Abilities, Weapon Damage and Time PenaltiesEdit

Below is a list of "special" shots and the damage they do, plus the time penalty assigned to each.
Also, for rifles, the Mind damage each special causes is listed.


  • The values for RIFLES have been tested pretty well over time by various people.  The values shown for pistols and carbines may be more susceptible to inaccuracies.  Flyojumper originated the values and others have offered updates, including Seflyn and myself.

**** Important - Please Read ****Edit

  • For some reason, when you execute any shot, the damage that comes out of your weapon is automatically increased by 50%.  Let me say that again in another way: Each shot you do, whether it is a regular attack (no specials, just shooting) or a special shot (those listed below) will automatically be damage-multiplied by 1.5.
  • Example: If you have a weapon that has minimum damage of 100 and maximum damage of 300, then all of your "regular" (non-special) shots would range from 150 to 450!  (not counting armor resists... more on that later).   Don't ask me why SOE does it this way, but it does. 

Now with that in mind, the following Damage multipliers are applied to that "enhanced by 50%" value.
Please see the damage formula discussion further below:


Body Shot1 ........... Damage x1.5  Time x1.275 (approx)
Body Shot2 ........... Damage x2.0  Time x1.8
Body Shot3 ........... Damage x2.5  Time x???
Health Shot1 ......... Damage x1.5  Time x1.5
Health Shot2 ......... Damage x2.0  Time x2.0
Torso Shot ........... Damage x3.0  Time x???
Eye Shot ............. Damage x3.0  Time x???
Point Blank Single 1 . Damage x1.5  Time x???
Point Blank Single 2 . Damage x3.0  Time x1.75
Dive Shot ............ Damage x2.5  Time x1.8
Kip Up Shot .......... Damage x2.5  Time x1.55
Roll Shot ............ Damage x2.5  Time x1.5
Disarming Shot1 ...... Damage x2.0  Time x2.3
Disarming Shot2 ...... Damage x4.0  Time x???


Special:               Damage      Time
Full Auto Single1      x2.5        x1.5 
Leg Shot1              x1.5        x1.25
Leg Shot2              x2.0        x1.5
Action Shot1           x1.5        x1.60


Special:               Damage      Time       Mind Damage   Effect
Head Shot1             x1.5        x1.5           x4
Head Shot2             x2.5,       x1.75          x5
Head Shot3             x3.0        x2.0           x7
Mind Shot1             x1.5        x1.8           x6        DoT Bleed attack
Mind Shot2             x2.0        x2.0           x5        DoT Bleed attack
Conceal Shot           x2.5        x3.0           x5
Flushing Shot1         x2.0        x2.1           x5        Stun + Raises posture
Flushing Shot2         x4.0        x2.6           x6        (AE) Stun + Raises posture
Flurry Shot1           x2.5        x2.0           x5        Dizzy
Flurry Shot2           x2.0        x2.3           x6        (AE) Dizzy
Strafe Shot1           x2.0        x2.0           x5
Strafe Shot2           x5.0        x3.5           x6        (AE) Clears cover + delay
Startle Shot1          x2.0        x2.1           x5
Startle Shot2          x4.0        x2.6           x6        (AE) Raises posture
Surprise Shot          x3.0        x3.0           x5
Sniper Shot            = ?                                  Long-distance deathblow


Threaten shot          Damage x0.25 ..... Time ????
Warning shot           Damage x0.25 ..... Time ????
Overcharge Shot1       Damage x2.5 ...... Time x2.0
Overcharge Shot2       Damage x2.5 ...... Time x2.0 
Suppression Fire1      Damage x1.5x??? .. Time x2.0


(AE or AoE) = Area of Effect = hits ALL targets IN COMBAT with you within 64 meters.
(DoT) = Damage over Time = Bleed shot that keeps bleedinf for a few minutes


From the table above, note that Flushing Shot 2 has a Damage multiplier of 4.0. The formula for damage is: 

            base_shot_damage * 1.5 * Damage_multiplier = enhanced_shot_damage

So let's say you have a Laser Rifle with Minimum damage 60 and Maximum damage 460, then...

Minimum  enhanced damage would be:    60 * 1.5 * 4.0  =  360
Average  enhanced damage would be:   260 * 1.5 * 4.0  = 1560
Maximum  enhanced damage would be:   460 * 1.5 * 4.0  = 2760

Is this the FINAL actual damage you do to the creature? NO! Notice that all weapons have an "Armor Piercing" (AP) value and all targets have an "Armor Resist" (AR) value.   The actual damage above is modified (either UP or DOWN) depending on:

  • The AP of your weapon: Is it more or less than the AR of the target?
  • The AR of the target
  • The Vulnerabilities of the target

There are other threads that describe all of these variables in much greater detail and with solid examples.

I believe the Combat Window shows the raw unadjusted number before AR and resists.

Weapon Speed:  How to determine your Rifle's Current Rate of FireEdit

The formula is:  Edit

(weapon_speed  *  shotpenalty  *  ((100 - your_weapon_speed_modifier) * .01).

Example: Laser rifle with speed x5.2Edit

Normal Attack Speed (without firing any specials):Edit

If your speed modifier is +40, then actual speed =  5.2  *  ((100 - 40) * .01) = 3.12 seconds
If your speed modifier is +65, then actual speed =  5.2  *  ((100 - 65) * .01) = 1.82 seconds

Firing HeadShot2s, which have a time penalty of 1.75...Edit

If your speed modifier is +40, then actual speed  =  5.2  *  1.75  * ((100 - 40) * .01) = 5.46
If your speed modifier is +65, then actual speed  =  5.2  *  1.75  * ((100 - 65) * .01) = 3.1


Currently, the time cap (Lowest possible speed) is 1.0 seconds.  So if your calculated rifle speed is less than one second, it should fire at one second intervals and no faster.

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