth at least 50k credits

Profession: Bounty Hunter

  • The XP reward has been increased for player Jedi bounty missions.

Profession: JediEdit

  • All bounty TEFs should now be cleared correctly upon death from a bounty hunter.
  • Jedi should now be able to completely clear their visibility after 3 weeks if they don't do anything else to increase it during this time. Visibility is gained when drawing your lightsaber or using force powers for each NPC or non allied PC within range.
  • A Jedi must perform a death blow against a bounty hunter to cause the hunter's mission to fail, instead of just incapacitating them.


  • All armoires, bookcases, cabinets, and chests can now all hold items.


  • Empty Vendors - A vendor is considered empty if it has no items for sale. Empty vendors may not be registered on the planetary map. If a registered vendor becomes empty, he will be removed from the planetary map. If a vendor remains empty for 14 days, the owner will be sent an email warning that the vendor will soon be deleted. If that vendor remains empty for an additional 14 days, the vendor will be deleted. Any items in the vendor's Stock Room and any items offered to that vendor will be deleted with the vendor.
  • Unused Vendors - Vendors who go too long without being used will get deleted from the game. The only events that constitute use are placing a new item for sale on the vendor, or a customer buying an item from the vendor. Checking a vendor's status, paying maintenance, withdrawing sales, having offers placed, or accepting offers are all events that do not reset the Last Used timer. If a vendor goes 14 days without having a new item placed for sale, or an item purchased, then the vendor gets flagged as Unused. If a vendor remains Unused for a 14 days, it becomes in danger of getting deleted. When this happens, the player will be sent an email warning. If the vendor continues to be unused for an additional 14 days, the vendor gets deleted. Any items for sale on the vendor, items in the Stock Room, and offers to that vendor will be deleted with the vendor.
  • Fixed some cases where the number of vendors was being set incorrectly on players.

Force SensitiveEdit

  • Added a check on login to restore the force sensitive title skill to a player that is eligible to enter Aurilia.

FS QuestsEdit

  • Updated the code in the medic quest puzzle for phase 1 to fix an unlocking problem
  • Completing the extra patrols in FS Quest Combat 1 should now give the reward item even if you have a full inventory.
  • Tweaked the messaging of the shield destruction in the FS counterstrike quest in order to make it clearer.
  • Crafting Phase 1 Quest: You may only calibrate components that you craft.

Nym's ThemeparkEdit

  • Jinkins and Kole should no longer require players to drop items on them; instead they can just talk to the NPC


  • You can no longer revoke the force sensitive title skill as a non-Jedi. (Jedi's already could not revoke this).

Update Notes: 29 September 04

FS QuestsEdit

  • The crate of supplies Whip sends you to find will be automatically placed in your inventory when you arrive at the crashed transport (resolves certain issues with crate not spawning, spawning in tree, underwater, under a house, etc.) If you cannot find the transport crash site, you can return to Whip and request a new site to search for.


  • The timer for Unused vendors becoming in danger of getting deleted was changed from 14 days to 100 days. The timers on Empty vendors were unchanged. Empty vendors still become in danger of deletion after 14 days, and then get deleted if they remain empty for an additional 14 days. This means that the code for Unused vendors is likely to never get called. An Unused vendor will end up Empty and later get deleted before the 100 day timer can kick in.

Update Notes: 30 September 04

  • Jedi Visibility is now cleared upon completion of a successful bounty hunter mission against the Jedi. This fixes an issue where bounty TEFs were not clearing. All bounty TEFs will now be cleared correctly upon death from a bounty hunter.

Force SensitivityEdit

  • Fixes players who have completed the FS village phase 2 crafting quest who did not get their skills opened.
  • Fixes players who failed the FS village phase 2 crafting quest by going to another planet and receiving a "Failed Mission" message upon leaving the planet. All players doing this quest should no longer receive a "failed mission" message.
  • Power up reward from the village Search and Destroy missions can no longer be used on lightsabers.

Padawan TrialsEdit

  • Fix for players who fail or quit the Padawan trials, and then when they start again cannot tune a light crystal. This also allows players currently in this state to use a Force shrine and it will automatically fix the problem for them.

Publish 10.4 - Update Notes: 2 October 04

  • Disturbance in the Force

There has been a great disturbance in the force. An unknown power has surged through the galaxy in defense of the Jedi. The Empire's database of known Jedi has been inexplicably purged. All Bounty Terminals have gone blank. In response, the Empire has renewed all of its Bounty Hunter terminal contracts.
Given recent changes to Jedi, as a one time event:

  • Jedi Visibility has been reset to zero.
  • Jedi players with experience below (-1 Million) has been raised to (-1 Million)


  • Jedi players will gain visibility if the following actions are performed while players or NPCs are near:
    • Equipping a lightsaber.
    • Engaging in combat with a lightsaber.
    • Using a force power.


  • Jedi visibility is reset to zero only when a bounty hunter that has a mission on a Jedi kills that Jedi. Visibility is not reset by random Jedi death.

Update Notes: 6 October 04

Nym's Themepark:Edit

  • Jenkins now responds with the correct quest success conversation.

Update Notes: 13 October 04


  • FRS Jedi XP will no longer be granted for dueling.


  • Delivery and crafting mission NPC's will no longer dynamically spawn. There will now be a single NPC who handles all pick up and deliveries in each location.

Force VillageEdit

  • The number of simultaneous players that can do the quest from Quharek in phase 2 and 3 of the FS village has been increased.

Publish 11 (Jump to Lightspeed Expansion)Edit

Publish 11 Notes for 21 October 04 (part one)Edit

Jump to Lightspeed Part 1 Edit

This is the first part of Publish 11: Jump to Lightspeed. Next week on October 27th, the second part of Publish 11 will be updated to the live service and anyone who has the Jump to Lightspeed expansion will be enabled for JtL. Purchase your copy today!

Entertainer Quests Edit

Entertainer quests have been added to all of the theaters in planetary cities. Entertainers, Dancers and Musicians can all participate in this quest by visiting the theaters and speaking with the theater manager NPC. By speaking with this NPC, Entertainers, Dancers and Musicians can sign up for an audition. Once players have passed the audition, the theater manager will extend an offer for a performance series. The performance series consists of three shows and three promotional campaigns.

When the time comes for a show to begin, audience members will enter the theater. The performing player will have an opportunity to speak to the audience to try and determine what type of music, dance, or flourishes they like, and what they dislike. When the show starts, the player will receive feedback indicating the audience reaction to the performance. Once players complete the all three shows to the satisfaction of the audience, the theater manager will reward them with a new song or dance (rewards are given for Musicians and Dancers. Entertainers may participate and earn the reward, but they will not be able to use it until they become Musicians or Dancers.)

Update List Edit

  • Avatar Many new emotes are now available for all players

Bazaar / Vendor

  • Fixed item ghosting issues on Bloodfin and Kauri
  • Droids will remain the color you paint them for a very long time.
  • NPC's will use chat moods and the appropriate chat bubble type. Many NPC's have been added in and around Starports, with things to say about Pilots and Shipwrights.
Profession: ArchitectEdit
  • Pre-JTL Architect schematics: Space crafting station
Profession: ArmorsmithEdit
  • Ithorian and Sullustan armor is now available
Profession: ArtisanEdit
  • Pre-JTL Artisan schematics: Space crafting tool
Profession: Droid EngineerEdit
  • Pre-JTL Droid Engineer schematics: Space crafting station module
Profession: TailorEdit
  • Ithorian and Sullustan wearables are now available
  • Fixed a problem with POI spawns only spawning once per day
  • Pilot, Pilot Recruiter and Shipwright NPC's are placed throughout the world. They will only respond if you are JtL enabled.
  • Vehicles will remain the color you paint them for a very long time.
  • Fixed Mirla and The Guard not spawning in the Warren
Profession: ArchitectEdit
  • Pre-JTL Architect schematics: Space crafting station

Publish 11 Notes for 26 October 04 (part two)

Jump to Lightspeed Expansion Publish Part 2 Edit

Jump to Lightspeed Part 2 This is the second part of Publish 11: Jump to Lightspeed. Today's publish includes the last files need to enable Jump to Lightspeed.

To Log in to Jump to Lightspeed

  • Patch the ground game as normal
  • Register your JTL key on the registration page
  • Please exit and restart the launchpad after JTL registration.

This will complete the patch process for JTL

To Activate your Pre-Order Flash Speeder:

  • You must enter both your Pre-Order key and your retail key to claim your reward (2 keys total)
  • If you have not entered your beta key, then you can enter your Pre-Order key in either of these locations:

Then on the left hand side of the Launchpad, just underneath the "chat" button, you will see a "Register Expansion" button. Click that button to start the registration process. Enter your JtL retail key as prompted and when you are completed, your account will be JtL Enabled and your Flash Speeder deed will be in your inventory.

To Claim your Sorosuub 3000 Veteran reward: To claim your Party Barge, your account must be "JtL Enabled". Once your account is flagged for JtL, simply log into the game and a dialogue box will open up and prompt you through claiming your reward. (To claim the SoroSuub yacht requires that you have had 180 days of uninterrupted account membership.)

