Master Swordsman
Master Sword Offense Master Sword Techniques Master Sword Defense Master Sword Finesse
Expert Sword Offense Expert Sword Techniques Expert Sword Defense Expert Sword Finesse
Advanced Sword Offense Advanced Sword Techniques Advanced Sword Defense Advanced Sword Finesse
Intermediate Sword Offense Intermediate Sword Techniques Intermediate Sword Defense Intermediate Sword Finesse
Novice Swordsman

Profession OverviewEdit

Expanding on the Two-Handed tree of Brawler, the Swordsman is an Advanced profession that focuses on 2-handed weapons, such as swords and hammers.


To train as a Novice, you need to have completed the Two-Handed tree of Brawler and 125,000 of Two-Handed XP.

Armor RecommendationEdit

Like all melee professions, it is recommended to use armor that offers protection against Kinetic attacks.

Known trainersEdit

Commands gainedEdit

Command Name Command Skill that grants
Two-Hand Area Attack 1 /melee2hArea1 Intermediate Sword Offense
Two-Hand Area Attack 2 /melee2hArea2 Advanced Sword Offense
Two-Hand Area Attack 3 /melee2hArea3 Master Sword Offense
Two-Hand Head Hit 2 /melee2hheadhit2 Intermediate Sword Techniques
Two-Hand Head Hit 3 /melee2hheadhit3 Expert Sword Techniques
Two-Hand Hit 2 /melee2hHhit2 Novice Swordsman
Two-Hand Hit 3 /melee2hHhit3 Master Swordsman
Two-Hand Mind Hit 1 /melee2hMindHit1 Intermediate Sword Finesse
Two-Hand Mind Hit 2 /melee2hMindHit2 Expert Sword Finesse
Two-Hand Spin Attack 2 /melee2hspinattack2 Intermediate Sword Defense
Two-Hand Sweep 2 /melee2hsweep2 Expert Sword Defense

Skill Mods GainedEdit


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