There are three different factions that Pilots can choose from, depending on their alightment in the Galactic Civil War. Each faction has 3 squadrons to choose from to join.

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Squadrons Edit

Listed below are recruiters and initial squadron trainers for each faction:

Alliance Pilot
Squadron Trainer Planet Location Waypoint
Arkon's Havoc Squadron Captain Kreezo Corellia Tyrena -5177, -2281
Crimson Phoenix Squadron Commander Da'la Socuna Tatooine Mos Espa -3002, 2202
Vortex Squadron V3-FX (droid) Naboo Moenia 4764, -4795
Freelance Pilot
Squadron Trainer Planet Location Waypoint
CorSec Squadron Sergeant Rhea Corellia Coronet -275, -4730
RSF Squadron (Imperial aligned) Captain Dinge Naboo Theed -5497, 4575
Smuggler Alliance (Alliance aligned) Dravis Tatooine Mos Eisley 3429, -4788
Imperial Pilot
Squadron Trainer Planet Location Waypoint
Black Epsilon Hakasha Sireen Talus Imperial Outpost -2183, 2259
Imperial Inquisition Lt. Barn Sinkko Naboo Kadaara 5204, 6728
Storm Squadron Lt. Akal Colzet Tatooine Bestine -1110, -3514
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