Shared Assets Edit

Please be aware that there are many "shared images" in the JtL Expansion such as ship components and other items which have a "default appearance". If you do not purchase and enable JtL, you will only see the "Default Appearance" of these items and not the item itself. Players who have JtL and players who do not have JtL may see different appearances of some in-game items in this case.

Graphics Options Edit

There are new graphics options with JtL that are automatically enabled for all players. One thing players can do to improve their game performance is to check their graphics settings. Press CTRL-O in game and open up your options window. Click the "Graphics" button and turn features on or off to suit your needs.

Update Notes: 27 October 04

Version 103682.103769

New PlayerEdit

  • Fix some cases where you could end up outside the newbie tutorial or get outside of a multiplayer ship in space.


  • Added facial animations for Sullustans and Ithorians


  • Crosshair should not snap to the ship.
  • The weapon group "flyout" should show current weapon group selected.
  • Fixed an issue on your radar: capital ships and space stations would draw behind all blips. Once the group UI would be deactivated, it would never reappear.

Update Notes: 28 October 04

Version 103781.103816


  • Add external option to disable force feedback in game
  • Fix force feedback on joysticks other than the first
  • Fix joystick selection to work for joysticks other than the first Improve client stability


  • Fixed /attack and /stand no longer appearing in the combat queue.


  • Moved Tatooine Imperial tier 1 duty missions to safer locations.
  • The Tier 2 Bwing should only be a boss mob for the Corellia Imperial tier 1 destroy duty


  • Fixed an issue with loot drop rates

Player AssociationsEdit

  • PA halls will now consume only 7 lots instead of 9. If your PA halls are existing, then this change will take effect after you pay maintenance

Update Notes: 29 October 04

Version 103880.103882


  • Fixed zone map reset button to actually focus on the player's ship


  • Right clicking on a mission critical ship in the zone map and selecting "auto-pilot to" will now take you to it's current location instead of it's spawn location
  • When flying a ship, if you have no target and get hit by a missile, you will now automatically target the ship that launched the missile.


  • Fixed a particle object leak that would cap out the number of particles show on screen. This would keep bolts and other effects from being rendered.
  • Priority system changes for effects to help keep blaster bolts from disappearing
  • Fixed weird black shader on on YT-1300

Player AssociationsEdit

  • Redeeding old (9-lot) guildhalls will give you back 9 lots, instead of just giving 7 (However, you can still recover the 2-lots by paying any amount of maintenance on the hall - no need to redeed it just to convert it to a 7-lot hall).

Update Notes: 1 November 04

Version 103987.104155


  • Improved client performance
  • Fix for when launchpad starts it goes into a full scan—launchpad should start as normal now

Update Notes: 2 November 04

Version 103987.104155

  • Fixed a problem where an Overt player flying a player ship would land at a star port and remain unprotected (and attackable). The 30 second safety delay has been restored.
  • Sorosuub Yachts now have the ability to be repaired in the event they take damage from the escape pod.

Update Notes: 4 November 04

Version 104456.104574

Major Features Edit

  • Added the Imperial Hat to the Imperial faction perk list. Note that this is wearable only on Human and Zabrak males.
  • Added explosion effects to factional HQ destructions
  • Fixed pets failure to respond to commands prefixed with the name of the pet. Previously in order to respond to "bob follow", the pet had to be taught "bob follow". Now a pet named "bob" can be trained to follow when he hears "follow", and then he will obey either "bob follow" or "follow".
Travel / WaypointsEdit
  • Removed the movement restrictions on attempting to board a shuttle. This should help to prevent getting "You cannot do that in your current state.." messages.
  • Active waypoints can now be seen by all members of a group.

Update Notes List Items Edit

  • Improved combat music logic.
  • Combat music now stops immediately when dying, escape podding, hyperspacing from a combat situation, if you are no longer in a combat situation.
  • Fixed problems with Sullustan facial animations causing eyelid twitching and clipping

Bazaar / Vendor

  • You can no longer drop vendors in a ship that were created in your house on the ground.
  • Fixed a problem where an Overt player flying a player ship would land at a star port and remain unprotected (and attackable). The 30 second safety delay has been restored
  • Fixed invisible factory crates for Armor Reinforcement Panel Mk2 items
  • All ground palettes are now available in space.
  • Greatly increased repair charges on ship repair kits
  • Added an "All purpose" ship repair kit for Master Artisans
  • Added explosion effects to factional HQ destructions
  • Added the Imperial Hat to the Imperial faction perk list. Note that this is wearable only on Human and Zabrak males.
  • Fixed some issues with the paths shown for JTL trainers
  • Fixed creatures appearing to teleport when walking into buildings sometimes.
  • CorSec pilots will now assist Civilians and Merchants in need.
  • Fixed pets failure to respond to commands prefixed with the name of the pet. Previously in order to respond to "bob follow", the pet had to be taught "bob follow". Now a pet named "bob" can be trained to follow when he hears "follow", and then he will obey either "bob follow" or "follow".
  • Fixed bad stats on the Cygnus HD-7 Starfighter Engine
  • Fixed bad certification levels on the Slayn Vortex series of starfighter reactors
  • Fixed a number of weapons not attaching properly to the TIE Aggressor
  • Sorosuub Yachts now have the ability to be repaired in the event they take damage from the escape pod
  • Fixed the Y-wing Longprobe PCD appearance to not look black anymore
  • Fix to Turret Targeting crash when destroying a ship
  • The YT1300 and the Ywing should no longer look black in the player's PCD.
  • You can no longer get missile lock on a space station or capital ship "in general," with no component targeted. You must target a specific component to get missile lock.
  • Xwing PCD appearance is now correct.
Space UIEdit
  • Fixed a bug where choosing autopilot from the zone map on a waypoint would cause the user to auto pilot to 0, 0, 0
  • Fixed targeting the last ship that shot you (R in the default keymap).
  • Added Ctrl-J as a default key to open the quest journal when on the ground
  • Blips should now flash on the radar when the target damages your ship.
  • Mission critical ships are always visible on the radar.
  • Fixed a bug where you could target yourself and form a group of one
  • The space zone map icons now change colors when the player chooses a new palette
Theme Parks / Missions / QuestsEdit
  • Master-level mission rewards are now no-trade, and can only be equipped by players of the appropriate pilot profession.
  • For new pilots (still in tier1), the city at which the pilot trainer is located will be the first landing option from the appropriate space station, with the trainer-type listed in addition to the city name.
  • Changed the spawner for Rebel trainer Lady Viopa's first mission, Steal Imperial Information. The 'Lambda' shuttle should now be easier to find
  • The Rebel delivery mission from Lok to Dathomir (Tatooine track tier 3) spawned waves a bit too close together. We spaced them out some more.
  • The Rebel Naboo Tier 1 trainer will now explain where you need to go for Tier 2, even if you are polite to him.
  • The final Tier 3 Rebel mission for the Vortex will no longer take place right next to a spawn of advanced Tier 4 Imperial fighters.
  • Fixed problem with master Rebels gaining master Privateer skill. Master Rebel skill will be granted to player and privateer skills will be revoked automatically.
  • Normalized credit reward payouts for destroying enemy starships: Increased low-end payouts (min and max), increased high-end minimums and decreased high-end maximums. This will make it possible for new players to earn enough credits in space to pay for maintenance, repairs and upgrades without "mission-grinding for credits" on the ground game.
Travel / WaypointsEdit
  • Removed the movement restrictions on attempting to board a shuttle. This should help to prevent getting "You cannot do that in your current state.." messages.

Update Notes: 5 November 04

Version 104456.104574


  • Fixed a random client crash that was related to memory allocation.

Naboo PrivateerEdit

  • The freighter for Diness Imlers second mission is now attackable by RSF and CorSec pilots

Update Notes: 10 November 04

Version 104456.104837

Space MissionsEdit

  • Tatooine Privateer: Shamdon Kree will now not tell you to speak with Talon Karrde until you complete her fourth mission.
  • Tatooine Privateer: Anyone who is stuck on Beissa's first mission because the Valarian ships are invulnerable need to go back to Shamdon and complete her tasks.

Update Notes: 12 November 04

Version 104456.104837

We have now changed Kessel’s rule set and removed it from being a full PVP zone. In order to PVP in Kessel you will have to visit a faction station in a near by zone and declare.

Publish 11.2 - Update Notes: 16 November 04

Major Features Edit

Apprenticeship XP Edit
  • Lowered to 300 necessary for all professions

FRS Tweaks/ Fixes

  • Reduced the FRS experience maintenance costs.
  • PvP kill lists which are used to track FRS experience now persist from session to session.
  • Increased the amount of FRS experience received from killing rival Enclave members as well as bounty hunters.
  • Added a no-confidence voting challenge terminal to the Light Jedi Enclave. This enables Jedi to petition for the removal of higher ranked members.

Note: As a result of these changes the FRS ranks will be reset (all Knights set to Rank 0), to allow the system to get repopulated under these new rules.

CS will not reimburse for this change so please do not email or place a petition regarding the FRS ranks being reset.

