• Advanced planets are now available.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • AI: Fixed instances of stuck AI
  • AI: fix for /aim exploit that kept AI from aggroing on the attacker
  • Cloning: fix cloning sometimes teleporting player to the facility's location instead of inside it
  • Crafting: fix for crafting failure and success messages
  • Crafting: Weapon Experimentation: should be functional as intended now
  • Creatures: Baby creatures will no longer give xp (for killing them, that is)
  • Faction: Fixed exploit where you can gain much too much faction points from missions.
  • Grief: added /eject, a command that can be used if you are locked on someone's balcony
  • Groups: fixed group xp bonus being too high
  • Groups: prevented groups of more than 20
  • Login: Fixed an issue where sometimes a player's name would not be correct in the character selection UI
  • Missions: fix for disappearing mission objectives
  • Missions: fix for players running out of available missions (you go to take a mission, and there are none available)
  • Missions: fixed missions sometimes appearing in water
  • Name Validation: improvements to catch more obscene names, and not prohibit valid names.
  • Special Edition Goggles: fixed a rare race/gender/customization combination that prevented goggles from working
  • Tutorial: fixed issue where players would sometimes not get starting equipment
  • UI: Fixed UI settings not saving sometimes.
  • Vendors: make refused vendor items not disappear
  • Visual: fixed some instances of floating creatures
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