Skills improve your character. Skills are used to gain certifications with certain weapons or equipment, give you bonuses when using those weapons or equipment, or obtain new commands.

Skill PointsEdit

The number of skills each character can have is limited by the fixed amount of Skill Points. Every player character has 250 skill points available to obtain skills.

To learn a new skill, in addition to any other requirements, you also must also have required amount of points available in order to learn that skill. For example, if you want to learn One-Handed I: Sword Techniques. You would need 2 Skill Point. If you have only 1 Skill Point left, you will not be able to learn the skill.

You can Surrender a skill in order to reclaim Skill Points. However, all certifications, bonuses, and/or Commands that came with the skill are also removed from you character.

Skill TreeEdit

Each profession is divided into what is referred to as a "tree". There are 4 branches of 4 skill boxes with "Novice" as the base and "Master" as top.

For each profession, the "Novice" skill box is required and must be taught by a NPC. The "Master" skill box is only able to be trained once all of the other skills on the tree have been trained. The "branches" have to be learned bottom to top.

For example:


Except for the Novice skills of the Basic Professions, every skill has an Experience (a.k.a. XP) cost associated with it. You must have enough of the appropriate XP before you can learn that skill.

XP Types
Type How is it gained? Which Profession requires?
Apprenticeship Teaching other players various skills Unknown
Armor Crafting Crafting Armorsmith items. Armorsmith
Bio-Engineer Crafting Crafting Bio-Engineer items. Bio-Engineer
Bounty Hunter Completing Bounty Hunter terminal missions Bounty Hunter
Carbine Weapons Using Carbine weapons Carbines branch of Marksman tree and Carbineer
Combat Engaging in combat ??
Creature Handling ?? Creature Handler
Dancing ?? ??
DNA Sampling ?? Bio-Engineer
Droid Crafting Crafting Droid Engineer items Droid Engineer
Entertainer Healing ?? ??
Food Crafting ?? ??
Force-sensitive Combat ?? ??
Force-sensitive Crafting ?? ??
Force-sensitive Reflex ?? ??
Force-sensitive Senses ?? ??
General Crafting ?? ??
Heavy Weapons ?? Bounty Hunter
Image Designer ?? Image Designer
Jedi ?? ??
Medical ?? ??
Medicine Crafting ?? ??
Merchant ?? ??
Musician ?? ??
Onehanded Weapons Using One-Handed weapons One-Handed branch of Brawler tree and Fencer
Pistol Weapons ?? ??
Polearm Weapons Using Polearm weapons Polearm branch of Brawler tree and Pikeman
Political ?? ??
Rifle Weapons ?? ??
Scouting ?? ??
Shipwright ?? ??
Slicing ?? ??
Spice Crafting ?? ??
Squad Leadership ?? ??
Starship Combat ?? ??
Structure Crafting ?? ??
Surveying ?? ??
Tailoring ?? ??
Trapping ?? ??
Twohanded Weapons Using Two-Handed weapons Two-Handed branch of Brawler tree and Swordsman
Unarmed Combat Engaging in combat without weapons or Vibro Knuckler Unarmed branch of Brawler tree and Teras-Kasi Artist
Weapon Crafting ?? ??
Wilderness Survival ?? ??
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