Chat Edit
  • Spatial chat persists from ground to space—and back again
Fixes Edit

We were made aware of some issues that give people an unfair advantage over others. If you run across an issue like this in game please help us out by reporting it with our bug tool.

These fixes include:

  • Fix a problem where a Jedi can log in and out quickly to drop off a tracking droid's radar
  • Fixed a problem where Lightsabers could be overloaded
  • Fixed pet duping issue
  • We changed the way group payouts for missions are calculated. When a mission is generated, the reward payout per member is calculated based on the current size of the group. If the group shrinks in size or group members are too far away to receive payout, those that do get paid receive the original per member reward. For example, if 3 players take a mission that pays 12k credits, each player will receive a maximum of 4k credits when the mission is completed. They receive 0 if they are out of range, and less if more people are added to the group to complete the mission

Along with these Major Features and the above listed fixes we have changed the way City Voting is handled. Read on for more information.

City Voting Rules Update Edit

The system for electing a new mayor has changed. Voting is now held every 3 weeks. City maintenance still occurs every week. A citizen who registers to run may now unregister from the vote terminal. The mayor may unregister as well. Changes to the voting roster are only allowed during the first two weeks of each election cycle. The citizen with the most votes wins the election.

You MUST explicitly cast a vote in order to be counted. Abstentions no longer count as votes for the incumbent.

Experience point grants for winning votes have been tripled. The incumbent mayor also receives a weekly 750 point experience bonus.

Update List Edit

Below you will find other fixes and game play enhancements to make Star Wars Galaxies a better game.

  • Overt players are now only forced covert when cloning. Players are now invulnerable while loading from travel or logging in from being safely logged out
  • There is now a black-out period per-server during which factional base vulnerability cannot be reset that should typically conform to when the servers are down.
  • Stopping a factional base overload now requires a friendly player to start the base shutdown, remain at the terminal for 60 seconds, and then confirm their desire to shut the base down to avoid overload.
Profession: Droid EngineerEdit
  • Increased droid battery duration by 4x
Profession: Image DesignerEdit
  • Cosmetic change timer has been changed from 2 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Body change timer has been changed from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Stat Migration timer has been changed from 10 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Master IDs can now make Body and Cosmetic changes to themselves outside of the ID salon without incurring a timer.
  • Fixed Wookiee Grenade Certification
  • Added /toggleCombatTaunts command
  • An option to land at the Imperial Outpost on Dantooine has been added to the Dantooine Station.
  • Fixed waypoints in Kessel and Deep Space to use the space waypoint art, not the Tatooine planet art.
  • The star ship travel terminal will now display your current planet as the default screen
  • Fixed a bug in star ship terminals where travel points were not being displayed when choosing to travel by ship from world to world.
  • Players are now invulnerable while loading in space, unless they disconnected unsafely and were still in the game.
Player City Voting System Fixes / ChangesEdit
  • Voting will change to take place every 3 weeks. City maintenance will be unaffected.
  • Candidates, including the incumbent, will be able to opt out of the election at the city voting terminal. Everyone gets an email when this happens.
  • You may register to run in the race during the first 2 weeks of the election. Everyone gets an email when someone registers. In order to block email spam abuse, players will only be able to register/unregister once in a 24 hour period.
  • Votes that are not actively cast for a candidate will no longer be counted.
  • The mayor will be elected by the majority of voters who participate.
  • Politician XP for receiving votes will be tripled.
  • The sitting mayor will receive a weekly Politician XP bonus of 750 points. This will allow mayors to advance if their citizens are apathetic about voting.
  • A method for sending a city version update email to all city citizens will be added. This way each citizen will receive an in-game email detailing the new changes.
Bug FixesEdit
  • Players that are banned will no longer be able to take a shuttle to the city they are banned from.
  • Commands that allowed banned players to buy tickets and travel in cities they were banned from are now fixed.
  • Structures will no longer be transferable to players who are banned from the city.
  • Public structures containing vendors will be transferable without requiring the vendors be removed
  • Fixed a bug where you could target yourself and form a group of one
  • Fixed problem where if you are in a group, you sometimes don't receive your mission reward
  • The directional arrow now changes to a circle when the group member is on screen
  • Increased crafted engine max speeds
  • Moved the All Purpose Ship Repair Kit to the space crafting tool so that it is now experimental
  • Removed conductivity requirement for the Max Speed stat on crafted engines
  • Reactors and armor no longer list an energy requirement of 0.
Profession: PilotEdit
  • Lowered space PVP damage by 25%
  • Add system messages when engaging/disengaging autopilot
  • /follow no longer causes your ship to roll level, because the ship you're following may not be level.
  • Ship warping/rubberbanding should be reduced
  • Fixed a bug where controls could be left locked when hyperspacing to a point you were already at.
  • Player's should hear the "qualify for skill" sound effect in space, even when zoomed out from cockpit.
  • Fixed incorrect destination list when traveling using a personal ship.
  • Hutt and Blacksun fighter helmets are now able to be worn by all playable species except Wookiees and Ithorians
  • Destroying a target solely with a bomberstrike should now give you credit for the target.
  • Removed autopilot engaged/disengaged system message spam that occurred when ship was trying to autolevel
  • Increased firing range for capital ships
  • Added starship repair kit to new player starting equipment
  • Extreme and Moderate rear shield reinforcement droid program triggering and functionality fixed.
  • Weapon tuning 3 and 4 droid program triggering fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect experimentable mass on the Spacebomb launchers
  • Fixed an inconsistency where moving the joystick would cancel autopilot-to-waypoint but not following
Profession: ShipwrightEdit
  • Increased possible max armor stats for Mark IV and V Durasteel Plating
  • Ship Components don't display yaw, pitch, or roll acceleration values, since these are determined by the chassis, not the engine
  • Existing equipment factories that would not take shipwright schematics should now accept them
  • Moved missile and countermeasure launchers to separate categories in the crafting tool
New PlayerEdit
  • Added notification when launching to tutorial zones vs. full zones
  • Increased the mass of some privateer ship chassis, the TIE Oppressor, and the KSE Firespray
  • Fixed a bug where large transport ships were not marked as being collidable.
  • You can now use "match speed" on enemy ships.
  • Slightly increased the XP reward for TIE Aggressors.
Space LootEdit
  • Crafted and looted droid interface stats are now tiered appropriately---low level crafted items have higher command speeds, and high level items have lower command speeds.
  • Increased level of loot drops for space
  • Increased odds of dropping tier-appropriate loot for space
  • Chassis Broker will now buy looted space components from any player
  • Improved client stability and performance.
Space MissionsEdit
  • Fixed Corellia (Talus) Imperial Trainer 2 refusing to speak to player about anything but training if the player had enough XP for a tier2 skill, but already had all 4 tier2 skills.
  • There will no longer be a Tier 5 Blacklight Wing Commander in Dantooine near the Rebel Tier 3 inspect mission of the Naboo track.
  • Fixed Rebel Master Jacket being wearable by Privateers only
  • It should now be easier to find the inspect target for the Naboo Rebel Tier 3 mission 2 "Inspect remaining Blacklight Pirates" mission. Check your quest journal when on this mission for more information on who to inspect.
  • The quest journal toolbar will now flash when you get assigned a Force Sensitive quest. (Previously it would only flash for space quests.)
  • Naboo - Privateer: Removed the tier 5 Ay'Nat Outlaw from the space battle in Cmnd. Dulios's second mission.
  • Naboo - Privateer: Lowered the tier for the final target in Capt. Kaydine's first mission.
  • Naboo - Privateer: Lowered tier values for the Ay'Nat Viggo
  • Naboo - Privateer: The Black Sun will now spawn properly at the end of Diness Imlers third mission.
  • Tatooine Privateer: Changed the final part of Beissa's first mission.
  • Tatooine Privateer: Lowered tier values for the Valarian Replacements
  • Your missions will no longer activate while you are flying in a SoroSuub Yacht.
  • Certain types of deliver missions will now properly spawn enemies to intercept you
  • Fixed bug where not all species were visible on the avatar creation screen
Space UIEdit
  • The targeting status page now displays the distance to the object before the name of the object to help players see the distance to a targeted item if the name is too long.
  • The ship names that are displayed in the space group UI are no longer displayed in capital letters.
  • Fixed planet sizes on the galaxy maps for ground and space.
  • Space HUD deadzone is limited to >= 101 regardless of your mouse dead zone settings (improves virtual joystick)
  • The targeting status page now displays the distance to the object before the name of the object to help players see the distance to a targeted item if the name is too long.
  • Space HUD deadzone is limited to >= 101 regardless of your mouse dead zone settings (improves virtual joystick)
Theme Parks / Ground Missions / QuestsEdit
  • Fixed some Theme Park NPCs in the Emperor's Retreat from being aggressive / attacking players on-sight, when they should have been calmly waiting to chat with the player.
  • Fixed planet sizes on the galaxy maps for ground and space.
  • Fixed broken icons
  • Fixed a bug that caused ship vendors to not display on the planetary map.
  • The Toolbar is always visible.
ShipComponent UIEdit
  • Prevent case where clicking the ammo item would unload the launcher

Update Notes: 17 November 04


  • Fixed HAM UI cropping
  • Fixed travel round trip checked by default


  • Fixed a problem with the Warcry delay

Publish 11.3 - Update Notes: 29 November 04

Major FeaturesEdit

New LootEdit

Everybody loves loot! Star Wars Galaxies is enhancing the loot system to make it more fun and exciting. With this publish, players will find all sorts of new goodies. There are 17 new skill enhancement stims, new loot kits, and new ways to recycle old loot kits. All of those broken datapads, viewscreens and firework duds? Well now, you can combine them with loot that drops from all sorts of NPC's to create new loot! You can Turn broken viewscreens into over 20 brand new paintings, turn broken datapads into working datapads, dud fireworks into working fireworks, corrupt datadisks into fixed datadisks that when combined with a working datadisk will a piece of flavor fiction and all sorts of new loot surprises (30 new craftables!). Click here to read more.

