• NOTE: We have disabled insurance costs. Thanks for your patience with us here.
  • Now limit user to having 3 open customer service tickets at one time, this should allow us to assist a great range of customers at a higher pace. Feel free to submit more tickets as your top issues get resolved.
  • Fixed movement rate of 'cat' type creatures like the Jax. Poor guy was running too slowly and being picked off like dogs.
  • Fixed bug where house terminals would not always show up.
  • Droid Modules now work again.
  • Endor, Yavin 4 and Dathomir are no build zones for everything except installations and camps. As designed, you will not be able to place houses on these planets. If you have a house, we recommend you pack it up and move before the Empire becomes aware of it.
  • Fixed bug where characters would warp to coordinate 0,0.
  • Resolved Changed /painicShot such that it can?t be executed over and over with little cost.
  • Relaxed limits on creating characters during heavy server load
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