Space Missions Edit

We have added over 30 new Space missions for Jump to Lightspeed users. This can be found throughout the various Space Stations.

Here are some some tips to getting started:


  • Any CorSec Pilot can receive new missions (but missions are not offered every time).


  • Imperial and RSF Pilots of Tier 3.5+ (two skills in tier 3) can receive missions.


  • Tier 2+, Specific story missions for all pilots, rebel pilots, and smuggler pilots.


  • Rebel, CorSec and SA pilots tier 2+ receive missions.


  • Imperial and RSF Pilots Tier 2+ can receive missions.
  • Players of the RSF or Imperial track that have completed tier one can do a quest to get access to the Emperor's retreat without doing the ground Theme park missions.
  • Tatooine System, POI: SA, look for Garret at the Hutt Claims POI.
  • Any faction can find Kelen Wordka near the Tatooine Station or A'Lerris near the Nalera's Mining Station POI.


  • Rebel and SA pilots in Tier 1 can take the duty mission; Tier 2 SA can do the quest for access to Jabba's Palace.


  • Players wishing to receive missions from this station must be a ground Smuggler of Alliance or Privateer faction.


  • Tier2+ Specific story missions for all pilots, rebel pilots, and smuggler pilots.
New Droid User Interface Edit

Here's how to use the droid programming UI (flight commands UI)

1. Get a droid, either an astromech or a flight computer.

2. Get programmed chips (optional). If you have un-programmed chips, you can use the radial menu program the chip with any command your character "knows". You can also buy chips with commands you don't know.

3. Select the "Program Droid" command from the radial on the droid.

4. Once the UI appears. All commands you know (from skills) and chips you have (crafted or purchased) are on the left side of the window. All commands IN (active) the droid are on the right side. You can move commands back and forth to program the droid. The volume bar on the right shows how much room you have left. Putting chips in a droid (as opposed to commands you know) destroys the chip when the command is entered. This is so you can get "one-shot" programming of commands you don't know. Each faction gets different commands, so they can trade back and forth.

5. Press "Commit" to make the change to the droid.

6. When you are ready to load your droid or flight computer onto your ship, all you have to do is access a starship terminal and go to the "Manage Components" screen. On the left hand side, select the "Droid/Flight Computer" option and "load" it into your ship. You can now access your droid or flight computer in space by pressing CTRL-A while in space.

Announcement on Engine Component Rebalance Edit

The top speed of the Mandal Motors 'Inferno' engine (granted as a quest reward) was reduced from 92 to approximately 79 to achieve better game balance. The certification level required for the 'Inferno' is too low to warrant such a high speed. Please note that engines of this speed (90+) and greater can still be looted and manufactured, but with high enough certification levels as to keep the game balanced. Existing 92 speed "reward" engines will not be affected, but will decay with damage as any other component would.

Other Fixes and features Edit

Server Stability EnhancementsEdit
  • Improved client startup times
  • Added new loot schematics, objects, draft schematics
  • Fixed chat window scroll bar "popping" up from bottom in some cases
Profession: PilotsEdit
  • Fixed Rebel Ace Pilot Helmet so that it can be worn by all species except Ithorian and Wookiee.
  • Fixed Privateer Ace Helmet so that it can now be worn by all species except Ithorians and Wookiees.
  • Added Black Sun Ace Fighter Helmet to the game. It can be worn by all species except Ithorians and Wookiees. Black Sun Ace Pilots may take some 'convincing' before they relinquish their helmets, so to speak. We recommend shooting them until they explode
  • Changed how missiles deal with obstacles. Formerly, missiles would almost always seek around obstacles such as asteroids. Now, there is a much greater chance that they will collide with the obstacle
  • When flying JtL and after using a pilot command, a system message will now tell you when you are ready to execute another pilot command
  • The ship engine 'run' sound now has variable pitch based on your throttle position
  • Updated the sound effects for the engines of the tie oppressor & the tie interceptor
  • Turning on the booster now disengages the autopilot.
  • Fixed problems with various species wearing the Ace flight jackets
  • AI ship combat tweaks
  • Made /ttell work when targeting a player ship.
  • The space launch UI will now listen for when a group is joined and disbanded and enable the group button appropriately.
  • The space group launch UI will now dynamically update its state to reflect group members if they are too far away to launch with the owner.
  • Added a declined invitation icon to the group launch UI.
  • You should now get group join and leave messages while in space.
  • Added a group management UI for launching into space with multi passenger ships
  • When you click on a starship terminal you will now see a group button next to launch.
  • If the player is in a group and is attempting to launch with a multi-passenger ship, then the Group button will be enabled.
  • Clicking on this button will bring up a small UI that lists all group members that are in the same cell as the player.
  • The player can choose to send invitations to each of the listed members, if the player agrees, then they will be launched into space in the ship with the other agreeing members.
  • Fix bug causing space conversation UI to show up on the ground
  • Added checkmarks next to completed quests in the quest journal.
  • Fixed some issues with grouping in space not updating properly
  • Fixed a problem with Space Terminals where they were not allowing you to travel to another Starport
Space MissionsEdit
  • Corellia Privateer: Adwan Turoldine will now recognize that you have succeeded his third mission the next time you are victorious. If you currently have this mission, abort it and speak with Adwan again.
  • Naboo Privateer: Diness Imler will now recognize that you have succeeded her fourth mission the next time you are victorious. If you currently have this mission, abort it and speak with Diness again.
  • Dantooine and Yavin space stations will now grant side quests for players
  • The Lok Station will offer missions to non-Imperial and non-RSF pilots.
  • Imperial and RSF pilots will now be able to get quests from the Naboo space station.
  • Fixed incorrect message appearing when loading missile ammunition
  • Added Missions to Endor Station for Imperial and RSF pilots (You must be at least midway through tier3 in order to take these missions).
  • Tatooine station will now grant the duty station indicated by the conversation.
  • Corellia: Talon Karrde has moved to space and been replaced by one of his lieutenants
  • Tatooine station will now grant the duty station indicated by the conversation.
  • Assassinate space missions will now be properly marked as failed if you take too long to complete them and one of the target's escort ships escapes. Made the Blacklight Squadron Leader that you need to inspect in a Vortex Tier 3 Rebel mission a lot more common.
Profession ShipwrightEdit
  • Fixed the chassis npc broker refusing to accept CANCEL
  • Fixed a problem with /boardShuttle that in some instances would allow a character to board the shuttle when they are too far away.
Player AssociationsEdit
  • Increased the time to decay on the Corellian Guild Hall so that it matches the decay times of the other guild halls
  • Fix issues with restoring attributes and setting wounds while invulnerability timers are active.

Publish 11.4 - Update Notes: 7 December 04 In this publish we have given new pilots an upgradeable ship, added new droid commands for our pilots and removed the costs for damage in the pvp zone. Read on to find out more.===

Major features Edit

PVP Edit
  • If you leave deep space or die, all damage is repaired for free with no decay. There are NO pvp Damage penalties for deep space now
New Player Ships Edit
  • New Player - Replaced the non-upgradeable newbie ships with new "Prototype Ships", which are upgradeable, and are equipped with a hyperdrive.
Pilots Edit
  • New Droid Commands: 9 neutral (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge 1 - 4, Weapon Capacitor Reset, Capacitor to Shield Shunt 1 - 4) and 2 rebel (Shield Emergency Front & Rear).

Changes / Fixes Edit

Theme Parks / Ground Missions / QuestsEdit
  • Fixed a line of site problem with one of the terminals at the FS Village. Make sure that you can use this terminal without any Line of Sight problems. Dathomir: 5420, -4120
  • TreeViews will now select the item and create the context menu for the appropriate item if there happens to be a previously selected item.
  • Targeting components using the the left and right bracket keys will now create a beep while switching between components
  • If you leave deep space or die, all damage is repaired for free with no decay. There are NO pvp Damage penalties for deep space now
  • Reduced size of moncal privateer helmet
  • Fixed a problem where failing to redeed a ship could make the ship unable to be redeeded thereafter.
  • Star Destroyer pieces should look much more solid when blowing up.
  • Ships now play sound effects when components are disabled or re-enabled.
  • Fixed a few issues with redeeding pob ships.
  • Added support for finding lost items and destroying all contents of pob ships from the admin terminal.
  • Ship control devices should now only count as 1 item in your datapad, regardless of whether the ship is in use or not.
  • You can now use /follow on NPC ships, provided they are not enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where the crosshairs would not be rendered when the target was out of range. This mostly applied to targeting capital ships and space stations.
  • Corrected information in the Holocron on how to surrender pilot skills.
  • New Player - Replaced the non-upgradeable newbie ships with new "Prototype Ships", which are upgradeable, and are equipped with a hyperdrive.
  • Weapon components that drop from creatures, like the Acklay Bones, will no longer drop with a minimum damage value that exceeds the maximum damage
  • Combat commands that have a shout text component, such as /formup, will now be limited to shouting every 30 seconds. All of these commands use the same timer. This doesn't change the rate you can use commands. It only limits how often the additional shout appears. No combat move functionality has changed.
  • Crafting aprons are now wearable by all races. If a Wookiee or an Ithorian wears a crafting apron, it will appear as a chef apron.
Profession: ShipwrightEdit
  • Reverse engineering droid interfaces now selects the lowest speed value from the droid interfaces used, as opposed to the highest (a lower command speed is a better stat). The percent bonus is also now properly subtracted from the speed total as opposed to added.
  • ShipComponentUI: fix case where droid commands could get cut off

Publish 11.5 - Update Notes: 15 December 04 Tis the season and with the last publish of this year we bring you Wookiee Life day, a new gunship, the ability to register with buildings for battle fatigue healing and the ability to save sorted items in your datapad for your next gaming session.===

Main FeaturesEdit

File:Life day 2004.jpg
Wookiee Life DayEdit
  • Wookiees and other sentient beings are gathering for Life Day celebrations. To learn more about Life Day head to Vreni Island, the Lake Retreat or Anchorhead and speak to the Wookiee in red.
  • If you sort datapad items and the inventory in the detail view, the sort state will now be remembered the next time you log in.
Profession EntertainerEdit
  • All buildings that allow battle fatigue healing now are registerable via the /registerWithLocation command
Profession PilotsEdit
  • Added the M22-T "Krayt" Gunship as a neutral master-box gunship. This ship is equipped with a player controlled turret, like the Y-wing and TIE Aggressor.

Changes and FixesEdit

Profession PilotsEdit
  • Privateer droid commands - The ship component detail page now displays the ship's capacitor's current level, maximum level, and recharge rate. It will also correctly reflect capacitor related droid command results that modify these values.
  • DroidProgrammingUI: Fixed an issue causing load/unload options to be enabled when no item is selected
  • DroidProgrammingUI: Fixed some update issues
  • Fixed a bug where the crosshairs would not be rendered when the target was out of range. This mostly applied to targeting capital ships and space stations.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed RSF pilots to attack Imperial NPCs
  • Removed unusable "Use" radial menu option on probe droids.
  • Added the M22-T "Krayt" Gunship as a neutral master-box gunship. This ship is equipped with a player controlled turret, like the Y-wing and TIE Aggressor
  • Naboo Privateer: Adjusted the flight path for targets in Captain Kaydine's first and third mission so they are easier to catch.
  • Naboo Privateer: Captain Kaydine now provides better direction for locating the Ay'Nat ghost fighters for his second mission.
Profession EntertainerEdit
  • All buildings that allow battle fatigue healing now are registerable via the /registerWithLocation command
  • Logging out removes registered performers properly
Profession MerchantEdit
  • The vendor maintenance cycle will no longer halt when the vendor is out of maintenance.
Profession ChefEdit
  • Blue milk and other mind healing foods will now heal you instead of causing damage when you have mind wounds.
  • Ithorian Guardian armor will now properly have the same special protections and stats as Chitin. This will impact new pieces of Ithorian Guardian armor only. Note: The old pieces had two special protections (blast & kinetic) this was wrong. They were meant to have only one (kinetic). In addition, the armor's effectivenesses was wrong. They were "energy/cold/electricity" they are now "energy/blast/acid." The intention is to make this armor an Ithorian version of Chitin.
  • If you sort datapad items and the inventory in the detail view, the sort state will now be remembered the next time you log in.
  • Fixed a bug where a running player would open a UI (such as the planet map) and then close out the UI only to stuck in a running state.
  • Using /harvestCreature to harvest a creature resource that doesn't exist (like bones from a Piket) will no longer cause you to be unable to harvest a legitimate resource from that creature. You will also get a message saying the creature doesn't have the resource you wanted to harvest.
  • Decreased duration of vehicle customization kits
  • Added the number of credits you receive for completing a mission if you are not in a group to display as a system message.
  • Fixed an exploit where vehicles could be generated with 40k max HAM
  • The Gorax may make an appearance on Endor.
  • Race droids now reset record times once every 24 hours to allow everyone a more equitable chance to earn racing badges.

Update Notes: 18 December 04
Version 108278.0===

Server StabilityEdit

  • Fixed an issue that would crash the SWG client when hitting alt + ESC

Deep SpaceEdit

  • Fixed rebel spacestation aggro behavior in deep space. It won't attack friendlies anymore.
  • Fixed an exploit for spacestation and star destroyer in deep space.
    • Star Destroyer now drops 10-20k credits in deep space
    • Rebel Spacestation now drops 10-20k credits in deep space

Update Notes: 20 December 04

3 New Swoop Tracks!Edit

The Events team has placed three new swoop tracks. You can find the race droid for the following new tracks at these locations:

  • Lok Marathon: 630 5055
  • Nashal River Race: 4199 5286
  • Narmle Memorial Rally: -4975 -2227

Publish 12 (Loot Revamp)Edit

Publish 12 Notes for 13 January 05Edit


  • Improved avatar sitting in chair and after 5 minutes sliding forward and being left floating in the air.

Bazaar / VendorEdit

  • Fixed problem with item getting deleted after retrieving item from vendor

Client StabilityEdit

  • Chat saving protocols have been optimized on the client. (For those that are curious, we throttled excessive disk io in the UI saving code and limited the amount of back scroll text that is saved to the uis. This should help out with client lag and make larger uis files considerably smaller.)
  • Fixed a Crash To Desktop when using the /ttell command without having an active target.
  • Fixed a Crash-to-Desktop when using the "Disconnect" button in-game.


  • Berserker Rifle Stabilization components now drop with serial numbers.
  • Existing Berserker Rifle Stabilization components should now have serial numbers as well.
  • Hide and Organic symbols have been changed.


  • Wookiee Life Day has been disabled for US and European servers


  • Faction backpacks are no longer auto-unequipped


  • Added checkboxes to force sorting the player's datapad and inventory contents. When run the first time, these values should default to "on". The toggles are located under the options/interface UI. Turning them off will give the behavior that occurred before the auto-sorting feature was introduced.
  • Fixed problem with items looted from a corpse disappearing after crossing server boundary
  • Fixed a problem with items disappearing after picking items up from a house and crossing server boundary
  • Faction backpacks should no longer disappear when traveling or logging out. Faction backpacks will no longer be auto-unequipped. Note: other faction items may auto-unequip and can sometimes overload your inventory. If this happens, you will not be able to move. You will need to move items out of your inventory into an equipped backpack, bank, house, get help from a friend, etc., or delete items as needed until the inventory count is within limits.


  • "Recyclers" have been added to the game. There are 5 types of recyclers: Flora, Creature, Metal, Chemical and Ore. Click here for more information.

Space MissionsEdit

  • Star Destroyer now drops 10-20k credits in deep space
  • Rebel space station now drops 10-20k credits in deep space
  • The prison ship in the rebel tier 4 recovery duty "Rescue prisoners from the Empire" will no longer exit the Dathomir region early.

Space UIEdit

  • Added light gray directional indicators that display a gunner's target to the pilot of a ship with turrets. In a multi-passenger ship when a player mans a turret, when the gunner cycles through targets, the pilot should see a light gray arrow that indicates the direction of the gunner's target. Please note that this should only appear when the target is off screen (similar to the standard target arrow) and that if the gunner and the pilot have the same thing targeted, then the target will only be indicated by the player's blue arrow.

Tutorial / New User ExperienceEdit

  • The tutorial voice over will play once again.

Publish 12.1 - Update Notes: 25 January 05


  • Crafting an All Purpose Ship Repair Kit will now use artisan experimentation instead of shipwright experimentation.


  • Fixed a problem where warcry would stack multiple times.


  • Allowed survey/sampling while on mounts

Dancers / MusiciansEdit

  • We now allow a dancer/musician buff simultaneously


  • Entertainer mission payouts have been substantially increased.


  • Imperial crackdown presence has had their firepower DRAMATICALLY increased
  • Fixed faction base vulnerability bug


  • Force Meditate now clears on all server transitions and login


  • Exceptional quality weapons will no longer drop with unlimited DOT charges.


  • The prison ship in the rebel tier 4 recovery duty "Rescue prisoners from the Empire" will no longer exit the Dathomir region early.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented space missions from failing if you left the mission zone prematurely.

New PlayersEdit

  • Newly created players who start in Kaadara, Naboo will no longer float 200m above the ground for 20 seconds

Player StructuresEdit

  • All maintenance fees will automatically attempt to deduct from Bank accounts after the maintenance pool has been depleted. Once a structure reaches 0 hitpoints, it will flag itself as condemned instead of deleting itself. Condemned houses are not enterable, and all other structures are not usable. To uncondemn a house, simply enter it with enough money in the bank to pay the repair cost. To uncondemn all other structures, use them with enough money in the bank to pay the costs.


  • Politician skill boxes will no longer require skill points to train.


  • Players will only be allowed 350 quests in their quests list.

Saitek Gaming Keyboard / JoystickEdit

  • Fixed an issue with Saitek gaming keyboard
  • Fix for Saitek X52 flight control system

Server StabilityEdit

  • Fixed some issues that were causing server crashes
  • Fixed a major crash to desktop that involved lightsaber use
  • Improved client stability


  • Complete revamp of interior ship alarms. They should turn off now. You must redeed existing ships to completely correct the issue
  • The target status window updates properly for gunners.
  • Weapon capacitor overcharge should charge the space ship weapons beyond 100% and increase charge rate
  • Fixed engine slow-down in first-person camera mode.


  • Star Destroyer now grants experience equivalent to Rebel Spacestation in Deep Space

Space UIEdit

  • In the ship component view ('v') the following corrections where changed
    • Capacitors where not reflecting the correct state data in the components UI.
    • The shield recharge rate has now been corrected
    • Max capacitor value now changes to reflect the new max value.
  • Grey targeting arrow for POB ships will now fade in and out instead of disappearing.

Spawns / POIEdit

  • Krayt Dragon Population boom!
  • Decreased spawn times for some POI's
  • Decreased spawn times for Dathomir Spider Cave
  • Spawn System Refinements


  • Mon Calamari now able to spend faction points to buy items from Imperial recruiter.


  • Added X31 (not a typo) landspeeder to all newbie starting equipment. This new speeder looks identical to the X34 but goes 10% slower.
  • Decreased starport wait time to 60 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where spawns were not being generated when in a speeder


  • Reticle optimization
  • Tweaked space controls backend
  • Fixed display of faction rank for character with no rank affiliation


  • Fixed an issue with vendors where you had less then the maximum amount but you couldn't place a vendor
  • Player and vendor must be in the same building for the player to be allowed to initialize the vendor.

Update Notes: 27 January 05

Version 0.110667

Draft SchematicsEdit

  • Fixed draft schematic icons & information.
    • You should see the ingredients required to create objects instead of the information about the object, schematics should no longer appear with red/degraded backgrounds, and icons will appear in detailed view.

Japanese ClientEdit

  • Fixed a crash when the chat box was clicked on using the Japanese Version of the game


  • We are aware of the issue with rubberbanding and are devoting serious development resources to it.

Update Notes: 28 January 05

Version 0.110788 This publish is a server side publish which means you will not see the version number change on your client. Please do not be concerned about this.


  • Fixed am issue with the Dancer Mind buff not working properly

Publish 13 (Veteran Rewards System,Inventory, housing, Healing timers)Edit

Publish 13 Notes for 10 February 05Edit


  • Inventory has been increased to now hold 80 items


  • All Housing item limits have been changed. This will mean that small houses can now store 100 items for a Naboo small house, and 200 for the the other small and medium houses. Large houses and Guild Halls can now store 400 items each instead of being limited to 250 items each
  • Large houses should now take up 5 lots instead of 6.
  • Guild halls should now take up 5 lots instead of 7.
  • Fix problem where a factory will stop producing items for no apparent reason, even though the factory has sufficient maintenance, power, ingredients, and the output hopper is not full.
  • Fixed a problem that can cause items dropped into a structure to disappear after you leave the structure and re-enter the structure later.
  • Fixed when you are too far from a structure to /name, /paymaint you get a message "You are too far from the terminal to purchase a ticket."
  • Factory owners are now notified with an appropriate message via system message and mail when the factory stops making items because the output hopper is full.

Profession SmugglerEdit

  • Smugglers no longer have an artificial faction point cap when buying faction points. The cap is their actual point cap. Signing up with the faction will make a larger bribery option available, and rising in ranks will increase the cap as per normal factional progression.

Profession Combat Medic, Doctors and MedicsEdit

  • The total amount of time delay between Medic wound healing has been reduced to a third of the original delay.

Profession Entertainer / Dancer / MusicianEdit

  • The minimum time required to watch an Entertainer before having a mind buff applied has been reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Increased Entertainer/Dancer/Musician wound healing
  • It now takes half as long to apply an Entertainer mind buff.
  • It now takes a quarter of the time it used to take to heal Mind/Focus/Willpower wounds.

All ProfessionsEdit

  • Removed all apprentice XP requirements from all professions
  • Decreased Incapacitation Time by 50%


  • The radial menu options to invite someone to your group has been increased from 32m to a max distance of 90 meters.
  • An option to display faction rank has been added to the Community - Character UI page. When enabled, the faction rank will be displayed above your character (just below the character name).
  • An option was added to turn off game object arrows on the radar
  • An option was added to turn off friendly NPCs from the radar to make the radar cleaner and allow you to more easily see your Avatar.
  • All skills with three line names now appear correctly in skills window
  • Radial Menus on installations (factories and harvesters) will be accessible up to approximately 20m from the outer edge of the installation.
  • Sneak Peak: We have developed two new interfaces that we think are easier to use. New Star Wars Galaxies TEST and New MMORPG (EQ2 syle) TEST operate without using the Alt key. We have a sneak peak of these interfaces that are still under construction in this release. Click here to read more. Remember these are marked TEST because they are still being refined and subject to change.


  • Increased spawn for krayt dragons again
  • We have added some new static spawns to Tatooine, Talus and Rori. Static means the spawn is not spawned by players or missions and the spawn area will respawn on it's on. Get that hunting gear on and head out to find the new groups of NPCs that roam the galaxies.

Profession ArtisanEdit

  • Fixed the over brightening of the surveying effect


  • The yacht, the yt1300, the Decimator, and the Nova Courier should no longer take up a lot space.
  • Added 20 new space missions in the Dathomir and Rori space zones.
    • Dathomir Station
      • New destroy and escort missions for Imperial pilots
      • New destroy and escort missions for Privateer pilots
      • New story-driven missions for Imperial pilots
      • New story-driven missions for Privateer pilots
    • Rori Station
      • New destroy and escort missions for Imperial pilots
      • New destroy and escort missions for RSF pilots
      • New story-driven missions for Rebel pilots


  • Wounded players can no longer migrate stats that would result in a sum total of 0 or less due to wounds causing permanent incapacitation

Server StabilityEdit

  • Improved client stability
  • Fixed a problem players were experiencing with a rubberbanding effect.
  • Streamlined the terrain system to improve client performance


  • Added a "CNTRL + R" command for replying to "/tells". Reply currently has the issue of replying to the last person that sent you a message. So, if you /reply to someone and you receive a message in the middle of the response, your private message is sent to another player. This is now fixed by changing CNTRL+R to send a "tell" the player who sent you the last message at the time you hit CNTRL+R.

Japanese LocalizationsEdit

  • /log will now save Japanese chat correctly
  • Chat messages can be in Japanese in macros!
  • IME candidate window now appears relative to the text being typed

Veteran RewardsEdit

  • Veteran Rewards allow us to offer players rewards in recognition of their investment in Star Wars Galaxies. The intent of the Veteran Rewards program is to show our appreciation to players who have been a part of the Star Wars Galaxies community over time by offering them a selection of exclusive rewards

Update Notes: February 11, 2005

Veteran RewardsEdit

  • The Anti Decay Kit will now properly allow you to place a lightsaber inside in order to apply anti decay to that lightsaber. Putting a lightsaber inside the Anti Decay Kit will cause the Anti Decay Kit to temporarily become a notrade/nodrop until the lightsaber is taken out. The lightsaber and all crystals inside will no longer decay once an Anti Decay Kit is used on the lightsaber.

Japanese LocalizationEdit

  • Updated text for the Japanese language

Update Notes: February 15, 2005

Force SensitiveEdit

  • The Phase 4 version of Captain Sarguillo in the Village of Aurilia will now grant his second quest to players who had already worked for him in a previous instance of Phase 4.

Server FixesEdit

Improved Server Stability

  • Fixes for Crashing to desktop

Publish 13.1 - Update Notes: February 24, 2005

Galactic Civil War (GCW) and Temporary Enemy Flags (TEF)Edit

  • The Galactic Civil War (GCW) will be heating up as players fight for control of the planets. The system is broken into two major components. The introduction of an improved flagging system for factionally aligned players (redesign of "Temporary Enemy Flags" - TEFs: they no longer make players vulnerable to PvP without declaring faction) and the introduction of a GCW tracking system that allows players to battle over planets and win control of cities for their faction. Click here to read the document on these changes and don't forget to check out the FAQ!

Group Friendly LootingEdit

  • Group Looting in Star Wars is a variety of methods for how players in Star Wars Galaxies can distribute loot. These systems will allow the group leader to determine what type of looting system his group will use. Click here to read all about the changes to group looting as we know it.

Player Event PerksEdit

  • Every week there are a many player-run events held across the galaxy. These events can be anything from PvP tourneys and role-playing events to murder mysteries or dance parties. To help players more easily run these events, the Event Team has been working on some special tools and perks. Click here to read more about the Player Event Perks.

Force SensitiveEdit

  • The Phase 4 version of Captain Sarguillo in the Village of Aurilia will now grant his second quest to players who had already worked for him in a previous instance of Phase 4.

Server FixesEdit

  • Improved Server Stability
  • Fixes for crashing to desktop
  • Optimizations to water code to improve client performance. Water detail control currently does nothing.

Veteran RewardsEdit

  • If you have triggered more than one veteran reward at the same time, the announcement will remind you that you need to claim the first reward before the second will be offered.
  • The command /claimVeteranReward will now bring up the choices for the new veteran rewards, in addition to the Sorosuub. This will also fix an issue where players choose the option to be reminded in a week for rewards and they change their mind but have to wait out the week, now players can type /claimVeteranReward to reinitiate the process.
  • Anti Decay Kits will now reset the item it is being used on to maximum hitpoints. Items that have already had Anti Decay applied will also be reset to maximum hitpoints.


  • Fixed a bug where a dead or incapacitated person could shutdown a factional base before it blew up.
  • Removed insta-deathblows.
  • Made incapacitation work if you are feigning death.


  • Changed escort ship on Rori rebel story mission so that it highlights as an ally.
  • Fixed plasma conduit repair bug.


  • New mouse button behavior in modeless test interfaces:
    • Single left-click selects object when the button is released
    • Double left-click now selects object and causes default action
    • Single right-click selects object and brings up the context menu when the button is released
    • Pressing a mouse button down in the scene to move the camera no longer deselects the object; however, by default, clicking quickly in the scene will deselect the current target.
  • Using commands targeted by name now works for targets on vehicles and mounts.
  • The UI hud effectors will no longer override opacity. UI elements will appear at 100% opacity instead of 80%.
  • Fixed a issue players were experiencing when they didn't have a target and typed an action.
  • Ground radar optimizations/fixes.
  • "Turn strafes" switch now works properly on "New MMORPG (EQ2 style)" keymap.
  • Hovering over a blip on the radar will display tooltip info about the blip.
  • Removed extra popup windows when clicking on friendly players.

Musician / Entertainer / DancerEdit

  • Fixed /stopwatch/stoplisten canceling buffs out.
  • Entertainer mind wound healing has been toned down. There is still a twice as much gain in experience for healing mind wounds than there was prior to Publish 13.0.

Harvesting / ResourcesEdit

  • There will no longer be a penalty to harvesting while in a group. Instead, there will now be a 20% harvesting bonus if you are in a group and at least one group member is within 64m of you when you harvest. If there is a Ranger present in your group and is within 64m of you, the group harvesting bonus will be 30% for you when you harvest. If there is a Master Ranger present in your group and is within 64m of you, the group harvesting bonus will be 40%.
  • Creatures will now yield more milk after being successfully milked.
  • Its been a bountiful season. The success chances of getting mollusks and crustaceans while shellfish harvesting has been increased. Expect to see higher yields from your shellfish harvesting!
  • Searching a creature lair will have a higher chance of finding eggs as well as a lower chance of finding nothing or finding a jar of bugs. You might also want to try searching the lair again; there might be a chance you missed something!
  • Increased the amount of resources spawned, so that rare resources will be slightly more common.


  • Fixed the lack of an "hour" suffix in the residency renewal statement.
  • Fixed housing maintenance so it now works properly.
  • Fixed an issue where if you drop a bag in a house, leave the house, and come back later, and open the bag, you don't see the contents of the bag until you pick it up.

New PlayersEdit

  • A single-waypoint mode is active for new players. This mode is selectable via the waypoint tab in the datapad. Single waypoint mode keeps only one player waypoint active.


  • Fixed problem with mission lairs disappearing


  • Numpad keys turned off for non-modal chat, except for NumLock and Enter.
    • If a non-numpad key is mapped to a function it will still go to chat for non-modal.
    • Modal chat will turn off functionality while chatting
  • CTRL+R reply functionality works across game servers.


  • Fixed inventory flicker when you add or remove objects from the inventory.


  • Fixed problem that can cause the stomach not to empty.
  • Reduce the stomach empty time for a full stomach to 30 minutes.

Update Notes: February 25, 2005

Profession: RangerEdit

  • The Master Ranger skill box will now grant a significantly higher skill mod to creature harvesting


  • Upon cloning all players will be reset to on-leave status

Update Notes: February 26, 2005


  • Recruiters will be placed in all the stronghold cities
  • The planetary map should display cities with "show all cities" default box checked.
  • Removed /declare command

Update Notes: March 1, 2005


  • There are no longer critical fails on crafting (which would previously destroy components involved)



  • Fixed an issue where players could /peace to get out of combat mode with a turret and stop taking damage

Krayt SpawnEdit

  • Giant Canyon and Krayt Ancient Dragons will be the only Krayt's that drop pearls. We are monitoring the drop rate from these two types of Krayt and we will be tuning it as we see fit

Server StabilityEdit

Publish 14 (GCW updates, Entertainers content, Vendor searching)Edit

Publish 14 Notes for 9 March 05Edit

This publish includes tweaks and fixes for the GCW, some more UI loving and a new story Arc!

Quests Edit

Today begins the first part of a new epic quest series called "Secrets of the Syren"! Who is the pilot that everyone is searching for? What was the dangerous cargo he was carrying that both Imperials and Rebels want so desperately? Rebels should report immediately to the Tyrena Cantina, Imperials to the Bestine Cantina and Neutrals to the Theed Cantina!

GCW Edit

  • Increased the difficulty of higher level faction base spawns. (Now that the rebel and imperial faction bases spawned entity difficulty and numbers have recently been brought into balance with each other, the difficulty of the spawns at bases higher than the forward operating bases are being increased)
  • PvE (non SF) faction bases can no longer have control terminal menu options for resetting their vulnerability timer (which shouldn't have been there anyhow, since PvE bases are always supposed to be vulnerable), nor can you shut them down to abort a self-destruct countdown, once started (which better fits the non-PvP nature of these bases).
  • Added hacked terminal and base destruction alarms to factional bases
  • Added exterior reinforcement spawner to hacked factional bases
  • Decreased point cost of faction turrets
  • Decreased point cost of the factional forward operating bases
  • Factional base deeds should now indicate what faction they are for by their name.
  • Increased GCW point value of factional bases for all bases higher than Forward Operating Base
  • Slightly increased cost of Tactical Center to bring it in line with the increased toughness of its spawns
  • Fixed an issue where Imperial guards were spawning and entering Moenian cantinas
  • Fixed rank display in recruiter conversations
  • News terminals will now always open the news headlines when you double click on them
  • Fixed several bad faction base objective-terminal spawn locations and orientations
  • Fixed terminals only working if you were special forces
  • Added roving security personnel to hacked factional bases
  • Fixed a bug where objects could block players from entering factional bases
  • Changed how GCW faction perk costs are changed based on GCW status. There was a bug that caused items to get cheaper as you started to lose. This was incorrect and backwards. If you are losing, items get more expensive on that planet.

AI Edit

  • Fixed a bug where AI would warp when moving towards a destination (such as fleeing, etc.)

UI Edit

  • There are 4 new key bindings that are not mapped to any key-binding at this time. When bound, they should filter out friends and enemies in a previous next manner
  • Player movement should now feel "snappier" (run, walk and turn rates have been accelerated)
  • Hovering over a blip on the radar will display tooltip information about the blip.
  • Fixed an issue where the buff window would reset when a player logged out or relogged.
  • Planetmap should honor the show all cities flag.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not run through streetlamps
  • If the quest journal is open when a task or quest completes, it will now update correctly.
  • Duplicate journal entries will only be displayed once. (e.g. Darn Droid listed a speak task 3 times before).
  • Destroy, loot, and timer tasks will have a progress counter in the journal. (e.g.. "Killed: 2/10" will show in the journal description for a kill 10 worrts task).
  • Tooltips on the radar will now display instantly
  • The waypoint window in the datapad window will no longer overlap the checkboxes in the detail view
  • Radar opacity should ignore UI opacity setting
  • Improved double click options:
    • Double-clicking on NPCs will display the appropriate messages and perform the proper actions.
    • Double-clicking an incapacitated player will death-blow them.
    • Double-clicking on your mount will mount or dismount you.
    • Double-clicking on a crafting station will start a crafting session with a compatible crafting tool in your inventory

Loot Edit

  • Giant Canyon and Krayt Ancient Dragons should drop pearls at their normal drop rate
  • Nightsisters should drop crystals at their normal drop rate
  • Fixed a problem with all high-end loot drop rates
  • Fixed an issue that no longer allows dead players to loot factional pets and dead players

Player Cities Edit

  • Fixed a problem where some Mayors cannot send ingame emails to citizens

Player Event Perks Edit

  • Changed faction perk gating to fix coverts not being able to wear armor

Vet Rewards Edit

  • Anti Decay Kits that were placed inside house containers such as a bookcase or armoire will now have a "Pickup" radial menu option.

Misc. Edit

  • Fixed an issue where players would experience a crash to desktop in /alarmsnooze if no alarms were previously set
  • Japanese Localization Fixes
  • Fixed some issues that would cause players to crash to desktop

Publish 14.1 - Update Notes: March 24, 2005

Galaxy-wide Vendor Search is here!

Have you ever wanted to search for an item to buy without having to travel across the entire planet randomly checking vendors? Well now you can! We have enhanced the functionality of our bazaar terminals to include the ability to search all player vendors for items you may be looking for. This new feature will greatly improve how vendors are handled in the game. Read on for more information.

Overview The purpose of vendor search function is to allow vendor owned items to be searched from anywhere in the galaxy. This will include the following functions:

  • Each vendor owner can decide whether to allow his or her vendors to be searchable in the market. There is an option for vendor owners to turn on/off the search option on his or her vendor. The vendor owner will be able to find current search option settings for each of his or her vendor(s)
  • When a vendor owner turns on the search option, a player should be able to go to any bazaar and list all items owned by this vendor
  • When a vendor owner turns off the search option, the vendor is no longer listed in the galaxy-wide network search. With this search option turned off, vendor owners have the ability to conduct private auctions. Players will need to physically go to the vendor and click "Use Vendor" to list items from this vendor.

Vendor Status For all the existing vendors, the default option is set to no. Players have to go to their vendors and enable this search option. For all future vendors, this option is set to yes by default. For vendor owners to check if the search option is on or off do the following:

  • Select the Vendor you wish to turn search on/off for
  • From the radial menu choose "Vendor Control"
    Once you have selected "Vendor Control" then choose "Status"
  • A pop-up window will show if the search option is on or off

PA Hall Leadership SuccessionEdit

Overview In the current live environment, a PA does not automatically handle the case where a PA leader has retired from the game. This condition results in leaderless PAs, often with active members who wish to continue to run the guild. In order to resolve this system, we will implement an automated PA succession system.
Allegiance The existing "Allegiance" system interface will be removed. Instead, guild leaders will be able to turn on voting at any time. Every two weeks, the votes will be tallied and a new guild leader selected. This is to allow guilds the option of a democratic process. Not all guilds will want to enable this option. Guild leader voting will default to off.

PA Hall Leadership Succession There are now two methods for PA Hall Leadership Succession: direct leadership transfer and leader elections as explained below.

Direct Transfer Direct leadership transfer is executed by the current PA leader at the PA management terminal. The leader would select the "Transfer PA Leadership" option at the terminal. They are then prompted to enter the name of the person who will receive leadership. This person must be online and be standing near the terminal. The person who will receive leadership must also have enough lots free to take ownership of the PA hall. If they satisfy the requirements, the PA leadership and the PA hall ownership will be transferred to them. If they do not satisfy the requirements, the existing leader will receive a message as to why the change could not be made. Trial accounts are not eligible for leadership or PA hall ownership.

Elections During the regular weekly PA maintenance, the system will examine the last login time of the PA leader. If they have not logged in for one month, the system will send an email warning to the PA members. The warning will explain that the leader has not been active and that a voting process for a new leader has been opened.

The voting process will use the same interface as player city voting. Three options will become available on the guild management terminal during voting:

  1. Register / Unregister - Any full PA member may run for election. They would select this option to add themselves to the ballot. Only members on the ballot are eligible for election. Any guild member in normal standing can register to run. Sponsored applicants will not be eligible to run.
  2. Cast Vote - This option allows a member to select who they wish to vote for. They may also choose to abstain. A member may change their vote at any time
  3. View Standings - allows the player to look at who is currently registered and how many votes they have received.

Exactly two weeks after the election is started, the votes will be tallied. The individual with the most votes will become leader of the PA.

In many cases, the owner of a PA hall and the PA leader will be different characters. In order to prevent a PA from losing a PA hall due to the absence of the hall owner, PA leaders now have a limited ability to claim PA halls they do not own. A new guild terminal option "Accept PA Hall" will appear (for guild leader) if the hall owner has not logged in for 28 days. Once the guild leader owns the hall, the structure may be transferred to another player using the /transferStructure command.

Profession DancerEdit

  • Added new dance (Tumble) to Dancing Knowledge I
  • Added new dance (Tumble2) to Dancing Knowledge II
  • Added new dance (Breakdance) to Dancing Knowledge III
  • Added new dance (Breakdance2) to Dancing Knowledge IV
  • Removed the 15sec delay between stopping one song or dance and starting a new song or dance.
  • Removed chance of making a mistake while dancing.

Profession MusicianEdit

  • Added new song (Starwars4) to Novice Musician skill box.
  • Added new song (Funk) to Music Knowledge II
  • Removed the 15sec delay between stopping one song or dance and starting a new song or dance.

Profession - Image DesignerEdit

  • Reduced Image Designer skill point costs by 16 by reducing each skill box between Novice Image Designer and Master Image Designer by one point.
  • Removed Image Designer action timers for Body and Cosmetic changes


  • Quests with timers now display the timer in the quest journal.
  • Quest News, our quest reporters have been digging around and were able to bring you the following quest news stories:
    • Story Arc: Secrets of the Syren, Chapter two; More Than You Bargained For
      • Breaking News: Information has been received regarding the missing freighter pilot from Naboo. While this information has not been made public, a Rebel Officer in Tyrena as well as an Imperial Officer in Bestine and a private citizen in Theed have all been seen in talks with the various parties involved in the search. This raises the question of the seriousness of this situation. Parties involved in the initial search for this pilot are encouraged to talk to their initial contact.
    • Quest: Enough!
      • From the journal of a holonews reporter: Looks like the fighting was rather rough in Corellia space today. I had the opportunity to actually see some of the fighting. I could kick myself for not bringing my holo-recorder! It appeared to end in a draw, but of course I can't actually report that! Interestingly, two ships crashed: one on Talus and the other on Corellia. Sources tell me that an Imperial officer named Ceth Laike at the Imperial Outpost in Talus is looking for the pilot of one of these ships. A Rebel named Acun Solari in Tyrena is looking for the other. I hope they didn't land in bad spots. Sometimes the local gangs salvage parts off of downed ships
    • Quest: Imperial Defector
      1. $! Encrypted transmission from Jom Irimore, Rebel Alliance cell member in Tyrena to Teslo Ten'doora at the base. Sir, I have a new contact. Another member of the Imperial Military (a high-ranking one, I might add) is going to supply us with information. I'll send someone to bring him to you as soon as possible. I trust in this officer's defection. Apparently, his entire family was on Alderaan. End transmission ^#)%)()(@!#^###
    • Quest: Rebel Informant
      To: Lt. Allard Lissara
      From: Jaek Vercet, Imperial Representative to Moenia

      You were correct, sir. Those rebels are starting to cave. One of them came to me, telling me about a rift in the Alliance's leadership. He's willing to give us information if we offer him immunity for his treason. I leave that decision to you. I'm laying low in one of the buildings in town and will need to send someone to bring the Rebel to you.


  • Fixed an issue where Jedi are able to heal other Jedi in incorrect cases

Player Event PerksEdit

  • A number of new venues and decorations have been added to the player event promoter NPC
  • Player event decorations can now be rotated. You can now use a radial menu on Rental Deeds for Player Event Perks to check how much time they have before they expire. Many Player Event Perks can now be redeeded. By using the radial menu, the owner of a Player Event Perk may check how long the perk has before it expires.


  • Text changes made to the Popup help
  • Fixed a problem with the camera rotation spin
  • Changed UI options text from "Default (Modeless)" to "MMORPG Modeless"
  • Changed default user interface keymap to "Star Wars Galaxies
  • It is no longer possible to configure the UI to use modal chat while in one of the new modeless user interfaces.
  • You can now turn with the keyboard while holding down left mouse button while using the default keymap
  • Several optimizations to client terrain and flora rendering which should show increased frame-rate, especially during movement. Some players may find they can increase terrain detail and/or flora distances and still get good frame rate
  • Optimizations to water code to improve client performance. Water detail control currently does nothing.
  • Fixed an issues where water fountains were not showing the "water"


  • Removed donate resource option from faction HQ terminals

Group Loot OptionsEdit

  • The group leadership and master looter will no longer transfer to another member when crossing a server boundary, traveling, etc.
  • Droids and pets can no longer be made leaders or master looters


  • Fixed a bug where the s-foils on the b-wing were not opening and closing upon command


  • We have expanded the viewing range on all player structures. This means they will now be visible sooner upon approaching them.
  • Owners of houses with access fees will no longer receive a message when someone tries to enter the house but can't pay the fee. This message will go to the person attempting to enter the house instead.Link title
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